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  1. Does anyone have a vidoe of his flick on to El ghazi in the blackburn game? saw it mentioned, and i would like to see it
  2. I think it`s is so strange how we haven`t picked up any young and good players from the league under us in a very long time. I get so frustrated every time we seem to be linked to an up and coming player in the lower leagues, only for that player to go to another club in this division, and not to uncommenly turn out quite good. How many Ollie watkins`s, Joe Lolley`s and Kemar Roofe`s (before they came to fame in the championship) couldn`t we have bought instead of for ex. Ross McCormack. Really hope we try we have some good scouts looking in L1 and L2, and that we try to vaccum up some gems from there, and even though we might get a lot of shit as well, atleast our total loss would be extremely low, compared to for ex. again McCormack (both in transfer fee and wages)
  3. Really hope this doesn`t come back to bite us, because i`m fearing that`s exactly whats going to happen.
  4. Why don`t you want him? I would be overly happy if we got him. It`s a deal that only runs until the end of season, and he is exactly the type of player we need, dynamic dmc who can pick a pass, albeit i give you he is not young but 31 isen`t to old either considering it is a 6 months deal.
  5. what do you guys think of Obi Mikel to Middlesbrough?
  6. it`s a real shame that we play with quite some dross game in, game out, while our younger players don`t get a real shot at trying to earn a place in the first team. Yes, O`hare didn`t have the best game of his life during our FA-cup match, but it`s not how you blood young players in. You don`t change the whole starting 11, and put alle the pressure on glueing the team together on a 19 year old. Look at Leeds with jack Clarke, they brought him on against us in the second half and let him catch us off guard with his pace and trickery. There wasen`t any big pressure on him, the were already two goals down, and anything he did would only be a positive suprise. I`m really scared of the thought that we could end up releasing players with real potential like O`hare, Clark, Blackett-Taylor and Bedeau, with out giving them a proper introduction to the first team and letting them try to earn their place. It truly amazes me that we haven`t tried to give the youth a more deserved shot this season, if one look at almost every team above us in the table they have given much more game time to their own players aged 21 and under, compared to us were only Bree of our own contracted players have had more than 150 min (Green has 143, and RHM has 60). I don`t think it`s because the youth players at the other clubs inherently have a lot more potential than our own, it might seem like it now because they have got some play time, and got accustomed to the level of the championship. We should be bold, and hopefully next season we can fill up our squad and most likely our bench with hungry and proud Villa-players, instead of players only here for their last paycheck (Whelan, Jedinak, RIchards) or because we panick bought them trying to squeeze them into our team (Hogan etc). I for one think we would improve alot if we choose the first route
  7. siminjo

    AVTV 2018/9

    Yeah, i can`t even find the stream. The page is only grey, with the lion in hte background.
  8. I don't argue against that he is influential or good, i just registered that at the end of the game he didn't run alot. He got the ball and then he passed it on and then he jogged after. I just hope that Bruce is not afraid to sub him off if he's tired and clearly needs a rest.
  9. I thought that it was one of the weaker games i have seen of Grealish yesterday. From the 75th minute, he dind't work anymore, he just passed the ball and wandered back and forth. Hope Bruce isen't afraid to sub him off when he clearly needs a rest
  10. siminjo

    Joe Bryan

    Can anyone post the latest avfctransfers1 regarding Joe Bryan?
  11. Middlesbrough not doing us any favours today.
  12. siminjo

    Keinan Davis

    Is he fit for the game today?
  13. Have you any opinions on Mason Birch? I`ve seen he has got a goal in 2 of the last 3 games, and got a penalty aswell (though he missed that one) Anyone else in the U18 squad looking good?
  14. I thought he was rather bad when he came in aswell yesterday, yes he got a goal, but other than that he was only jogging around and didn`t look like he gave a care in the world. Plus he had atleast one awful touch and a pass
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