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  1. Josh Onomah

    A little surprised to see him start - but he really played very well today
  2. Jonathan Kodjia

    I thought he should have been hooked much sooner than he was to be honest
  3. Steve Bruce

    Well to be honest TRO I for one would twist now - he’s done or showed nothing in my humble opinion to suggest he should stay. last week should tell everyone just how much of a yesterday man he is. Wolves simply took us apart and probably should have scored more - if you need any more convincing that he’s not the man for the job - just turn on catch up !!
  4. Steve Bruce

    Could you not consider the scenario of short term pain for a longer term gain possibly?
  5. Gabby Agbonlahor

    You betcha!
  6. Steve Bruce

    We should all be worried by the chasm between us and Wolves that has emerged in such a short space of time.
  7. Steve Bruce

    Absolutely bang on !
  8. Glenn Whelan

    Ok !
  9. Glenn Whelan

    Well you can say this - but we never tested the water did we - who knows maybe the lure of a return to VP might have swung it?
  10. Glenn Whelan

    Should have gone for Barry - he has that really bad habit of passing to his team mates
  11. Steve Bruce

    Totally agree - however I'm not sure about these two choosing the next incumbent to the post- based upon their recent track record.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Has he really? Is he really any better than RDM or Garde- I can't see that he is- he's definitely not better than Lambert who actually kept this club in the Prem on a shoestring. Quite frankly he is yesterday's man and has no plan B or ability to change things mid -game imo. All I keep hearing is 4 promotions - this means nothing at all now- right now we look a million miles off promotion and last nights horror show just highlights the gap between us and the current top teams in the division. if he stays we'll be having the same conversations this time next season again imo
  13. Steve Bruce

    is thereabouts really agreeable for us?
  14. Steve Bruce

    Well if any Bruce fans needed any more convincing that this guy will not deliver the goods - I'm afraid you have it four square in front of tonight
  15. Steve Bruce

    Well RDM was a champions league winner - you feel that Bruce is a top manager- Lambert was regarded as one of the bright young hopes ( still a good manager in there for me) who left a cracking Norwich side to come here- and I 've not really thought about my answer