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Would you have Joey Barton at Villa?


Well would you?  

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  1. 1. Well would you?

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Discussion about this at work today. Most people I work with are Villa, mixed with a few noses and Albion.

Noses said they would have him. No surprise. He would be there best player and he's a scumbag so....

But for Villa it was 50-50.

Pro's - A potentially really good player, who we could get for a very low price, and MAYBE with the right manager, someone like MON, his bad boy attitude COULD change?

Con's - As it is now, he's a total scumbag.

Yes or No?

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personally, id take a gamble on him !! i think he could be a really really top midfield player..........

downside is he is a massive risk.........

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No, indeed I would not go and watch a Villa team with him in it. My dislike of him is that strong.

I'll have a slice of "this" please.

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Most of you are going by the fact he is a scumbag (which I agree, he is!).

But what about as a player? A potentially 'cheap' buy?

I think he's OK. Nothing special. But if we could get him for something like a million quid, and MON could somehow change his attitude....

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