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  1. Exactly what I was thinking watching that game. We are so much better than in January.we are a solid team with an attacking threat - its great to feel this way again
  2. Only if you stump up €16.95 on sky box office which, full disclosure, I just did And I feel dirty
  3. Seems like iron clad logic to me.
  4. Conor has played 2 games with Ireland as well (and may well play the Wed game in Finland), so if we were contemplating resting McGinn because of excessive international games the same would apply to CH and so it would make sense to start Ramsey.
  5. Sgl

    Ross Barkley

    I like Conor. Conor’s done well for us and we wouldn’t be where we are without him. But Barkley is playing a completely different sport to Conor - fair play to deano for getting him and throwing him straight in. Lampard is nuts for letting him go.
  6. Such an important point. Last year, teams focused on him and he was always under pressure. This year, they can’t do that because we have quality players who can hurt them across the pitch. He is going to have way more freedom this year and even an inch more freedom for Jack equals goals for us.
  7. I haven’t enjoyed 45 consecutive minutes of villa football this much since about 2010
  8. This is how I feel too. It’s a completely free swing, it’s more about how we play than the outcome. There will be games this year, where we just won’t have quality across the 11 to get a result, but losing while giving them a fight and letting them know they have been in a competitive game won’t hurt our momentum or confidence. I just don’t want us to roll over for them.
  9. Sgl

    Pre-Match thread

    Thats a cunning trap. . .
  10. There. Fixed that for you.
  11. I thought it was a really well taken penalty, not some soft, placed tap into the corner - makes the save ridiculously impressive. It will do his confidence and the squad confidence in him no end of good.
  12. First and foremost, 3 points and a win. lots of promising debuts - watkins runs were great and Martinez made us look secure under a high ball and with back passes (and what a save!). once they parked the bus, it was always going to be hard to get past them, but we got the win and got important minutes into the players. The bench always looked like we had no real ‘impact’ player there, hopefully Traore will give us more options.
  13. I know almost nothing about him really - I hope that he improves us. Not underwhelmed, not overwhelmed. Until I see him play in a villa shirt in the system Dean wants, I’ll just stay firmly whelmed.
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