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World Cup 2018: Russia


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8 months to go. 8 teams there so far. Russia (As hosts), Belgium the only UEFA qualifier so far, Brazil who top the S.American section, Mexico already through from CONCACAF and the 4 qualifiers so far from Asia - Saudi Arabia, Iran, Japan and South Korea.

24 places still up for grabs 3 more from South America plus the CONMEBOL/Oceania play off. 2 more from North and Central America plus the CONCACAF/Asia play off. 5 more from Africa. Leaving 12 more for UEFA - 8 more group winners and the 4 play off winners

African qualifying finishes in November. Last week of qualifiers start today though everywhere else before any November play offs.

Play offs will be

CONMEBOL 5th place vs OFC winners (New Zealand)

CONCACAF 4th place vs AFC 5th place (Australia or Syria)

4 x UEFA play offs for the 8 teams with the best record out of the 9 qualifying group runners up.


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05/10/2017 UK Time Thursday

13:30 - Syria v Australia

17:00 - Azerbaijan v Czech Republic
17:00 - Armenia v Poland
19:45 - Northern Ireland v Germany
19:45 - San Marino v Norway
19:45 - Montenegro v Denmark
19:45 - Romania v Kazakhstan
19:45 - Malta v Lithuania
19:45 - England v Slovenia
19:45 - Scotland v Slovakia (Snodgrass)

21:00 - Bolivia v Brazil
22:00 - Venezuela v Uruguay

Wins for Uruguay and England today would see them both qualify. Germany need a point in Belfast (or better) to qualify today. Poland could also qualify today if they win and Montenegro v Denmark ends in a draw.

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06/10/2017 UK Time Friday

00:30 - Argentina v Peru
00:30 - Chile v Ecuador
00:30 - Colombia v Paraguay

17:00 - Georgia v Wales (Chester. Taylor)
19:45 - Austria v Serbia
19:45 - Republic of Ireland v Moldova (Hourihane, Whelan, Hogan)
19:45 - Italy v FYR Macedonia
19:45 - Liechtenstein v Israel
19:45 - Spain v Albania
19:45 - Croatia v Finland
19:45 - Kosovo v Ukraine
19:45 - Turkey v Iceland (Bjarnason)

20:00 - Mali v Ivory Coast (Kodjia)

Serbia need a win in Austria to qualify on Friday.

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07/10/2017 UK Time Saturday

00:35 - USA v Panama
02:30 - Mexico v Trinidad and Tobago
23:00 - Costa Rica v Honduras

14:00 - Uganda v Ghana
14:00 - South Africa v Burkina Faso
17:00 - Cameroon v Algeria
17:00 - Nigeria v Zambia
18:00 - Guinea v Tunisia
18:00 - Libya v DR Congo
18:30 - Cape Verde v Senegal
20:00 - Morocco v Gabon

17:00 - Sweden v Luxembourg
17:00 - Faroe Islands v Latvia
17:00 - Bosnia-Herzegovina v Belgium
17:00 - Gibraltar v Estonia
19:45 - Bulgaria v France
19:45 - Belarus v Netherlands
19:45 - Switzerland v Hungary
19:45 - Andorra v Portugal
19:45 - Cyprus v Greece

Costa Rica and Nigeria can both qualify with a win on Saturday. Panama could also qualify if they win away to the USA and Costa Rica beat Honduras.

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37 minutes ago, One For The Road said:

Apparently they have been dedicating their victories to the Assad regime....

Doubt there is much option involved for them.

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Got the feeling we're going to see a major nation miss out on this world cup, there's just so many close calls wherever you look.

Could have a play off of US-Australia, both are regulars at world cups now.

One of Argentina or more likely Chile will miss out in South America.

In Europe there is a formula where France, Portugal, Croatia and Italy could all be in the play offs.

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