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  1. Think Iroegbunam is overage, but certainly a very promising team again this year. Even Carney can still play if we want him to!
  2. Pretty sure Watkins won the bleep test, mate. Agree that JJ looks a good athlete though
  3. I was under the impression that Kobei Moore and Charlie Lutz were 2 of our bigger talents in that age group. Interesting to see that they're not involved in this England squad
  4. Nope, he was exceptional. Playing way above his age for England youth sides and excelling. Could have been very special
  5. Not sure where you got this from. On his last visit to Villa Park he scored 2 fantastic goals and Federico Macheda sent us home crying
  6. Nope. Bang on in fairness to him
  7. Exactly. Without Jack our form was closer to 17th, which shows that saying the majority of our players are good enough for 5th-8th is nonsense
  8. His brother was excelling in League 1 at his age, and I'm pretty sure Aaron would do likewise. Too good for development football now
  9. Traore fails 9 times out of 10, which you won't see in his highlight reel. The odd time he makes something stick isn't worth him constantly losing the ball and never tracking back. Young is far better
  10. Preece hasn't a notion what's going on. The only journo who didn't know Jack was going. "Absolutely no chance" he kept saying
  11. They were clearly right about Jack going if £100m was offered. Don't see many eating humble pie in that regard!
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