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  1. They'll go for Bielsa. Top man and bucket sitter.
  2. 3rd choice as Kane isn't a striker right now.
  3. Take Sterling off and put Foden in the front 3.
  4. Really wish Kane had gone to City as this version is awful.
  5. I reckon he is fairly respected by the camp. Good lineup. At least there's not two holding midfielders. Not sure Foden should be part of the midfield 3, he's better where Grealish is. This is where Bellingham would have been perfect.
  6. This is it. We have done it on a youth level and did it this summer with Buendia.
  7. Definitely. You either leave it and hope the player is offside or you do what you have been trained to do and try and intercept the ball.
  8. Football Insider are reputable, yes?
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