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Are you a grower or a shower?


Grower or Shower?  

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  1. 1. Grower or Shower?

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    • Shower?

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My friend was a shower, but he said he was also a grower. He was one of those guys who whacked it out at every opportunity. If he was a grower as well, I feel sorry for his girlfriend.

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I was just thinking about this, it was meant to be a joke on how if I was playing football I'd have football socks on (FKW) pulled up so it wouldn't have to be that big but on reflection I suppose it would still have to be a fair size for that to be possible.


Anyway, why do you want to see pictures of my penis?


EDIT - On further reflection there may be a possibility you're not talking specifically just to me...villaajax. (<< Just to show I'm typing specifically to you)

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This whole debate is misleading. There is no standard size for one's unerect member - it moves through various stages depending on mood, weather, activities, thought patterns, bodyclock etc... 


I know, but generally

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