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  1. Sorry - couldn't help myself
  2. No - that was Bruce's fault !
  3. Sorry that I have come into this thread late - and I might be reading it wrong, but should we be wanting Jack in any England squad at this moment ? Given the horror show we witnessed without him. Sorry Jack - I hope you will allow us this little act of self preservation and your time will surely come
  4. I do agree - I think it comes down to ingrained culture - since I can remember it's always been this way and how you set about changing this mentality I'm really not sure tbh
  5. Dave J

    Scott Hogan

    Every time this topic gets raised your all over it. I guess you might have a name for this behaviour ?
  6. Dave J

    Dean Smith

    I think you are right - we are dependent on Jack - be this as a result of his creativity with a football or even from a psychological perspective from the team - but it's plain to see imo. Every club in this league misses a fit Jack again imo
  7. Whilst I have no issues with Luke - my preference is for our kit to be made by one of the leading suppliers - Kappa or Puma or Adidas will do just fine for me.
  8. Dave J

    Scott Hogan

    I make you right - even though this is not a proposition that many will acknowledge - I'm just waiting for a Certain poster to call you obsessed.
  9. Dave J

    Scott Hogan

    It's actually you in this thread - now where is that humble pie?
  10. Dave J

    Tom Carroll

    I totally agree - but personally I do believe Carroll is the better player and in our position there is no room for sentiment
  11. Dave J

    Villa charged by FA

    I've disliked him for many years as well. Dull, uninspiring football manager - should never have got our gig. back on topic
  12. Dave J

    Tom Carroll

    This surprises a little - as much as I feel for Lansbury, Carroll is the best passer of the ball in the club imo
  13. I assume that last bit - is firmly tongue in cheek TRO

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