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Mr Barry - The Final Offer!!


Would you accept 16m + Steve Finnan for GB?  

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  1. 1. Would you accept 16m + Steve Finnan for GB?

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    • yes

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Now firstly i have started this thread up just to gain an simple answer towards Liverplops apparant "Final offer" to be made this week.

Now this is not to encourage another Barry thread of opinions, thoughts, stupidity, point scoring etc. because we have seen enough of these type of threads in the last two months to last us a life time, plus they are boring and they only end up being locked because of sillyness anyway.

This saga has gone on for too long now. GB has made his desire clear that he wants to join them, so lets just let him go and put this whole thing to a end, because it is not doing:

- The club as a whole any good

- The players any good

- Spirit any good

Let's keep this simple and not have it locked after 4 pages Ladies & Gents, it really is not too much to ask is it?

The question i propose is:

Would you accept 16m + Steve Finnan for GB?

A simple 'Yes' or 'No' is all that is required.poll added, Blandy

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I believe that it is doing our club good in the long run as we're showing that we won't be pushed around while also refusing to strengthen one of our closest rivals on their terms; I accept that Barry will leave eventually but the less pre-season he has with Liverpool the better for us.

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