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  1. We're incredibly lucky to have Jack. Any of the other players in the world who are as good as him are at absolutely elite clubs. The GOAT
  2. Or maybe he just could've been goal-side, or in line with the other defenders, or making some effort to mark Salah, given that he's Mo Salah and might be quite dangerous? Looks like you've already picked your scapegoat in Mings though
  3. Sadly couldn't watch today, so thanks for the report. From the stats I've seen, we had very little possession, so it's interesting to read that Chuk and the Ramseys played well. From what I've seen, they (along with Barry) are the ones who could make it from those who played tonight
  4. Are you insane? Who did I rubbish? I literally said Targett wasn't "excellent", and said, from the afore-mentioned list of free agents, I wouldn't mind Clichy as a short-term upgrade on Taylor, and experienced competition for Targett. Hardly slaughtering him is it?! Is everything ok at home?
  5. Yes, but not for the £50m they're reportedly asking for
  6. You're an angry man Kiwi. You've no FPL to occupy you now for the international break either
  7. Conte is bizarrely obsessed with full-backs. He literally signs 5 or 6 every window! He loaned out Perisic last season, as he deemed him unable to play as a wing-back, only to now call him back and start him ahead of the multitude of wing-backs he's spend fortunes on! He's also tried to force out Icardi, Nainggolan, Godin, Skriniar, etc, etc, so players he doesn't want aren't always bad. Back OT, I can't even think of who the last free agent we signed was, and I can't see us bucking that trend now. Hopefully one more in from the Championship, and that'll be it at most
  8. Sorry for wanting to improve our squad. Not sure he was excellent. Salah scored twice from his area of the pitch, with Targett poorly positioned for the second at least. Either way, not having a dig at him, merely commenting on a listed of free agents quoted by another poster
  9. He's had his share of injuries but he's always been a very good player; far too good for the Championship. I've seen him linked to Sampdoria in recent days
  10. That's why I said a short-term contract. He played for a title-winning side last season and would clearly be better than Taylor, and probably Targett too
  11. Gotze's going to PSV. Kwadwo Asamoah would be by far our best left back, but is often injured. Wouldn't say no to Garay/Mandzukic/Clichy if we could get one on a short-term contract
  12. A load of bollocks would be my guess!
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