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  1. I really don't think that having completely **** up by appointing McLeish, the powers that be would then get someone like Allardyce or McCarthy.If they do I can only summise that the decision maker(s) at the Villa have a serious crack habit.
  2. **** Talkshite and the media as a whole.Anybody who a)listens to that shite, and b)believes any of the garbage spouted by the brainless morons on that station, are nearly as stupid as the people who pay 10 quid a minute to phone them up.rocket polishers. Oh nearly forgot, Lambert for me.
  3. He's beginning to make O'Leary seem almost likeable.Almost.
  4. I don't think the Villa job is as attractive as a lot of us like to think, especially at the moment.I'd like Lambert, but would he leave Norwich? **** me, didn't think I'd ever question whether someone would leave Norwich City for the Villa.
  5. If you think they've been bad this season wait for next season if the manager is still here, which sadly I think he will be.
  6. The defence as a whole seems a lot more secure with him in the team than not.Sad state of affairs that Carlos is going and disruptive pissheads like Dunne, Collins and Warnock are, for the moment still at the club. Best of luck for the future Carlos.
  7. This the Collymore who's such a massive Villa fan that he tooks millions out of the club whilst seemingly not giving a shit, when scoring for Racist Fc in front of the Holte gave it loads (yeah can imagine the likes of Ian Taylor doing the same), and used to watch Wolverhampton Wanderers as a youngster. Villa fan my **** arse.**** off you total ring piece.
  8. Ellis would never have hired McLeish in the first place. Yep just like he would never appoint someone like Graham Turner or Billy McNeill and see the champions of Europe relegated to the second division five years later. Anyways that's bye the bye, Mcleish should be sacked for the, frankly embarrasing comments on the OS.Truly astonishing and disgraceful.
  9. Almost certainly the Championship under Ellis and in severe financial difficulty, but hey let's forget that so some of the children on here can carry on stamping their feet and calling Lerner amongst other things 'a **** coward'.
  10. Takes real balls to call someone you don't know a **** coward on an internet messageboard.Maybe you should arrange a meeting and say it to his face.What you say big man?Nah didn't think so, too busy listening to talkshite I imagine.
  11. Anybody who get's annoyed at the bollocks spouted on talkshite or the rubbish written in the national press are doing exactly what they want you to do, so you carry on listening getting increasingly angry and maybe phone in at a rip-off amount per minute so they can cut you off if you disagree with them, or buy their shitty newspaper based on a sensationalist lie of a headline.Don't listen to their pathetic radio station and don't buy their paper, you'll be all the better for it.
  12. 1st Ancelotti-Not gonna happen, probably was never really on to begin with 2nd Moyes-Very much doubt he'll leave Everton for us 3rd Benitez-Don't like him but can't argue with his CV, and as long as he's not still a mentalist like when at Inter and at the end of his plastic scouse days 4th Errrrr...
  13. IF it turns out to be Hughes then it could of been worse but also could of been better.Underwhelming if it happens especially when you have the likes of Ancelotti supposedly available, not very often that calibre of manager is out of work. And if Hughes does get the job first thing he should do (but I don't think he will/would) would be to **** off out the club Ireland and Warnock, pair of utter utter C****.
  14. If you went round her gaff every day of the week you'd find me 'hanging out the back of it' in a Redkanpp styleee :shock: But to keep it on topic:£40m Andy Carroll
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