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  1. Not any more. His gardening leave ended earlier this week. Free to join any club - link below. https://www.90min.com/posts/mauricio-pochettino-free-to-join-any-club-as-tottenham-gardening-leave-ends-01e8nzberweh He'll be here by the end of the week I tells ya. Realistically though, in the last 12 months or so he's been linked with United and Real Madrid, I think even Barca when they got rid of Valverde. I have a feeling that Poch will be headed for greater things when he decides to return to football/football returns. Having said that if he ends up going to a newly purchased Newcastle then I will stand corrected on the greater things comment.
  2. What? We're not? I mean it's the 24th of May and we're in 19th place. I mean every other season that would see you relegated. What's so different this year then?
  3. Hit and miss really. Nakamba, Wesley and Engels have had some good games and some stinkers. I think they would have been very good signings in a team where the spine was well established. Wesley didn't get a break all season until the injury regardless of form or fitness and he was playing on his own with the nearest person to him about 20m away. We changed the system and got players closer to him and although it was just the one game against he looked a hell of a lot better in that Burnley game. I think Engels' game against Spurs at home sums nearly all these signings - some good stuff, some bad, a goal and a terrible mistake at the end. Konsa - very young with a hell of a lot potential. I don't think he was ready and again it would have been nice to have that spine in place but that was a luxury that we didn't have. Jota - he's playing the game 15 years too late. He would have been good when not all players were top athletes but he's not physical enough. He helped us get rid of Gary Gardner though which was helpful. So to answer your question - I haven't a clue. I think we did well to assemble a squad to be competitive in this league within the financial restrictions. We were a win away from safety before the stoppage. Therefore, all in all, they are possibly good enough. One thing I am certain on is that if we are in this league next season we need to improve both in consistency and quality. This flirting with relegation is too close for comfort.
  4. Look at him. He hasn't a clue what has happened or how it happened. Jack in the background is just laughing because what happened just shouldn't have!
  5. Players from anywhere are fine if they're good enough.
  6. Probably roughly around the time football returns then
  7. 3 clubs in a calendar year SGC is the rule I believe.
  8. Some prudent point making in this thread on twitter. Novel ideas really.
  9. To be fair around early to mid 2000's I used to enjoy the Eurogoals programme of a Monday afternoon after school.
  10. Things are changing though. They have changed before and will again. How are Match/Shoot magazines doing these days? I heard it being dicussed on a podcast some time back. Youngsters "consume" football on youtube, twitter, highlights direct from clubs social media accounts etc. Very few watch sky or similar. There is so much other stuff to do/watch these days that they just want to watch the important stuff - in other words - highlights and not the 90% of the game where very little happens. What happens to Sky subscriptions if these habits follow through in to adult life? The number of people subscribing to Sky is already falling. It's a trend and as mentioned above if this crisis results in a global depression then the number of cancelled subscriptions will accelerate. Why pay Sky when you can watch it cheaper/for free? They also mentioned at what point will the clubs realise why are they outsourcing to Sky when they could just take the full amount themselves. Now obviously Sky/BT have the infrastructure already in place and from the reports of AVTV, the clubs don't but it is possible that it could happen.
  11. Why was Julian Joachim's twin brother mascot for that match?
  12. Oh right then, maybe I jumped to conclusions as I read about the report too. Although the missus said the same thing yesterday when I asked her why there were so few people in the park at lunchtime (considering the 20 degree heat and so on) - she answered with offices are allowed to start bringing people back in within reason as of yesterday. She's not an official source though I guess.
  13. In Germany (Bavaria at least - it's all local over here), as of yesterday businesses are permitted to try and get back to some normality in the workplace as they see fit. I'm not sure about the other states. Bayern are a business so they're entitled to do as the see fit.
  14. I remember I could never figure out why teams never signed Richie Partridge around 2002.
  15. And stick Villa in to the Europa League for reaching the Carabao Final. I know we're not next in line if City get suspeneded but why not? This is not a normal situation.
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