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  1. Lozano played in 10 out of 12 Serie A games post lockdown, often coming on for Callejon, who is now leaving. Who knows, maybe they'll sell (and I'd love if we got him!), but I think he'll play a role with Napoli next season, and Brekalo will be back up for Insigne on the left.
  2. Not necessarily. Lozano played better towards the end of the season, and Callejon is moving on, which makes room for Brekalo. Good Player
  3. Noel Whelan is furious about outrageous Sam-AVFC comment. Here's why
  4. Borini never played particularly well in Serie A. He only really ever excelled in the Championship with Swansea
  5. Nah, correlation doesn't mean causation. We went 5 at the back and stopped being so gung ho after Watford spanked us in December. I'll be as chuffed as anyone if Wes proves me wrong, but, as of now, he's had far more poor performances than good, and I would definitely sell him for a decent fee.
  6. I really think it is a coincidence. We became far more defensive as the season progressed, as we were way too open and conceding goals for fun. The knock-on effect of this change was that we created less, and so, scored fewer goals. Nothing to do with Wesley's absence IMO. Let's not forget he went nearly 15 games without scoring before the Burnley game in which he got injured.
  7. Played 29 of the 38 games. Anyway, if you think it's impossible to say who's better out of Alisson and Henderson, I think we'll just agree to disagree!
  8. He hasn't though! Alisson has been miles better
  9. I strongly disagree on Henderson. He's been good, and it's difficult to compare keepers with outfield players but he's nowhere near Jack's class. Pulisic and Greenwood will be top players, but they've only really exploded towards the end of the season.
  10. I really don't think they have, other than TAA
  11. The main transfer window closes on Oct 5th. Can only buy from EFL clubs after that
  12. Because since the last internationals James has excelled, becoming Chelsea's starting RB, and Aarons has been relegated as part of the worst defence in the league. Aarons is talented but if you think he's getting an England call-up any time soon you're deluded.
  13. TAA, Walker, Trippier, Wan Bissaka, and Reece James are currently ahead of him in the pecking order so he might be waiting a while yet!
  14. Konsa isn't really Premier League proven though is he? Everyone seems to be raving about him after a couple of decent performances late in the season, but we had the 2nd worst defence in the league, and he played his part in that!
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