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  1. Is Villa playing against the foxes today?
  2. I only saw the first half, but everything he tried he failed at. He couldn`t beat a man to save his life. As someone else pointed out, he`s not been up to his own standards since the Spurs game. Maybe try him on the bench against the best teams, and save him more for the games we could have a chance on paper to get points. If his form doesn`t improve he isn`t doing himself or the team any favours
  3. Which former teammate passed away? And what has happened with Dominic Revan? From being on the first team bench earlier in the season, to being nowhere to be seen. Seems strange
  4. He was our worst on the pitch. If a player can`t run, it doesn`t matter that he is usually the supreme player of the squad. There is no excuse for keeping him on, when you are a professional manager.
  5. It was a idiot decision to let Jack finish the game. He was the weakest player for most of the game, one thing was if he was crooked but influential in the match, but when he is injured and playing badly he should be strait off
  6. without being hyperbole, i think he must surely be PL`s slowest player by some distance. There was one moment he had atleast 10 m headstart to the ball, and the ball was only 10 meters away, still he lost the running duel. But somehow i still think he is better than the duo of nakamba and luiz because then our midfield is non existent for much of the game. We had much more possesion then we usually have with him in it. Don`t ask me how, becuase i can`t understand it myself.
  7. Yes seems like he hasen`t played lately, how come? Is he injured? (talking about Dominic)
  8. siminjo

    Douglas Luiz

    I want him to start in the league cup, and unless he can impress the same as the two last matches, i want him as an impact sub the next couple of games in PL. I don`t think he is ready to start matches, but my god how god isen`t he when he comes on for 35-30 min against semi-tired legs
  9. On Whoscored they said he will miss the match tomorrow because of dental surgery, where did this information come from?
  10. I`m really suprised as to how hard is to get him off the ball in a running duel without fouling him. Many a defender has tried to push him off the ball, to no luck. Kinda remind me of Rooney in that regard. His balance and strength on the ball is really world class. Wouldn`t bet him to push any big strong CB or ST off the ball, but i would always bet on him being able to withstand their push when he is on the ball himself. That is what makes him so great at ballcarrying. He often runs along the opposition with the ball, rather than dribble past them.
  11. nvm, seems like he injured himself, so they had to back away from the deal
  12. Iffy Udanoh, which seemed to be a lot of buzz around when we got him in the summer, has seemingly left and now joined stoke. Wonder if we released him, or if he wanted a new challenge?
  13. **** sending Grealish and mings to the butcher shop, so wes morgan can make sausage rolls out of their massive calves.
  14. I really hope we save Grealish and Mings for the PL, imagine what a injury to them (especially Grealish) would cost us. Then we will guaranteed start the next season in the championship.
  15. If you look at the opposition he scored against, they are not exactly great teams, bar Arsenal in the final. Yes i agree he is better than Wesley at holding the ball up, but i fear he is a lot slower, and just look at how bad Chelsea was when they relied on Giroud against West Ham.
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