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  1. That's the good thing about school holidays - you have so much spare time on your hands.
  2. Oh hello - given you've not had your finest hour recently - maybe a little bit of humility may serve you well on here. One would suspect
  3. If that's the best you can come up with - I think you have conceded your point ?
  4. Good grief BFHV - with the greatest of respect that's a tad rich coming from you - given your constant berating of anyone posting derogatory comments about Bruce - would you not think?
  5. I really don't need you too - you have your view and you clearly think that it's the correct view - you are entitled to it - we are not actually that far apart.
  6. I have no anger whatsoever - for what my opinion of Hogan is worth I believe him to be a championship player who will again score at that level. What interests me is why you and others care to make the judgement that Hogan is a poor footballer and that Bruce escapes any responsibility for making a decision to sign a player who you clearly think is a poor footballer - you can't have it both ways - Bruce surely watched him? And went ahead with the signing - this makes Bruce completely culpable in the whole deal. my point is only this - you simply cannot separate the fact Bruce paid £ 12 mill on a player who did not perform - why even would you want to excuse him wasting this money. He is to blame for the whole saga - He was manager who agreed this deal. It's happened before and will happen again - but the buck stops four square with the person who signed the player? Its totally irelevant what anyone thinks of Hogan - Bruce messed up and that is the only thing that I have any interest in.
  7. Because the point is that Bruce spent 12 million on a player that he could not incorporate into his team - surely as an Aston Villa fan - your interest starts and stops here - what else concerns you - Bruce wasted 12 mill - there can only be him to blame in this sorry saga as far as I can see?
  8. This could go on for ever - no Bruce is not responsible for a players ability - he is however responsible for the recruitment and purchase and integration into the team and it's playing style. Bruce failed miserably and for this he takes the blame. Surely as Aston Villa fans this is where our interest stops?
  9. The way I see the situation is this - Regardless of Hogan's ability and everyone has a view on this. Bruce spent £12million of our clubs money on a player he couldn't get a tune out of - as an Aston Villa fan this is the only thing that really concerns me. Why on earth would you want to excuse Bruce his role in the whole sorry saga. From a personal standpoint I believe Hogan will again Score goals at his current level.
  10. It's impossible to separate the two - on your basis Hogan must have been a rubbish footballer before Bruce signed him - so whose fault is it that the man cannot spot a footballer when he see's one. He is totally to blame for wasting £12 mill of our money
  11. Sorry I disagree - did Bruce do his homework on Hogan ?if yes then of course Bruce is to blame - who else can be blamed - if he didn't do his homework he is even more culpable imo
  12. Dave J

    Dean Smith

    Oh dear - the laughing icon you chose. - has only confirmed that you really don't fully appreciate what you have written here imo
  13. I honestly think it's impossible to pick our best 11 just yet. None of us really know how good many of our signings are. I thought Wesley was extremely poor against Spuds as was Jota - I don't think I will be saying the same after 10 - 12 games though. I've said to friends that in my view - it will either go very badly wrong and we'll struggle from the outset - or we'll click and enjoy a half decent season - the Spuds game makes me believe it will be the latter.
  14. I have no issue with fans commenting on his performance - I thought he looked poor - however I totally agree with you - to write him off after one game is folly imo
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