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  1. I’m following him and I’m going to spread his word as if it came directly from the mouth of McGrath
  2. Where are you hearing this? Do you live downwind from BMH? Do these murmurings come floating along the winds like a dandelion seed in what seems like an endless flurry of loops and chicanes?
  3. Is this per 90 or per game? Origi starts a lot less than the other two. Therefore, there could be a big caveat.
  4. Yep I agree as I said later in the post finding the balance is the key. Just looking at the stats provides limited insight in to what happened. A bit like only quoting a snippet of a post only provides limited insight into what was actually said.
  5. A long time. According to Wikipedia it was built in 1977. Around that time the required design life for concrete structures was 60 years I think and structures regularly outlive their design life so at the earliest it should fall apart in 2037.
  6. The problem was he was always put under a bit too much strain and then he just cracked (Engineers will get the joke).
  7. Sky Germany were reporting last week that Bayern are interested as well. Not sure if true as they are still a part of the Sky family but if he has a choice between Villa and Bayern then I'd imagine he'll be off to join me in Munich. He would be a great addition though if we could pull it off. I really like the way he plays.
  8. Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke IMO.
  9. The OP mentions Joe Hart and Sturridge. I think he was talking about Hart.
  10. It happens quite often doesn't it when the 3rd placed team loses an automatic promotion place which they had held for a while. It seems to just take the wind out of their sails and they struggle in the playoffs afterwards.
  11. Let's hope he doesn't possess the same motivation that Winston displayed while contracted to Chelsea.
  12. I thought his goal against Arsenal was the best finish, he just nips in front and pokes it in. He needs to get in to those positions more often.
  13. If Ed Woodward thinks Dortmund give a flying fiddlers what the English media think he is very sorely mistaken.
  14. This is what they do. Agree everything with the player, the selling club quote them a fee. Woodward says "we're not paying that, that's too much". He tries to negotiate for the next month. The selling club don't budge and then they pay the fee they were originally quoted wasting everybody's time in the process. He's only able to negotiate with noodle and mattress suppliers in order to get the best deal.
  15. I assume you mean obligatory. A very VERY different meaning to obituary
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