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  1. Another all-English final as well. Amazing stuff.
  2. He can't pass the ball. The reason Jack kept having to come back into our own half was because we didn't have a DM who could pass forwards. Conor on Tuesday please.
  3. He has no technique whatsoever.
  4. Agree that the format was different, and the quality lower given that all the minnow countries had a representative. That said, Maradona couldn't drag his team past the likes of mighty Metz and Spartak Moscow when he got his chance. Also agree with them all being amazing players, it just gets my "GOAT" when the knives are out any time Messi's team loses a game, as if Maradona had no blemishes in his career.
  5. Agreed. Particularly when he's been at pretty much the same insane level for 12 years.
  6. Why does Messi have to win the greatest international competition, but it's fine that Maradona barely won a match in the greatest club competition?
  7. Haha ok, but that proves my point. Napoli were rich and could afford three South American stars. Take 86/87 when Napoli won their 1st title. Juve had 2 foreign players (Platini and Laudrup), Inter had 2 (Rumenigge and Passarella), Milan had 2 (Wilkins and Hateley), Roma had 2 (Boniek and Berggreen), and the others had 1 or none. Back OT, Messi is the GOAT.
  8. Yup, most teams had a star midfielder/striker, but they were all still primarily Italian.
  9. Nonsense. Napoli were the Chelsea/Man City moneybags of that era. I don't remember Bournemouth breaking the world record transfer fee too many times. That's exactly what Napoli did when they bought Maradona. Brazilian stars Careca and Alemao weren't cheap either. Besides that, they were known for their defensive strength with established Italy internationals all over the team. Each Serie A title was largely down to defence, particularly in 86/87 when they only conceded 21 goals. Of course Maradona played a big part too, scoring 10 and 16 goals in these campaigns. I would also strongly argue against it being the toughest league ever. In the 80s, 99% of the players in Serie A were Italian. It was a long way from the glory days of the mid-to-late 90s where the majority of top players from around the globe congregated in Italy. In Maradona's time, the top Serie A sides had 1/2 top foreigners, and the remainder of the squads were homegrown. Of course, it was a physical league if that's what you mean by tough. Finally, (and I don't mean to bash Maradona, but Messi gets held to impossible standards, so why not?) Maradona only ever managed a cup in Spain, never produced anything in the European Cup with any club (biggest/most important club competition), and, oh yeah, is a drugs cheat after doping with ephedrine.
  10. If Kodj would do some work off the ball he'd be soooo much better wide in the front 3 than Albert or Andre.

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