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  1. John Terry

    TRO - I want Terry to sign but I really don't think you can call his antics as being made of " steel" I'm afraid I find the man totally objectionable and would have no desire to spend any time in his company whatsoever - I do however feel his signing would be a fantastic one from a pure footballing point of view.
  2. John Terry

    Could not agree more- I don't like the man and would not cross the road to shake his hand - however I think he will be a fantastic signing for the club, his experience, knowledge and desire to succeed could prove invaluable imo
  3. Chris Samba

    So the trial that's not a trial - looks like continuing to not be a trial or is it? Sorry but whilst I would take Terry for 12 months - I would not wish to see Chris Samba in our defence
  4. Steve Bruce

  5. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Well you make an awful lot of sense - but did you see Paul McGrath play- now he's the best to ever grace the league .
  6. Steve Bruce

    Here here !
  7. Steve Bruce

    JV- that makes little sense to me, I never mentioned us being a bigger club than Saints - although now I mention it errmm ! - I simply fail to see how you might feel that there is a greater level of expectation and increased levels of pressure at Southampton than which surrounds us - I'm a little surprised at this JV
  8. Steve Bruce

    In all fairness I thought Lambert was a truly great appointment based on what I saw of his Norwich team that won double promotion - I'm still puzzled as to why he rocked up at VP and put on the hand brake ??
  9. Steve Bruce

    JV - are you sure about this? More expectation- bigger budget more pressure - better managers ? We're still ASTON VILLA you know
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I think Terry would be an excellent signing purely from a footballing perspective - I don't like the guy one bit in personal terms but feel he could still offer a lot- reminds me in some ways of Macca ( no where near as good I should add) in as much that his experience and positional sense gets him out of difficult situations and also allows him to snuff out danger- I also think he has pride in his own level of performance - I would do it for 12 months and then reevaluate
  11. Steve Bruce

    So with respect to you - is this not Bruce in then? if so and that's your views then that's perfectly fine
  12. Steve Bruce

    Is this not the whole crux of this thread? Some of us want him gone - whilst other would like him to stay- is there any middle ground room ? Sorry not being funny or disrespectful to you
  13. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    please I'm trying to forget this guy- at least until I hear that he's gone !
  14. Steve Bruce

    What a great post and I agree with so many of your sentiments - I only differ in as much that I feel / would like him to go now - however I do also recognise this is not going to happen any time soon - so through gritted teeth I will back him - totally in hope but not a lot of expection in all honesty as far as his managerial abilities are concerned- I do think we will get back to the prem sooner rather than later - and if we get off to a good start then we could maintain momentum just like a rolling juggernaut - however I would say this will be in spite of SB being at the helm and not because he's at the helm
  15. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Would he really ? Never impressed me tbh with you- way too inconsistent and never looked to put a prolific run together - personally not one I would choose