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  1. None of the names are particularly inspiring to me but i am suprised by the negative (hatred almost?) towards Houllier, remember it was essentially his team of players who won the champions league for liverpool. Don't get me wrong, he wouldn't me my first choice but the negativity towards him is unjustified in my opinion... my major concern about him is his health. Bringing him in as a director of football would not work (when has DOF ever worked in this country), as soon as KM has a dodgy game or two suddenly the media (and fans out of panic) will be asking for GH to take over the reins. As others have said i don't believe KM is where he needs to be tactically to be considered.
  2. Tom_L


    Can't wait, should be a fantastic card.... i'm going for Lesnar, Alves and Hendo. I think Lesnar will be too strong for Mir, he'll try to keep the fight standing and the only way I can see Mir winning is on the ground, i just don't see Lesnar allowing that to happen. Alves is a monster, after tonight everyone will know who he is, something looks wrong with GSPs elbow as well. Looks like a hell of a lot of fluid to me. :? And i think Hendo will be to strong for Mike, he will take it to the ground and g&p his way to victory. I'll enjoy re-reading this tommorow and seeing how wrong i was.
  3. I'd sooner get Paul Tait out of retirement and stick him in a Villa shirt than Joey Barton...
  4. We used to have one of these (mosquito) at our local Sainsburys, which is about 3/4 of a mile from where i live. It made my life a living hell for about 6 months, i couldn't sleep, even with the windows shut i could still hear it loud and clear and it would be kept on, over night for 3/4 nights a week. It was as close to torture as i have ever experienced... and i fought off leukimia as an 8 year old child. Eventually enough people complained and it is no longer used. Even if kids were hanging around the middle of town (the reason for it in the first place), why is this acceptable, it breaches human rights and screams totalitarianism!
  5. Tom_L


    Well at least Forest won't run away and fall on his arse for three rounds... I can't help feeling Forest is being setup for a fall here, Anderson is at his very best when he has someone coming at him guns blazing... which is exactly what forest will do. It could be Silva-Irvin all over again.
  6. Tom_L


    Looking forward to tonight (well, tommorow morning) Silva doesn't look right to me, he weighed in at 182 and looked seriously dehydrated. Should be interesting, if Leites can get him to the ground then it could be an interesting fight.
  7. Tom_L


    Being a tight fisted git... dodgy torrents are my only hope too... Although my friends who have setanta have had problems with their reception during live ufc events, often missing important moments. Bring back the days of Bravo... it was a day later but at least it was free!
  8. Tom_L


    I've got a couple of pairs (btw why is it a pair of sunglasses? I only ever get the one!)... my stance on them is simple. I wear them when the sun is bright. I don't when it's not. I don't give a toss what people think! That's their problem, not mine.
  9. For me Peter is the least funny character in Family Guy... He's still funnier than Homer though!
  10. Tom_L


    That was a huge win for Belfort... i didn't give him chance going into that fight... I was annoyed with Dan Lauzon's antics though... play acting of the highest order, two of the three didn't hit the groin and the knee was a pretty weak hit, i'm not saying it didn't hurt but he milked it for all that he could. I was impressed with Bobby Green, for a guy who's only been in the game for 6/7 months he looked very impressive!
  11. Tom_L


    Really looking forward to this.... A really strong card and an unusually strong undercard. unusually for me, i'm looking forward to the main event the most... it's really hard to call... i would give Forrest the edge but Rashad has always defied the odds. Also hoping Big Nog takes out Mir and Wandy beats Quinton... although who knows what he'll do this time if he loses... :|
  12. Yep... This guy is extremely rich and mixes will lots of famous people in London's top clubs. He's a nice enough guy but dumped baby when he found out he was a footballer... something to do with image i would think.
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