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  1. Sam Lee has been a reliable journalist for years and City dullards have slated him because of Mahrez's tweet. The video I posted lends credence to the idea of Mahrez being criticized by players and staff for dribbling, rather than passing, and I believe Lee's comments were well-sourced
  2. https://twitter.com/TJ93_2/status/1419974051062325275
  3. Every club "taps up". We will have agreed terms with Buendia (and everyone else we sign) before we agreed a transfer fee. It's the done thing. Agents and intermediaries find out if a deal is desirable for the player and buying club. Then negotiations begin with the selling club. That much is fact. What is unclear is the presence or absence of a clause in Jack's case. I believe there's a good chance that there is a clause, or perhaps a gentleman's agreement. But that's just my own opinion, based upon the journalists I trust, as well as my intuition regarding Jack staying last summer
  4. Of course I understand people will be triggered. In my personal opinion, Jack leaving would be an absolute disaster. But people were triggered when it was reported Delph, Milner, and many others were going, and claimed it was clickbait/ITK bollocks, etc. That's what happens when a journo reports news that is unpopular with your team's fans. People need to understand that these things aren't black and white. There clearly is something in the Jack to City link, as it'd be very easy for someone from any of the 3 camps to quash it otherwise. Hopefully Villa can convince Jack to stay on for at least another year, but even if we can, it doesn't mean there was nothing in the link
  5. Yes, he's saying his multiple reliable sources have told him it's all done bar the paperwork (which is important). When this is the case it's fair enough to write the article, as double-sourcing is the normal journalistic standard. Being fair to him, though, he didn't say "it's done", in the article, and acknowledged the suggestion among those close to Jack that he's being offered a new contact. Again, fair enough. Fluid situation
  6. He explicitly said in his article that it isn't done
  7. It wasn't "dribble" last year though was it? Jack admitted he hadn't known where he was going to be playing last season 24 hours before he signed the contract. It was very much possible that he could've gone to United had a large enough bid come in. Transfers are fluid situations, and just because one doesn't get over the line (and hopefully Jack to City doesn't), doesn't mean it was all CLICKBAIT BULLSHIT
  8. It's the total opposite of pie in the sky. Personal terms are agreed before a fee between clubs for literally every transfer nowadays. There's no point in going through a thorough transfer process if the player doesn't even want to come
  9. Sam Lee is normally quite reliable.....
  10. He doesn't shy away from pens. He grabbed the ball to take one against Southampton last season but those on the touchline instructed him to leave it for Watkins. As he said in an interview a couple of weeks ago, he'd happily take a pen at any time
  11. HE'S SIGNED A NEW DEAL!!!!!!!!!! Yes, those are the words Midlands journalist Luke Hatfield expects to be saying later this summer. "I dunno mate, I just have a gut feeling he might stick around............I get a few quid for each article you write with this, yeah?"
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