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  1. Quick look at Wikipedia suggests that they're owned by the same people who own 32Red, who've sponsored us before...
  2. There's even a bit of white left over under the Millennium Films logo!
  3. Trillion Trophy Asia has announced bankruptcy as millions of pounds were invested into the Balkan region with no fruition. It is unknown if candleface had anything to do with it. In other news, a lot of Serbians are now playing for Bummie Shitty...
  4. Agh, as much as I hate to say it, come on Blues! At least bring Derby's point tally down a bit...
  5. Saw this on twitter. I'd be very worried about this statistic if i was him!
  6. Hopefully we don't do what we've basically done for the past ten years and sell all our decent prospects for a pittance of their true value.
  7. The football scenes were dreadful, boring and poorly acted. Very realistic, I will be seeing it again soon.
  8. Well, we've got a team who all for two of the 'consistent' first 11 were all signed this season. The team barely know each other and old man Bruce probably has no idea what the best formation for the players is (hence his seemingly ever-changing 'tactics').
  9. Well, Mancini and de Boer are both avaliable...
  10. Seems like Tony has a dodgy left knee... Posted for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Taken from Google translation. http://www.reconig.com/page/info.php?mod=detail&id=75
  11. Get an experienced goalkeeper who can double up as a tutor for Gollini for one or two years (as well as playing, obviously) and we could have a huge talent ahead of us. Most of his mistakes (questionable passes, etc.) can be put down to mere inexperience and adaptation. I mean, come on, he's not even very likely to know good enough English...
  12. By golly, he baked the opposition today. He really did the effort to turn up the heat. i'm sorry i'll go back to my quiet corner now
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