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  1. Sgl

    John McGinn

    I’d say our defence would improve if we just asked him to play fly keeper ?
  2. The result is disappointing, the baggies goal was ridiculous but we should take from the last few games that we are genuine contenders and should fear nobody in this league. Away to one of the best teams in the division, created a hatful of chances and they only salvaged a draw with an injury time one armed robbery - it’s going to be a really exciting few months.
  3. Give hogan or Kodjia a run before Tammy gets frustrated and does something silly
  4. Wow - when Tammy has a bad day at the office, he has a really really bad day at the office hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us
  5. Just a quick reminder - regardless of the results, the football we are playing right now is a dream to watch compared to the bruceball garbage we endured at the start of the season.
  6. 5 of the 6 are questionable. I can’t think of a single question about Nyland at the moment to which the answer is not “for the love of god, pick somebody else”
  7. Sgl

    Scott Hogan

    That’s exactly what I came to the thread to say. I thought he was superb today - Grabban has his work cut out for him to take the shirt from hogan
  8. Sgl

    Josh Onomah

    That link up was (imo) the best bit of play I’ve seen from players in a villa shirt in a long time
  9. I think it’s not a case of choosing which one to start. if we are going to continue using a DM, then imo you choose depending on the opposition - Jedi gives us more cover from aerial threats and Thor gets around more against weaker opposition and Whelan is just sort of there . . .
  10. I take your point about the wall being badly positioned but it’s been an awfully long time since we had a villa midfielder who has been able to repeatedly take advantage. With Bacuna there was a 10% chance it would have gone in the top corner and a 90% chance it would have hit a chip van outside the ground.

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