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Film of the year 2013


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Has to be The Hunt for me. Of course because its Danish it will slip under the radar but its incredible.

Gravity, Place beyond the Pines and A Hijacking run it close. All equally brilliant for different reasons.

Stoker and the flawed but highly watchable Prisoners deserve a mention.

However hearing 12 years a slave will blow all the above out the window. It remains to be seen.

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The Hunt was 2012.

Released 10th January 2013...source IMDB

Yeah, in Denmark.

Nov 2012 for the UK.

Just checked your right for UK. Most film of 2013 lists include The Hunt though because of when it was released in the US which was 10th January 2013. Edited by donnie
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Prisoners was ok, but not brilliant. 


Best film i saw this year was The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but it was released in 2012 so doesn't count for this thread.


Will have to have a think about this - i don't think theres been any outstanding films this year of the top of my head.

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12 years a slave is next year too i think, it will be blurry between yank/uk release dates because the majority of award season films get delayed here, lincoln was this year here


i think rush was probably my favourite, as much as i enjoyed gravity i know it was because i saw it IMAX, in 2 years time on sky movies that film wont be the same


the list of films i missed this year is huge

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A Field In England


it was the only film that I saw that did anything remotely different whilst at the same time showing everyone that you can get out there and do your own thing, make your own film, you don't need a billion dollars

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Along with Stoker and A Field in England.


Really enjoyed Gravity and Place Beyond the Pines but they'd be more in the 'also rans' category.

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For me it's a tie between












Although technicalities may exclude Graceland as being a 2012 film  :unsure: but it's one of my all time favourites and will remain that way for every year from now on I feel so I'll count it.


EDIT - Oh flip, SIghtseers came out at the end of last year here in the UK.


I substitute Sightseers with The History of Future Folk -




...Although technically that may be seen as a 2012 film too...

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Yeah Sightseers was great, I put it in last years list  :P


(i'm going on 2013 UK Releases)




Sightseers was 2012 too, no?


Great film, though.


Such a shock it was you two who corrected me before I could edit my mistake...this much of a shock -




I've put my substitution in now...and don't be acting all pedantic about me quoting you out of chronological order either :D

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