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The final American TV poll...


If you remember these you're older than you think...  

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  1. 1. If you remember these you're older than you think...

    • BJ and the Bear
    • Hardcastle and McCormick
    • Hart to Hart
    • CHiPS
    • Crazy Like A Fox
    • Airwolf
    • Petrocelli (did he finish that house?)
    • Hill Street Blues
    • Hunter
    • Rockford files

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so go on vote....

nah forget that I've started this thread as a trip down memory lane of those programmes I used to watch, but I've had to kill the list as you only get 10 options.




The Fall Guy

Cagney and Lacey

Knight Rider

The A team

fantasy Island (It's a plane boss)

Lou Grant

I could go on but that would negate the thread

and is serves as a reminder of just how much American TV I've watched throughout my life as most of the things I watch today are from the US too

and this is not even thinking of the 'comedies'

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Against today's TV HSB does look bad but it was for me THE best thing to watch ever and I never missed an episode. It won every TV award going at the time too.

I still remember the shock when Joe Coffey got killed

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Crazy Like A Fox, Hunter and Petrocelli. I don't remember these 3, does that mean I'm not as old as I think?

... and where's Dukes of Hazzard :angry:

I thought I was the only one who remembered Hardcastle & McCormick - mainly (solely) because of the car they used in it.

Oh and what about Street Hawk :lol: Looking at it now, that bike looked crap.

Oh oh oh and what about ... Automan. Awesome how he could turn corners at 90 degrees without slowing down.

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I don't get 'why' you vote for anything? There's no question to the poll. Do I pick my favourite ? Of that list, probably between Chips and Airwolf. We'll go with Airwolf :)

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McGuyver ..so good it's constantly mentioned in the Simpsons

I liked Airwolf .. I just remember it being on TV then not being on TV , did it ever really end and he find his brother ?

Probably the best US one i remember form the 80's was Magnum ....

but from the 90's Quantum Leap though I hated the ending spoiled a perfectly good series in 30 seconds with poxy religious mumbo jumbo and a "Sam never went home"


From that other thread of mine about picturing VT members ..don't you mean "Blandy" :-)

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