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  1. Great season. I actually thought that was a moment of genius from Rout (one of many) to waste time to ensure they held onto their lead!
  2. Shame the Euro U19 Championship has been cancelled this summer. Always a great tournament
  3. He's a lot better than Engels. Plays in a back 3 at Stuttgart.....He'd be good competition for both of our first-choice CBs I would say
  4. Chuk and Barry a cut above again today. Good sign at 17
  5. Brad Young has done more in 2 minutes than either of our wide players did in 70
  6. Barry playing really well. Think his cross that led to the goal was going on target, in which case it's his goal. Just had one disallowed there too which didn't look offside at all
  7. Stupid question, but how?! It won't let me click on it...
  8. 1 off it now I believe! Think we got 19 clean sheets one season in the late 90s but that was shared across 2 keepers
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