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Favourite chocolate bar!


Whats your favourite chocolate bar?  

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  1. 1. Whats your favourite chocolate bar?

    • Snickers
    • Mars
    • Twix
    • Dairy Milk Fruit and nut
    • Aero
    • Toffee Crisp
    • Turkish Delight
    • Galaxy

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Normal Dairy Milk, easily the biggest selling chocolate bar in the UK and bizarrely not listed here..

Bet you that changes as the next set of figures are announced

Hmm, chocolate bars with added raw sewage - nice!

Judging by the places that are selling cadburys chocolate at VERY low prices, I'd suggest they are struggling a bit after the last crisis

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That selection was thought up of the spot, I honestly couldnt think of anymore, apologies if i missed out some!

Don't Bounty exist anymore?

Actually there are too many too list so i picked a few of the main ones, if i put everyone down as an option there would be atleast 30 poll options and i think you cant have more than 10 so cut me some slack! :P

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None of the above. It has to be Fry's Orange Cream bars. They are brilliant.
I've been away for 20 years. How long have they been going? I remember Fry's chocolate cream (oh glory be) and peppermint cream (ditto). So there's an orange cream too? I just can't imagine how wonderful that must be. :P:P:P
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