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  1. One of the teams down there are going to give one last kick. I don't know who it's going to be. They all look like sitting ducks at the minute. I hope it's us.
  2. Yes I know it's just my opinion that we need three in the centre of midfield and our attacking midfielders not hugging the touchlines. The full backs should be doing that. So in attack that line of three sits and ahead of it you have the two attacking midfielders and the two full backs in a line of 4. But then what the f*** do I know?
  3. I'm pretty sure that I don't have the strength or commitment to be able to become a ballet dancer. Does this mean I am mentally strong?
  4. I think he needs to go 4 at the back now. 2 lines of midfield then. A three in front of the back four to eventually stop teams running directly at our defence, and then a narrow 2 ahead of them behind the striker. Full backs provide the width and for God's sake move forward and back as a unit. There's always a ridiculous amount of space between our "lines". Intellligent players of which there are a lot in the PL just have a field day and the midfield 2 just get overran every game. I'd go Doug Drinkwater Nakamba El Ghazi/Hourihane Grealish McGinn for Nakamba when he's back or maybe as the advanced midfielder beside Grealish. There needs to be legs around Drinkwater in any case because he can't move.
  5. Atletico winning will probably focus Liverpool's minds and they'll be seriously pissed off after it and will take it out on the Hammers...... I hope!
  6. It's dodgy but is it official dodgy? I mean a renegotiated deal with a 50% uplift seems a lot but City's deals were many multiples of uplifts.
  7. It's always baffled me how Bayern don't have BMW as a sponsor seeing as it's about 5km away. Even Audi are a secondary sponsor. The head of BMW must be a big 1860 fan.
  8. 5 years but it looks a good bit more. They also moved to Belgium around the same time so you could say they have the same amount of experience in "recognised" leagues. Wesley was also 19 when he moved to Belgium so you have to allow for that also. Samatta definitely looks more like a finished article but I think Wesley has potential. Hopefully he can learn from Samatta once he's back from injury. Probably, the only thing he learned from Kodija before the injury was how to dance or something like that.
  9. I hate betting sponsors. They're all leeches who target vulnerable people. I know a guy who worked for Paddy Power. He started off with the odds calculation side of it and then moved in to customer retention and had to quit due to due to the practices they operate. And these are as bad. They target the weak and vulnerable. Look around any city in the UK, where is the highest concentration of betting shops? Always in the most disadvantaged/poorest parts of town, close to pubs, area with high unemployment etc. Someone said above as long as it brings in the money. Not for me. I'd much rather our owners and Purslow, who I presume is resonsible for negotiating these deals, were a lot more creative in searching for sponsorhip deals and also more mindful of the practices of betting companies.
  10. I don't think Reina is going to stop much stood over at the corner flag.
  11. Do you think Drinkwater is? I get your reservations about Hourihane and I share them but you get some output however minimal it is with Drinkwater we're getting nothing. I honestly thought when he came he would be an upgrade on what we have but he just looks so off the pace, doesn't look like getting up to pace, and he's not even physical. He got a yellow versus Brighton for a stupid tackle, player going nowhere and didnt even "leave a mark" so to say. Hourihane has at least provided a few goals/assists this season. Having said that I don't think Hourihane would suit this system. To sum it up our midfield is a mess!
  12. While this is true to an extent, some players are bigger than the club in this day and age. I remeber when Ronaldo moved to Juventus Madrid instantly lost something like a millions followers on social media and Juventus gained the same amount (please excuse the metric). This was because some people were of the opinion that Ronaldo was bigger than Madrid (saying that out loud sounds mental). Now with regards to Grealish and Villa it's a tricky one. In the history of football Aston Villa is more important and bigger than Grealish. Let's talk about the present and not focus on the past. Footballers have a short career and some have ambitions to win and challenge for trophies constantly other not. Grealish strikes me as the former here although this is an assumption. Luckily for us, he is also loyal otherwise he would have been off by now. Aston Villa has not been challenging for trophies at a high level consistently for a long time. They're probably on a par right now. We go down, my opinion is he is too big for the club. Similarly, if we stay up and keep hovering around the relegation places, I think that is also not good enough for Jack and that, he wants, and his talent warrants more. If we stay up, improve, cut out the silly mistakes, get a bit more luck here and there then we can be challenging higher up the table. If our team as a whole performed/set up better defensively, we could be challenging for Europe especially now with City banned (it's only 15 points to the top 4). We still are challenging for Europe in the Carabao Cup. However, challenging year on year is what this club should be doing and also what Grealish should and most likely wants to be doing (again an assumption). So to the point of my rambling - Some players are bigger than some clubs and at the moment I think Villa and Grealish are equal. Whether they remain to be equal depends on the trajectory the club takes because I think Grealish is destined for bigger things than what this club is offering right now. I just hope he achieves those things with this club.
  13. Just had a look at the winner again. Was Hause in a position to make a desperate lunge? I only saw one angle so I could be wrong and it might not have made a difference but I think he could have. Not blaming him or anything just a question.
  14. Please don't let this be true. I don't think Alli is any good. We should look elsewhere for signings.
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