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  1. Demand he resigns? I'll be calling for his head in the literal sense. No half measures here.
  2. You mean that time that we signed Heskey?
  3. They made one in the 90th minute according to Fotmob, but I suppose they were probably happy enough to sit it out and hold tight for a draw.
  4. There’s a difference between a block and a lunge. Block tackles are normally from the front or the players are side to side. He’s left the ground and that from an angle which blindsides Elliott (IMO from behind). He’s a yard behind him. You can’t come from the side when you’re a yard behind. I’m not suggesting that he was trying to hurt him but making a tackle like that, there’s a higher probability than usual that you injure the player If he does it is with his left foot and sweeps the ball away, fair enough. His body weight will naturally shift away from Elliott but, there’s a very good chance from how he executes the tackle that his full body weight lands on Elliott which it does. I just have a bad feeling about this “let it flow” stuff. Burnley again on Monday night. The refs in the PL are not of a high enough standard to make it work. It worked at the euros because the refs are better and the main tackles that they were letting flow were jostling for the ball where one player flings himself to the ground looking for a free.
  5. And incompetent officiating coupled with the new ‘let it flow’ philosophy result in injuries like Harvey Elliott’s yesterday, for which the ref didn’t even blow for a foul at first. He only sent Struijk off because of the consequence, not the action of making the tackle. In all honesty, I’ll put up with soft fouls been given if it’s avoiding serious injuries. It’ll only be a matter of time before it happens to one of our players.
  6. Here's a video from 3 weeks ago Also Leipzig under Nagelsmann (fancy new manager with fancy ideas and fancy suits) played it in the Bundesliga (not the PL I know) with RBL to fairly good effect.
  7. A couple of the lads here have gotten caught out by Kappa's sizing as well I see.
  8. I don’t see that being upheld. FIFA are launching disciplinary proceedings against both the Brazilian and Argentinian FA‘s.
  9. Right, that's enough of this thread. I'll be back in December.
  10. You don’t understand how we operate here do you?
  11. It is a massive f*** up but personally, I see it like this regarding who’s at fault: 1. FIFA (mostly) / CONMEBOL (they are ultimately responsible for these games and have just hidden since that statement saying clubs can’t stop their players. There has still been nothing regarding the abandoned game has there?) 2. AFA (either through arrogance or ignorance thought that the players could travel into Brazil without consequences) Probably someone else I can’t think of. Somewhere down here are the club and the players, although I would apportion very small amounts of blame to either of them.
  12. It’s how to get on in life. Even if you’re wrong, just say it confidently and there will be enough people that believe you.
  13. It wouldn’t surprise me if they changed the restrictions for entering from Argentina as retaliation to being beaten in the Copa. It’ll never officially be that but it’s like something they would do.
  14. Anyway, they‘re on the way back apparently. Although, it is villareport.
  15. Did you ignore the part of my post where I said within the realms of the law? Or are you just overreacting as most people do when producing phrases regarding rights. If I was a professional footballer I’d be putting trust in the people around me to ensure that I’m allowed play these games. I’d have enough to worry about, with training, ensuring I’m in good shape, recovering after a long flight and so on. There are many people to blame here before we even get close to the players or Villa.
  16. This is complete and utter nonsense. They have the right to do whatever they want within the realms of the law and what their contract says. Maybe you chose the wrong word but going on about their rights is nonsense.
  17. Look, it could have been worse. There’s been a military coup in Guinea where Naby Keita is. It’s been an eventful international break this one to be fair.
  18. Well even if Croatia remains green, there might also be other issues that crop up. I mean the plan hasn’t really gone swimmingly up until now has it?
  19. Have FIFA come out and said anything on this? I mean we can apportion blame to the PL, Villa, the AFA, the Brazilian authorities whoever but really FIFA are the architects of this shitshow. They are the global governing body and this problem is very much global. They should be in negotiation with the respective FA‘s either through UEFA, CONMEBOL, and so on with the respective governments of where games are to take place to ensure that all the players can play in these countries on theses dates. But, instead they release a statement saying clubs are powerless to stop players going and then just sit back and say “well, that’s that sorted now. I can’t see how this could possibly go wrong”. I mean get creative. There’s an AFCON in January. Use the same window to move all the qualifiers in all jurisdictions to this time and just have it sorted and ready to go. But no, that’s too forward thinking. Look, I’m sure that there are reasons that wouldn’t work either but try something to sort it. At the same time though they’re probably just too busy pushing for a World Cup every two years. I mean what else are they meant to do with all the stadiums in Qatar that will be useless in 18 months.
  20. Sorry what I should have said it was they are based on the virus itself. At least that’s what I was told during from someone who works in the field of biomedical sciences so I’ll refer to her on the topic. And the symptoms being similar (vaccine and actual virus) is true according to what I was told. So essentially you can still get the symptoms of the virus based on how you react to the vaccine. Some feel it, some don’t. Anyway, I won’t go any further in to this because it’s not the place for it.
  21. Here are links to a download of the two full episodes of the interview with Paul which I've pulled from reddit. Episode 1 - drive.google.com/file/d/17FMrdBQ1PcocEVV1vgxbnsWZ08TcDJhz/view Episode 2 - drive.google.com/file/d/1x9A2xO3Qy_QcSNXp4RHkBLybg5m0U8eK/view Enjoy If you're having any issues, here the link to the reddit page as well
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