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  1. Steve Bruce

    TRO - surely Bruce has a role to play in all of this - I do preach the mantra that when a players crosses the white line theory - but some of what you say must also drilled time after time so Bruce is not exonerated from this and also the turgid style of play whose fault is this?
  2. Steve Bruce

    Thinking about it - yes I think it was - great strikes if I remember correctly. Did he not go off to Real or some other giant not long after ? Cheers all!
  3. Steve Bruce

    Forgive me for asking JV is this the same Diarra that notched a couple of crackers against us for Pompey some time back? Great player back then - think I could be tempted
  4. Jonathan Kodjia

    I thought he looked totally bored and disinterested last night - in his defence I personally do not like to see him wide and maybe this could be part of the reason why?? If Hogan's injury is as bad as we fear then he will be back down the middle for sure- I also agree with another post that he's not worth the money we spent on him - but neither can you imagine a villa team without him being in it right now.
  5. New Manager : 2017

    Your very welcome and perfectly entitled to your view although I never became personal?? I speak of him only as a forward thinking football coach - I seem to recall him being touted as being light years ahead of his time - surely this means he's not dated right ?
  6. New Manager : 2017

    Well I'm afraid we will have to agree to disagree - in no way in my opinion is Hoddle dated- Good lord if he is heaven only knows what that makes Bruce. i will say it again in my view he remains one of the most forward thinking coaches of his generation and I include the present in this. I guess that's what makes footy interesting ?
  7. New Manager : 2017

    As a matter of interest if Bruce were to leave his post - who would your choice be to succeed him?
  8. New Manager : 2017

    My view is dated in your opinion yes!
  9. New Manager : 2017

    I agree with you- but should not " the villa way " be engineered by someone with connections to the club? Not since Brian or Big Ron and GT second time around have I truly felt a strong connection to the man in charge. i can't see many ex- villans out there managing and/or coaching but surely there must be some? I did mention Platt alongside an older wise owl - only for him to be looked upon as a dinosaur ???. i'm sure Platty has travelled the globe in search of a footballing education so I'm certain he must have picked up plenty of knowledge along the way? Could Gareth Barry be tempted into a player manager role ? Once again with an old sage alongside him- I feel that either of these two would be able to provide the villa identity we seek and build from the bottom upwards in a sustainable way as opposed to the quick fix that to date is not working!
  10. New Manager : 2017

    Well his recent failures are not that more or less any relavant than his recent successes in my view.
  11. New Manager : 2017

    You make some valid points that I cannot argue against, however I note that you do not make mention of the good jobs that he did at firstly Swindon Town and then helping to restablish Chelsea as a force whilst also encouraging big names to the club- England came knocking next and I feel you might be a little surprised by his win ratio here. He also did a very good job at Southampton before Spuds came knocking for him. In my view he was and remains one of this country's most forward thinking coaches and whilst I am not clamouring for Bruce to go - if there is a chance to replace him with Hoddle then 1000% yes from me.
  12. New Manager : 2017

    How anyone can say that Hoddle is a dinosaur is simply beyond me- I can only imagine them being too young to appreciate him. i'm tying to be supportive of Bruce despite my head telling me differently- but I would have him out tomorrow if there was a sniff of a chance that Hoddle might join us.
  13. New Manager : 2017

    No you're quite right - however I think his education has continued well since this period in his career and I feel that he would be most sought after should he again leave Bournemouth.
  14. New Manager : 2017

    I hear what you say and actually agree with you - my issue with Bruce and this was from the get go is that I don't believe he can take us where we all want to be in five years. People say to me don't worry about this just get promoted and sack him the moment things become difficult. NO I don't agree with this and despite not liking Bruce I think this is unfair - just my opinion. I wanted a manager with vision and someone who can place us on an upward and trajectory over a substantial time frame and provide hope that we are heading back to where most of us believe we should be - top six minimum year in year out and challenging on both cup fronts is the very least we should expect IMO
  15. New Manager : 2017

    Boy if you think Hoddle and Platt are Dinosaurs compared to Bruce - then all I have to say to you is wow! As for Howe I totally agree with you - doesn't mean I would not like him here