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Definatly pesimistic. But it won't take much to bring me back to the other side. If Laursen gets fit and we sign a decent striker, I think it will be a good season (top half).

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I was optimistic until I woke up this morning.

I think we have better quality in Kevin Phillips, but I'd say overall strengthening of the squad worries me because of the hold on the transfer market. There is little quality out there it's slim pickin's so I am not sure where our next signing will be from if any.

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I can't see anything to be optimistic about.

We've been lied to about the quality of signings made.

Overall the squad is no better than the one that finished last season, and there are still doubts over Delaney and especially Laursen's fitness.

We only have two senior strikers.

O'Leary is getting more and more negative about the club.

If we sign anyone lese, it'll be a last minute panic buy.

Ellis didn't croak when he had the chance.

The latest accounts are as bad as ever.

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Ask me again at the end of next week.

I think a lot of people's opinions will have changed by next week.

If we sign Baros and a centre half, personally I will go from pessimistic to slightly pessimistic.

But if we mis out on Baros and don't sign a centre half I (and others) will go from optimistic to pessamistic.

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Smaller squad, after the gaffer moaning for a year about the small squad.

Releasing an England international (the only one ever likely to be picked.)

Filling the squad with "oldies but Goodies" aka Berger and PHillips).

Buying a defender from one of the leakiest defenders, and the third choice keeper from a club long critisised for its poor first and second choice keepers.

Net spend of £750,000 - less than well, frankly any second rate championship side.

A manager who realised he wont be cacked.

A club in limbo with its major shareholder il at home

A club with no responsible board.

A club in limbo awaiting a possibly non existant take over.

The possibility of an unknown asset stripper launching a bid.

No left back of note if our only choice hasnt shaken off an injury.

No replacement centreback of experience if our injury prone signing breaks down in training as is likely.

No recognised replacement if our other centreback who carries the defence gets injured.

A midfiled full of journeymen without any creativity.

Strikers. A kid, a pensioner, and someone who only fancies it 1 year in 4.

A crap kit, expecially away.

A stadium that needs a new away end.

A club that needs to overhall its pr.

A stadium with no sodding parking.

Oh, its going to be another great season.....

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