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  1. Steve Bruce

    Hogan is for sure a yardstick to evaluate him by - who else should carry the can ? Clearly Bruce did not purchase McCormack but I say again if he can reintegrate Gabby then why not do it for a much better footballer and goalscorer ? I can only ask why not?
  2. Steve Bruce

    TRO - I respect you very much - you are always measured and mindful with your posts - however you could say this probably about every team in the division, if Blues had two goal scorers where might they be now ? we have two proven goal scorers at this level already at the club - but neither can appear to buy a game under Bruce - surely all of the blame does not fall four square at the feet of Hogan and McCormack? Is it not part of Bruce’s remit to find a way forward ( no pun intended ) for them - goodness only knows he bent over backwards to reintegrate Gabby - do these pair not deserve another opportunity whatever that might look like e.g game time or tweaking the team to bring out the best them?
  3. Steve Bruce

    Let’s put it this way - if news broke from villa park that Bruce had left of his own volition I would be truly delighted with this.
  4. Steve Bruce

    No of course not and I did say there is no guarantee - equally when Zola was appointed I recall a sense of optimism by blues fans - and I do not believe citing one example is a reason not to twist is it? You could bring up Warnock again if we are to do this? personally I would take a gamble that’s all I am saying and go for twist.
  5. Steve Bruce

    I think there is one or two who might not agree with you on this TRO. Messah’s Hogan & Lansbury for starters imo
  6. Steve Bruce

    I tend to think that fortune favours the brave - yes you are correct in as much that their is no guarantee that changing manager will assure promotion but hey we could all enjoy the ride significantly more that what’s happening right now - if we appoint a man with a totally new mindset imo
  7. Steve Bruce

    Ultimately TRO the manager has to carry the can, that’s just how it is i’m Afraid - I have said this before that in my view once a player crosses the white line his manager can do nothing about misplaced passes or ill timed challenges etc - what he is however is responsible for the make up and balance of a team along with its intent and style of play - it’s structure and so on and for me Bruce does not instill these qualities in a team - I feel we are workmanlike , uninspiring and not a huge amount of intent to really take it to the opposition and this is why I will be glad to see his tenure bought to a close sooner rather than later.
  8. Steve Bruce

    In the words of GH spot on.
  9. Steve Bruce

    Exactly how I feel - very well written, thanks for this
  10. Steve Bruce

    Oh no trust me I haven’t - i’ve been here a long time and have witnessed many changes in the game and I understand what you mean when you say this - but for me the romance is still there albeit flowing in one direction
  11. Steve Bruce

    Well that’s your view and you are perfectly entitled to this - however after 12 months + in charge and only recently managing to breakthrough into the top six whilst not looking over convincing might just qualify as scapping by in some people’s eyes - I wouldn’t wonder ?
  12. Steve Bruce

    Yes of course
  13. Steve Bruce

    Sorry but I am unclear what you mean ? Is top 5 or 6 good enough given the length of time he has been here and the resource available to him ? If you want my honest view absolutely not and I would ask you this in the corridors of powers do you think they too would be satisfied ?
  14. Steve Bruce

    My point is clear - Lambert gets so much abuse on here and yet he kept this club in the prem on a shoestring budget and is never given credit for doing so. i recall the swashbuckling Norwich side that flew through League One and the Championship - he then turns up at Villa Park and told to do battle with one hand shoved behind his back. Its no wonder he retreated into a shell Wolves for me is another story I kind of think he was only ever makeshift. they have something else going on their right now and a comparison to Lambert is not a fair one in my view
  15. Steve Bruce

    Wow! Top 6th for a month - i’d Whisper that if I were you. i doubt very much Bruce is shouting from the roof tops given his remit on taking the post and for the record I would prefer Lambert over Bruce in a relegation battle please