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  1. Sorry, I was just looking for an excuse to use this.
  2. As bad and all as the PL is, it would would be worse if we were in La Liga where Real and Barca take something like 90% of the money from the TV deals, or Germany where Bayern and Dortmund take most of it. In comparison the PL is like a charity in how it spreads the wealth.
  3. The word that you used doesn't really bother me at all. Use whatever one of those terms you feel suits best. I'll just have to go and see my therapist for a few sessions after I read it. My problem with your post was the painting of the person who reported him in a negative light in what seemed like an attempt to deflect the attention from Luiz and that the problem was the person who reported it. Maybe you were having a laugh. If so, I apologise for misreading the tone of the post.
  4. Really? We're going to start this shit now. IF he was using his phone while driving then he was being a tit, and endangering himself, his passangers, and other road users. But no, go after the guy who allegedly reported the crime to the police.
  5. I'm prepared to give him a year actually after he steps on to the pitch (whenever that will be) before I make a judgement on him. In his few months, he had some good games, some average ones, and some stinkers, but I saw enough (Everton game, Norwich game, the finish against Arsenal, the Burnley game up until the injury) to suggest there is a player in there. Hopefully, he recovers fully physically and mentally and then we will, with time, see how good he actually is. One thing is for sure he'll have a hell of a lot more help up top than he had before his injury.
  6. Is this really true? Nobody has ever mentioned it before.
  7. Ah, a series called "Hot Sluts". I'll suggest that to the missus as the next series to start watching. Netflix or Prime?
  8. In that video under similar players James Ward Prowse is listed which should please you if it turns out to be true.
  9. Yeah then at least he can play up until the Euros, empty the tank and have a good rest during the Euros because, unless Ireland submit a request like they did for the 2010 WC to become an extra team at the tournament (which would this time have to be accepted), then he ain't going to the Euros.
  10. His reign of spreading lies and false information will end tomorrow after his secret backer who has also gained a reputation for being a pathological liar is dumped out of his job. Is it a coincidence that Villareport's reign has coincided with the term of The Donald? I think not.
  11. I also find it impressive that he's managed to play in a competition from 1992.
  12. If Hourihane or anyone else wants to leave, then I hope and expect the club will try to get the best deal possible for them.
  13. Apparently, Pep has adjusted his principles this season due to the congestion and has tailored training so that the players are starting to peak now and not his usual breakneck speed out of the traps at the start of the season. It's looking very ominous for everyone else right now (unbeaten in 10). Hopefully we can put a bump in the road for them on Wednesday.
  14. But before I leave... Bring him home.
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