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  1. I hope so too. I saw the sense in it last season for the few times he played there. Safe pair of hands, knows the league, doubling up on that wing for the league cup final etc. but we're safe now. We know Elmo's time at the club is limited. Let's see if some of the youngsters have a future at the club.
  2. I was wondering this too. If people are disappointed with Barkley's work rate, they are going to get a shock when we play someone who has never lifted a finger in 95 years.
  3. sparrow1988


    Change or innovation. They are terrified of it. Ask them why their internet is so slow comapred to the UK.
  4. sparrow1988


    They're a good side and they do click every now and then but that is usually by coincidence and not by design. Last night when the expectations were low is ideal for them. A crunch match at home against a not so strong opponent but still a very close rival for the CL spots as on Saturday against Frankfurt and they wilt. 7 pts off 4th with the second best squad (arguably joint second with Leipzig) in the league is a big failure considering the drop to the 4th best squad. Leipzig have a much more impressive system in place. For all their exciting attacking talent Hummels, their CB is 3rd top sco
  5. But worse than Adomah had in the championship. I wouldn't be touching him for 40m. 20m I might be tempted but 40m, not a hope.
  6. sparrow1988


    If Villa had that squad and were performing like Dortmund are, there would be a lot on here calling for everyone's head that is involved in the club. They're the second richest club in the league, gave up trying or at best accpeted they couldn't keep up with Bayern, got too comfortable thinking they'll be second and they're guaranteed CL football every year, and now they are 7 points off the CL places after losing at home to the team in 4th over the weekend. They might be making money for now, but they're not really performing on the pitch. If they don't get CL they are looking at losing
  7. My brother is a Newcastle fan and after the first villa goal he said that'll do. I laughed and said "Trezeguet, he doesn't in any way live up to his namesake", and the he goes and does that. I just can't figure him out at all.
  8. Yeah from where I was sitting - the couch. We have but we also have nearly two and half seasons where he has consistently been one of our best players and seems like he has a massive positive influence on the squad. He is probably one of the last people I'd be looking to replace at the moment.
  9. From where I was sitting luck had very little to do with it. Being quite a good footballer and strong character did though.
  10. Starting today for the U-23s. Go well big man.
  11. I've had my suspicions for a while now. Good to have it confirmed.
  12. And why are they in your bed?
  13. When it's from Traore, then it always is.
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