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2011-12 home attendances (lowest crowds for 11 years)


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40,053 - Manchester United

37,460 - Liverpool

36,008 - Tottenham Hotspur

35,818 - Arsenal

35,642 - Swansea City

35,290 - Norwich City

35,132 - Manchester City

34,740 - Chelsea

34,248 - Newcastle United

34,152 - West Bromwich Albion

32,557 - Sunderland

32,372 - Fulham

32,319 - Blackburn Rovers

32,263 - Bolton Wanderers

32,063 - Queens Park Rangers

31,853 - Everton

30,776 - Wolverhampton Wanderers

30,744 - Wigan Athletic

30,100 - Stoke City

Average - 33,873

Our ground capacity is 42,786 so the stadium has been only 79% full this season.

Not a single sell-out all season.

Lowest crowds for 11 years.

2011/12 - 33,873

2010/11 - 37,194

2009/10 - 38,573

2008/09 - 39,812

2007/08 - 40,029

2006/07 - 36,214

2005/06 - 34,112

2004/05 - 37,354

2003/04 - 36,622

2002/03 - 34,975

2001/02 - 35,012

2000/01 - 31,597

Surely the board has no choice but to get rid of McLeish now purely from a financial point of view?

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most of those are season ticket holders who didnt renew because of McLeish. Basically its dropped by 3000 which is why Villa are doing a season ticket price freeze for next season if you buy by the end of this month May 31st.

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At £30 per head (tickets, food, programmes etc) that's a good £2 million lost revenue on last season.

We are also going to lose approximately 5 million in merit payments on last season due to our finishing position.

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Money is the only think the current regime is concerned about currently, so if the fans want to force change, stop the protests and stop giving your hard earned cash to the club, and they will have no choice but to get the message. I honestly dont think anything else will force a change - even relegation...

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Would lIke to see those figures set in the context of Premier League attendances overall and those of West Midlands clubs. On their own they don't necessarily tell us too much, except that things are bad.

I would bet the recession and particularly its impact on the region provide some of the explanation.

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36'000 for the final home game of the season against a more than decent opposition who I presume sold out their allocation says it all.

If McLeish is in charge next season we will see home attendances well below 30'000 I'm sure.

Can you imagine the attendance first game of the season if we get someone like Wigan.

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I'm of an age where the queues were still half-way down the road when the teams were coming out.....and we were playing 2nd/3rd division football. This is the Premier League ffs!!! We're playing the likes of Manure, Arsenal, Liverpoo, not Colchester or bloody Walsall (no disrespect to those in the nether regions) and we still can't fill the ground.

Its not the recession, its not the escalating prices.....its just ugly, uninteresting, defensively orientated dross.

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Probably worth mentioning that the capacity of Villa Park was reduced in 2000/01 too, as the Trinity Road Stand was being rebuilt for a large portion of it.

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Yesterday cost me £42 ticket, £10 fuel, £5 parking, programme food etc £10

So almost £70

Was it value for money

No, albeit spurs stroked the ball about nicely

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