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  1. That’s fair enough I suppose but even in that sense I think it’s even a bit much to say biggest ever at the club. We’ve had our fair share.
  2. Maybe but Ross McCormack, lescott, tonev, salifou, Jordan Bowery. The list goes on and on. Trez is just not very good but he’s done more for this club than the 5 people listed above put together.
  3. I see you’ve only ever watched one villa game in your life and that was tonight’s.
  4. No no, they are two different words used in different situations. If somebody tells you to feck off then you're alright to hang about but if somebody tells you to **** off then it's best to make like a banana.
  5. Let yourself go. It's better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.
  6. Aim him towards the North Sea please. I don't want him landing in Ireland.
  7. Regarding the comments about him going down to easy, I always thought he was trying to buy a cheap foul for the team to relieve the pressure on the team.
  8. Someone is hunting for tories.
  9. Athough as a RB, you have as much chance of making the England team as anyone else. Don't they play 5 RB's per game these days?
  10. I was just wondering what exactly is the criteria (terrible word for this topic, but please forgive my limited vocabulary) here? Does a player like Ulises de la Cruz count or is it players who are purely of African descent? Nobby Solano too? They're both South Americans but with the history of the Americas, it's quite possible they possess some African blood also.
  11. Too bad these points were numbered then isn't it?
  12. Yes I do. It gives them a preconceived idea of what type of person/player that he is. The fans of the club are different because they've seen nearly every minute of his senior career and know exactly what type of player he is, but for pundits (both less skilled and middle aged ), I think that they have this preconceived idea of him. I heard a comment on a podcast recently refering to Souness' comments on Grealish being a player that doesn't work hard enough and the guy there said "that's complete and utter nonsense, he's been the most fouled player in England for the last few years and y
  13. Well whatever about Southgate and his few beers at the weekend. The lad before was definitely telling a big porky there with his "odd pint".
  14. They're looking at the exact same player doing the exact same things as us. But there is one big difference and I'm convinced that this is the problem. You look at Grealish and him see weaving around and beating players, playing perfectly weighted passes, leading the team and scoring goals. They see the exact same however, they also see that he's got long hair, wears a hairband, wears his socks down and has a strong personality. Someone like that scares the shit out of middle aged men and leads them to believe he's a bad influence because he doesn't look and act like everyone else.
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