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  1. August 19th 5 signings for main squad (1 loan, 4 permanent) 92 million
  2. Sky sports announcing Saudis have pulled out - takeover is off !
  3. Sgl

    Björn Engels

    I come here to discuss all things villa. but I stay for the puns
  4. It was a foul all day long. Striker jumps into villa player - free out all day long. penalty? Only if you are blind or corrupt
  5. Good result. Beat the team in front of us, got goals for our strikers, didn’t concede. Wes and Kodj will take a lot of confidence from that. sky commentary / punditry was atrocious - sounded like we were listening to liverpoolTV
  6. Sgl

    Dean Smith

    Absolutely and completely this. We are in for 3 really tough fixtures now, and any points from the next two should be seen as a total bonus. The table might not look as pretty in a months time and I won’t be that concerned - because, in my mind, for this year - anything better than survival on goal difference, is like winning the lottery and I think we are well on course.
  7. Woo and furthermore Hoo. Wesley immense. thought Jota and Engels had stormer was well
  8. Guilbert has been out of position defensively some of the time but he has really contributed going forward. taylor has been out of position defensively most of the time but he has only really contributed to my stress levels.
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