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  1. And not a game was played in the interim!
  2. I think Robben and Ribery were both fantastic players, who reached top 5 in the world status in their respective primes. They each had stages when they were better than the other, and it often came down to which of them was fit for more of a particular season. In Bayern's most successful campaign of their generation (2012/2013), Ribery was very much the main man. Robben was often on the bench with Ribery tearing it up on the left, Muller on the right and Kroos number 10 behind Mandzukic. Kroos got injured in the CL quarter final against Juve, and Robben came in for the rest of the season, notably scoring the winner in the CL final. If the 2 of them had stayed fit, Bayern would definitely have won more titles in Europe in the last 10 years.
  3. Disagree! Ravaged by injuries at times but an incredible player, underrated IMO. Bayern's best player in their 2012/13 treble campaign, as well as a few other seasons. Even now at 37 he's moved to Fiorentina and won Serie A player of the month straight away before sadly getting injured again.
  4. Heaton said in an interview today that it'll likely be next season before he's fit to play.
  5. I'm gonna have to batten down the hatches Steve Bruce style for this one, but I'm saying Zinedine Zidane. Brilliant player and incredibly good to watch, but really inconsistent as an effective performer. He had plenty of full seasons when he didn't produce. In his entire career he only won 3 league titles, despite sharing most of it between an absolutely outrageous Juventus side and the Galacticos of Real Madrid. If we look at his career pre-Juve, aged 23/24, he was still being rejected by Blackburn and Newcastle. Now, don't get me wrong, those clubs were clearly stupid not to take him (Jack Walker being quoted as saying "Why would we need Zidane when we've got Tim Sherwood?" is particularly hilarious. This point is, can you imagine anyone turning down Messi/CR7/R9/Ronaldinho/Neymar/Mbappe etc at 23/24? Again, I'd reiterate that Zidane was a brilliant player; one whose ludicrously aesthetic style brought him a cult following. He also produced the goods on the biggest occasions (World Cup, Euros, Champions League final). Week to week, however, I'd argue that he was never consistent, which contributed to his star-studded clubs rarely winning the league, and never (!!) winning a domestic cup. For this reason, he's not an all-time great, or even among the very elite of my lifetime.
  6. Not hyperbole at all. He's played better than any left back in world football this season imo
  7. I'd go: Louie Barry Aaron Ramsey Jacob Ramsey Carney Chukwuemeka Jadon Philogene-Bidace
  8. Aaron Ramsey is a great prospect from what I've seen. Definitely one of our brightest ATM.
  9. I know he went to pot, and people will remember him for his part in the relegation season, but Brad Guzan was excellent for a couple of seasons.
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