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VT Player of the Month for September


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by paddy

VT are pleased to announce the return of the player of the month award. This is based on the votes for the man of the match in each match for that month. These votes are then weighted based on the result in each game, so a good performance in a match that was won is weighted higher than in a match we lost when everyone else might have been awful. There's no flawless system but this is what we're going with for now.

This will eventually this will lead to a VT player of the season.

So the VT player of the month for September is EMILE HESKEY who clearly beats Ashley Young into second place.

While it may not be a surprise now it certainly would have been at any other point in his Villa career.

After sitting in the stands for the Bolton game he was brought on for John Carew against Blackburn a groan could be heard around where I was sitting. Can you blame them after the way he's played for us since he arrived? But he scored a well taken goal with his first (possibly second) touch and had a hand in the next two as well.

The following game against Wolves he picked up where he left off, scoring the winner with a fantastic header. Where has that Emile been? It's almost like Houllier came in and found that he'd been accidentally left on stand by and Houllier flicked the on switch.

Emile had very few fans until this month, but he's converting us. More performances like this please Emile and people might sing positive songs about you rather than ones saying "even Heskey scored". It might be early, and remember that he scored on his debut under O'Neill too, but if he can keep this up it will be a boost for the club as a whole. If part of the decision to move for Houllier was to get the best out of Heskey then it could have been avery wise appointment.

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For the record, the table came out:


[row]Game[mcol]Bolton h[mcol]Blackburn h[mcol]Wolves a[col][mcol]Sum of weights

[row]Weight[mcol]2[mcol]3[mcol]3[mcol]Weighted points[mcol]8[mcol]Average

[mrow]Heskey[col]0 (0)[col]64 (192)[col]22 (66)[mcol]258[col]8[col]32.25

[mrow]A Young[col]14 (28)[col]20 (60)[col]20 (60)[mcol]148[col]8[col]18.50

[mrow]Cuellar[col]0 (0)[col]1 (3)[col]46 (138)[mcol]141[col]8[col]17.63

[mrow]Friedel[col]38 (76)[col]0 (0)[col]1 (3)[mcol]79[col]8[col]9.88

[mrow]L Young[col]16 (32)[col]0 (0)[col]1 (3)[mcol]35[col]8[col]4.38

[mrow]Bannan[col]0 (0)[col]11 (33)[col]0 (0)[mcol]33[col]8[col]4.13

[mrow]Collins[col]9 (18)[col]0 (0)[col]1 (3)[mcol]21[col]8[col]2.63

[mrow]Downing[col]5 (10)[col]0 (0)[col]0 (0)[mcol]10[col]8[col]1.25

[mrow]Reo-Coker[col]0 (0)[col]0 (0)[col]3 (9)[mcol]9[col]8[col]1.13

[mrow]Albrighton[col]4 (8)[col]0 (0)[col]0 (0)[mcol]8[col]8[col]1.00

[mrow]Petrov[col]3 (6)[col]0 (0)[col]0 (0)[mcol]6[col]8[col]0.75

[mrow]Guzan[col]0 (0)[col]1 (3)[col]0 (0)[mcol]3[col]8[col]0.38

[mrow]Dunne[col]1 (2)[col]0 (0)[col]0 (0)[mcol]2[col]8[col]0.25


Method: wins count 3 times and draws count 2 times losses. Players who don't appear in a game are considered to have gotten zero percent of the vote. Players who came on in or after the 80th minute have their sum of weights decreased by the weight of the game.

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Why don't you just have one big vote at the end of the month..?

Couls do but I would imagine it would be massively swayed by performances later in the month and ones earlier in the month would be overlooked.

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We could use the MOTM voting throughout the month to winnow it down to 2 or 3 finalists and then have a poll.

Then based on the POTM voting, winnow it down to 4 or 5 finalists for the POTS poll.

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Yeah that's a decent idea. You could argue it's fairer to do it purely on MOTM votes though as with a poll of the top 3 it again means the later games in the month are a t the forefront of peoples minds so they tend to vote for them.

But as we've said, there's no perfect way of doing it so it might be worth trying.

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if he can keep this up it will be a boost for the club as a whole.
The way things stand - with Gabby beset by injuries, Carew woefully out of touch, and Delfouneso as yet an unknown quantity - it's actually quite essential that he maintains his early season form. Let's hope Houliier really has found the switch.

On the poll in general, I'm surprised at how little rating there is for Albrighton. He has had a good start to the season and, while showing a bit of inexperience at times, has been a positive influence for us.

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