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  1. Steve Bruce

    Agreed - we have also had worse managers McNeil Dr Jo & McLeish. quite rightly everyone has a view on this matter but I don't think 11 games is enough to judge anybody on imo
  2. Keinan Davis

    I don't think it's personally aimed at Davis - moreover at the time he had a run of game time - we were not really looking like promotion candidates in the manner we are now. So it was probably frustration at how the club were performing generally more so - strikers are players who carry most expectation upon their shoulders. For me Davis shows good signs and then other days I can see where he came from. i think he has a great chance of making a very comfortable life for himself and I like his approach - but I honestly don't see it being at the top level. i think mid - lower championship is where he will eventually find himself - but no matter what, if we do do up this season he can hold his head high and say I played a role in this.
  3. John Terry

    I feel we should all be concerned by the play offs - they are by nature a lotttery and would we beat Fulham over two legs ? Something I am not convinced about - I do take your point however regarding JT. big game experience and hopefully you will be proved right
  4. John Terry

    Totally agree with you
  5. John Terry

    Totally agree - our best defender since Martin Laursen imo. Baker as wholehearted as the man is - is also extremely limited
  6. Steve Bruce

    TRO - you are probably the most balanced and measured person on here - however you do in my opinion have s blind spot when it comes to Bruce and his managerial abilities. i feel most people would acknowledge that Jokanovic and Wagner are both tactically more astute than Bruce is ever likely to be imo. Look there is little point in going over old ground - but you should remember we have been not good longer than we have been good under Bruce - both from a win ratio and quality of fayre on offer. i am of the opinion that he absolutely stays until our destiny is known - but if we fail in the play off final I am also of the opinion that he goes immediately- TRO in footballing terms Bruce is light years behind these guys whether we like it or not. He has 4 promotions on his CV mainly due to longevity in the game rather than any great ability again in my opinion. Your loyalties are to be applauded to a degree but also questionable to the same degree imo. TRO
  7. Steve Bruce

    TRO - I am one of Bruce's detractors on here and not happy with the last two results but in no way am I clamouring for his head - he is here to stay for now and rightly so - however if we implode and do not make the play - offs this year then I'm afraid in my view he should go. would you not agree that his remit for the past two seasons has been to achieve promotion? I say again if the club did not expect Bruce to deliver last season why sack RDM after only 11 games? Back to my point promotion has been his remit and therefore if not achieved you cannot disguise this as anything but failure imo
  8. Steve Bruce

    He has a genuine point TRO - are you totally convinced we would beat Fulham in a play off final ? I'm not and whether you then like it or not - his time here could be considered a waste of - given his remit was to get promotion imo in either of his two seasons here
  9. Steve Bruce

    Do you honestly believe - we were chasing second ? As much as I care to dream - for me play offs have been the more achievable aim
  10. Steve Bruce

    You make some valid points and I agree with some of them - however a man with so few honours to his name after 20 years + as a manager - should in my view jump out of bed every day and do a little dance around his bedroom - and thank his lucky stars he got lucky
  11. Steve Bruce

    A potentially great week has turned into one of the worst weeks of the season. I’m glad we’ve got an international break now, so they can sort it out. And here in lies the problem - who genuinely feels Bruce is the man to do this ?
  12. Steve Bruce

    Fair play to the guy if so
  13. Steve Bruce

    This is Aston Villa - if you can't stand the heat - I'm afraid you keep out of the kitchen
  14. Steve Bruce

    He's actually not - he needs to realise it's our club not his, he is here for the short term and should feel grateful everyday he is in charge of our club. He is a lucky man to have this gig
  15. Steve Bruce

    On a serious note - what makes you think this is the case ? Do any of us really believe Bruce is a tactics manager Does he out think other managers? Or are you basing your opinion on Bruce being a Kevin Keegan type manager who uses motivational qualities more so ? And this might be more beneficial in a play off scenario?