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  1. Even Ray Romano?? All that love for nothing.
  2. He's going to get splinters in his turtleneck.
  3. Just need Evans to tweet about 'Villa are interested in Bailey'
  4. "Jessica Alba will be wife unless she won't" Me itk.
  5. Platt was my favourite player. Cried when he left. Then Atkinson came and and I was Platt who?
  6. I sent him a DM on Instagram 2 hours ago asking him if he was staying or going and he hasn't responded. He's off lads
  7. Grealish in SHOCK transfer decision. Grealish took to instagram in defiance by putting a picture in his stories.
  8. Now he's off to Chelsea https://www.teamtalk.com/news/1975897 TMZ??
  9. Everyone knows the owners run their decisions by the club shop. He's clearly leaving.
  10. At least he isn't Sam Matterface. Low bar I know. Woodward did confuse Davies and Wesley even though Wesley had been sent off.
  11. I went to my local chip shop in Croydon and they had no photos of Jack up on the walls. Guess that means he's leaving Villa.
  12. Why do people do fake itk? What's the point? I imagine them at the Keyboard like this
  13. Apart from the goal, he's looked very good.
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