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  1. You can understand why they might well be upset Rafa or Bruce it really is a no brainer. I do take your point I do not view Rafa as a football genius and for the life of me I don't get why he swapped Rondon for Gayle - and persisted with a guy alongside him who scored with the frequency of Gabby! However you would be pretty miffed watching Rafa ride off into the sunset and then see the journey man and his half baked posse - ride into toon as replacements imo
  2. Absolutely no - the moment you bite the hand that feeds, you have crossed a line imo that you cannot come back from. As for being the right man at the right time ? Again no - not in my opinion. Bruce was not bought into to steady the ship - this line with respect to you is peddled by his supporters on here. Bruce's targets were play offs in his first season and automatic in his second season in my opinion - he failed end of story. I wish him no ill he turned out to be what I fully expected him to be - a bang average journey man of a manager. I did think he was a decent bloke - but his time here taught me differently - and the events of this week only cemented what I think of him today.
  3. Really - BFHV with the very greatest of respect to you - you are free to follow Steve Bruce around should you choose ? It sometimes comes across that you prefer Bruce to Dean Smith - such is extent that you seem to wish to deflect any criticism of Bruce or so it seems to me ? I should add - I respect your rights to hold your views.
  4. This thread will run and run. Personally I find it bizarre that even Bruce's most staunchest supporters on here do not accept this as a sh@tty thing to do. Some might well argue that he has done nothing wrong here - my issue is this - football is not like any other business. For all we know many Wednesday fans may have forked out on shirts, training tops and in all good faith had Bruce's name emblazoned on these- many may have been looking forward to his tenure and decided to invest time and money in Wednesday because of him ( why? ). As I say football is not like any other business where people put their whole life into a club. The Bruce fans can argue all day long about technically not doing anything wrong - buts it's still a sh@tty thing in my humble opinion.
  5. Can't help you any further then. time to move on.
  6. Wow ok - if you say so. I would add this is one of your finer points in the art of posting. Imo
  7. I don't think 100 + in your office is the benchmark tbh with you - I reckon a straw poll nationally would view it as a pretty sh@t thing to do to a club & and don't forget he has form - how can you not see this ? I really don't understand why you constantly champion the corner of the man? Its your opinion I guess and I acknowledge your right to it in all fairness - I do however think it's odd imo
  8. They are probably more annoyed that their proud club ( Wednesday is a proper football club ) have been treated so shabbily by this guy and his motley crew - especially given how they waited for him. Imo
  9. I think you'll find Sheffield wed were the last thing on his mind as he walked out of the exit door? please don't take this personal - I do not mean it this way but have you followed football for very long? The reason I ask this question is because Bruce does have form for this type of thing. I'm afraid S Bruce esquire thinks of himself only imo
  10. I can see how you arrive at this conclusion - however Bruce has form for this type of scenario - Brian is a humble man with integrity right the way through him. I personally would not put them in the same sentence. By the way I'm not in anyway inferring you have a slight on Brian
  11. Well said and such a good call
  12. It's totally different - your not a football manager. Most football men - would have given up a month in the sun to have started the job. Unless he was legally unable to start - I find it unacceptable he would treat a club in this way.
  13. Quite frankly to leave Wednesday under these circumstances is not the right thing to do imo. I'm struggling somewhat to understand how you might perceive this otherwise ? And yes you are correct it's nothing at all to do with the job he did here, and I think your're the only suggesting this.

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