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  1. Will be in the squad according to Deano's presser. Dougie too. Martinez will probably start, not so sure about Doug
  2. Could it be, and bear with me here people, that BOTH Dean Smith and Graham Potter are both very fine managers both doing very fine jobs?
  3. I nearly think that these two games were more important for the fans than rather than the players to see that it can work. The players have always said Kenny is doing a good job, although the wins will help the players on also. Doherty said last week that the training is as good as he has had. Compare that with the murmurs that used to come from the players under MON’s tenure - no plan, team picked an hour before you go out on the pitch, players figuring out a formation from the players that were starting. Hopefully a win against the might of Luxembourg and a decent showing against Portugal next time round will help to carry a bit of momentum in to the Nations League.
  4. Another good result last night while playing decent football. The last two games are of course caveated by the quality of opposition, but, remember the games against Gibraltar in the last campaign. The team seems to be developing, has a clear plan at least, and with time seems to be improving. Even James McClean is making better decisions on the ball. The two games in the next window will tell a lot, as Luxembourg can no longer be described as a surprise, and Portugal are way above the quality of Azerbaijan and Qatar. I will say one thing though - watching this team with a mixture of youth and experience develop while trying to play decent football is a hell of a lot more interesting than watching Shane Long and Scott Hogan miscontrol the ball every time the ball goes forward while having no one within 50 yards of them.
  5. Looking at their squad, GK will be one of the last positions that needs to be upgraded.
  6. Probably not but they might have it as their official "safe sex sponsor (partner doesn't really work here)" or something like that if they were trying to increase revenue. Also they more than likely would stick it on a shirt if Durex stumped up enough cash.
  7. This is a bit like saying all Catholics only have sex in wedlock and without contraception. In other words, total b*****ks.
  8. No no, have you not read this thread? It's obvious that Ipswich are just purposefully ruining our prospect.
  9. I would call Arsenal a faded force. In that I mean, they have probably fallen as far as they will, and also when you compare them now to when they were challenging for titles. Their nadir is probably around mid table. Their size and potential, commercially, means you'd have to really make a mess of running the club to even come close to relegation. I mean imagine if Burnley or some similar size club was being run like Arsenal has the past few years. They'd probably have fallen into administration and suffered multiple relegations at this stage.
  10. It's always a dangerous game googling words and terms you learn on VillaTalk.
  11. Can't believe nobody gave him salt and hot water to rinse his mouth out. Used to sort me right out.
  12. I think that you need to work on the maths here TRO. 5-4 maybe but it’s not easier to stop a team that wins 5-0 regularly than one who wins 1-0 regularly.
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