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  1. Come on @villa4europe, damage of private property wasn’t really necessary was it?
  2. When did you move to San Fran from Zimbabwe?
  3. Cheers for helping turn the club around from the shitshow it was when you arrived even though your arrival probably prolonged Bruce's stay - I won't thank you for that. Looks like it's back to disliking you now just like I did when you were at Chelsea. And that just after I had warmed to you. Ah well.
  4. I was going to use a gif of the childcatcher from chitty chitty but I find that character quite sinister looking back at it now.
  5. He was poor to be fair. I watched it and tbh only because he was playing so I kept a very close eye on him. Gave the ball away twice for chances, and gave away a free kick which led to a goal. On the ball was unspectacular. Germany also had more players in midfield. Brazil stuck with a 4-4-2 from what I could see.
  6. I don't know what you're on about. Mate tea is great stuff. Actually you're right they just keep pouring hot water over that mass of mouldy smelling grass and other weeds. I never got my head around it. The Uruguayans are much worse for it though.
  7. That ref loves a yellow card. I don’t know what he’s given in this game but the commentator on German tv just said in his last 10 games, he’s given 51 yellows and 3 reds!
  8. He was decent at 200m as well to be fair.
  9. That coupled with your avatar and well, you know yourself.
  10. Another case of legally right and morally, well, questionable at best. Also using the cash reserves of the club to pay off the outgoing owners should not be allowed. Now it's nothing compared to the debt that the Glazers burdened United with but it still doesn't sit right.
  11. I read that too at the time. The first paragraph of the guardian article went like this: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/02/burnley-us-takeover-has-left-club-90m-worse-off-and-loaded-with-debt Heady recent wins at Liverpool and Arsenal have helped keep Sean Dyche’s Burnley team eight points above the Premier League relegation zone, but at Turf Moor the air is still clearing over a £170m US takeover which has used the club’s own money and loaded it with debt. I also heard an interview with Matt Slater (seems like an expert on football finances - writes about it a lot at least) where he drew clear comparisons between the two takeovers but would wait to make a final judgement on the Burnley takeover. Of course, it all depends on how this debt is structured and so on. An unplanned relegation could fook them up big time though.
  12. Looks like we've finally come to an official agreement with Neil Diamond to use Sweet Caroline That or he's talking b****cks. Again.
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