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  1. Sgl

    Dean Smith

    This. One game and people calling for his head? Madness IMO. Crappy preseason, away to a newly promoted team with fans back in stadiums for the first time this year, a Villa team that hasn’t really played together, and a lot of upheaval in the last ten days between player and coaches exiting - none of this excuses a shocking performance and a really disappointing loss but one game is exactly that, one game. If a pattern emerges, fair enough the pressure will be on and rightly so, but we should be able to be disappointed at a losing a game in a poor manner without the needless over reaction of calling for the managers head less than 24 hours after the season has started.
  2. I totally agree with this. I do have an unsettling feeling around the first couple of games though, less to do with the Loss of Grealish and more to do with the number of incomings (not withstanding the fact that the incomings are IMO outstanding purchases). This is a bit of a rebuild, new players who will take time to go together and get to know each other’s styles, runs etc, probably a bit of a formation change and definitely a change to attacking philosophy (I.e. no more “just give it to Jack” as option A) - all without a decent run of preseason games with the starting team playing together. I hope it comes together quickly, I believe we will be better at the end of the season than we were last season, but I think it could be a bumpy start.
  3. 4 minutes ? This isn’t league one. We don’t have that kind of time. If he doesn’t score with his first touch, Bailey out!
  4. Sgl

    Tyrone Mings

    That is what a leader looks like. He is always eloquent and well spoken but this might be one of his most important actions - he knows he’s going to get it in the neck from scumbags everywhere, he knows that several “newspapers” will spend the next week trying to discredit him and run him down, yet despite this, he summed up in a paragraph the duplicity of Patel more masterfully than any political debate. If anything is to change, it’s people with platforms like Tyrone that can help show the way. Legend.
  5. This is exactly how I feel. Regardless of anything else, Ashley is clearly a pro, has played at the highest levels across a few teams and his attitude and professionalism alone will be something that the younger guys can learn from and be inspired by. He is a winner, pure and simple, you cant teach that but you can lead by example. He will also be a good squad player who we can rely on as the younger prospects gain experience and fill the gap until we can grow our own to bridge the gap between the prospects and the first team. He is not the same player he was when he left and thats the point - we would be recruiting him for a totally different reason this time around. I trust the recruitment team on this - whether he arrives or not.
  6. 7-9th for me, assuming 1or 2 incomings in addition to Buendia to improve us and we don't lose Jack Maybe a small run in a cup with the younger lads and fringe players getting a good run out. Id love a consistent season with no dip due to injuries etc and I'd like to see us beat Utd, for the love of god I want to see us beat Utd.
  7. Its exactly this. If we are to improve the squad sustainably, incremental progress is the way to go. Pick a position, replace the backup (or third choice) with someone good enough to go straight into the first team, demoting the current incumbent to 2nd choice. If the (now) second choice raises his game and gets back in the team - happy days!, if not we have someone as backup who is an improvement on our current back up. The balance and atmosphere of the squad is so important, I'm sure Dean and the backroom team will be trying to pick players not just on ability and track record but on work rate and attitude as well, so a few incremental improvements will ensure steady sustainable progress. We don't ever want to be in a position where we have to basically buy a full new squad again.
  8. Depends what you mean. Better at football? Almost certainly - I believe most of the population of the earth are. Better at getting paid huge amounts to play football while delivering Almost nothing on the pitch? No way, he’s got you well beat there.
  9. Looks like he has plenty of promise but for me, I’d like to see what he looks like next season. We are often too quick to pass judgement on players who haven’t adapted to the league, language, new teammates, new surroundings etc, I’ve seen enough to think he could be a great signing but let’s see what he’s like in august before he’s labelled either a “squad player” or “world beater”.
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