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  1. Think I will.always remember Zaha kicked up a fuss to leave for Everton - about 2 seasons ago. Never happened and he is still at Palace. Ditto Suarez one season extra at Pool Ditto Mahrez and ended up staying at Leicester another 6 months. The club are in the driving seat. They don't need to sell and have a 4 yr contract- simple no to the offer- not for sale at any price
  2. Cash , Or either of the left footed chaps McGinn or Targett for me.
  3. OMG - statement signing- whoop.whoop
  4. if Barkley comes and Jack gets injured for any period of time in the season- quite simply we are not screwed. This will prove to be such an astute signing
  5. Barkley on so many levels is wanted. The added bonus will Barkley is that if Jack gets an injury we have out ready made replacement playmaker in Barkley
  6. Barkley would be a stunning sign of intent. Make t happen please.
  7. This rumour has more chance than Rashica. Percy has mentioned, we have the obvious Chelsea links. We have done loans with Chelsea last 2 seasons- although I wish we hadn't have gone the Drinkwater route. Think this is a goer and prefer Barkley all day over RLC, purely down to injury risk
  8. Imagine Barkley- Super Jack and Traore all in the same starting 11. Offensively we will at times be unplayable. Make this happen!!
  9. Conor will be a useful squad player. As a fanbase we need to realise that every player cannot be a nailed on starter- we are not yet Man City or Liverpool. So Conor, Trez and el Ghazi will become our 2nd string 11 and squad players. They can all do a job. Westwood and Enda Stevens despised on the forums are still performing for teams that placed higher than Villa last season. Connor is better than Westwood
  10. Abdoulaye Docoure would have been perfect. Everton got a bargain at 22 million
  11. Does our scouting network extend to Bournemouth and Brentford? On a positive spin- The Cherries fan forum rate him much better than Wilson. If it wasn't for him being in the last year of his contract a much higher price. They don't want another Fraser situation
  12. We absolutely should explore whether there are other positions better suited to Keinan. I don't think he is a striker- but he could possibly be a left back/ left CD. Pep has apparently told Nathan Ake he wants to utilise Ake as a holding defensive midfielder. We have in the past played Dublin and Jedinak in CD. Even Matty Cash is a converted midfielder. Therefore perhaps we should explore Keinan's options. There is a footballer in there.
  13. Or a blessing in disguise. I want him to choose Newcastle. Wilson has many limitations.
  14. Exactly this. Freddy- and Cash will both potentially being able to play right side midfield - silly to sell --unless the money being paid is ridiculous. However, I cannot see any French team apart from PSG paying 20 million plus for a RB
  15. If we have indeed bid 21 million- this is getting silly. Walk away if 21million doesn't seal the deal. 28 year with dodgy injury record- not worth a penny more.
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