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  1. Funny that 2 of the 5 love a kebab!
  2. Augustin would be a good signing and a starter. Didn't play so much last season, but has long been earmarked as a future French international.
  3. Perin is miles better than Butland. By far the best player we've been linked with this summer.
  4. Everton Ribeiro is a different player! But agreed, Everton has had a great tournament and will have doubled in price.
  5. 90% of the top players in the league are foreign. We've signed so much wank over the years, seemingly just because they were British, rather than having any footballing ability.
  6. Ok so off the top of my head, Ozan Kabak was fantastic in the Bundesliga last season, and moved today for £13m, Armando Izzo is one of Serie A's top defenders, and is available for about £20m, Djene Dakounam is outstanding and valued at £30m, Felipe (best defender in Portugal) has just moved for £18m, Fiorentina and Argentina defender German Pezzella has been touted for £16m. Juve have snapped up 3 top young defenders, and so Italy international Daniele Rugani is said to be available for £20m. This shows what proven top-league defenders are available for, and that £20-30m for Webster would be us having our collective pants pulled down (imo).
  7. He may well be good enough to be a PL player but for £20-30m, I would want a proven outstanding defender from one of Europe's top leagues. Not only has Webster never played in the PL, he has never played for England at U20/U21 level, not to mention the seniors. If he was available for £5m it'd be worth a punt, but the prices quoted would be crazy imo.
  8. Tbf, football outside Villa Park exists, and it's fair enough to have an opinion on a player before he joins. There are countless players who have never played for us who I'd love us to sign, and countless more I'd hate to see us go for. Football nowadays is so accessible globally that I think lots of supporters will have valid views on who would or wouldn't be good value. For me, £20-30m for Webster would be total madness.
  9. Anybody reckon Webster would be equally capable of carrying the ball forward in the top flight?
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