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  1. siminjo

    Wesley Moraes

    According to transfermarkt (again), Club Brugge plays in a 3-5-2 formation, so i`m interested to see how he will cope being a lone striker (if he comes, that is)
  2. siminjo

    Wesley Moraes

    i checked his injury history on Transfermarket, it`s almost non-existing. Which is bloody nice. Usually big tall strikers tend to have a fair amount of injuries.
  3. siminjo

    Tyrone Mings

    My mistake, he must be one of the few footballers not dating a model, and showing her and their children off on twitter/instagram at every chance.
  4. siminjo

    Tyrone Mings

    i`ve seen a lot of people commenting that it`s his wife (and even kids), that`s been holding the deal up. Im quite certain that he doesn`t have a wife and extremely certain that he doesn`t have kids. The woman with the interior design shop seems to just be a partner and a friend.
  5. siminjo

    Tyrone Mings

    Sounds like my future ex-wife
  6. Motherwell only wants 3 mil. for Turnbull. Get it f`cking done, Aston Villa!!!
  7. i`m going to see Portugal vs Switzerland today, going to check out if this João Felix kid is good enough the mighty villa.
  8. I don`t know if he is attainable, but Martin Odegaard, is insanely good in the eredivise. Not far from Ziyech`s level. We should really try hard to get him, El Ghasi and Odegaard on the wings, would be immense on the flanks.
  9. There was a rumor that we were looking for a new sporting director (or DOF, or something of this sort), and that he was to be poached form OGC Nice, or had ties to them. Anyone knows the name of that rumored person, and if it it likely he will come?
  10. Let`s get Erlig Braut Haaland, he has now 9 goals in ONE match in the ongoing u-20 world cup
  11. siminjo

    The NSWE Board

    anyone heard anything more about the french guy from OGC Nice (or atleast that is what i think it was), coming to be a director of sorts?
  12. I really hope we don`t buy more than 4-5 players (excluding bringing in loan signings permanently), because time and time again you see the clubs that buys to many new players end up with a decent looking squad on paper, but there is no team, and time and time again these clubs do it very poorly. Just look at us last time we were in PL, or Fulham this year. Team spirit and coherence are two virtues often overlooked in football today, but are essential for clubs are size to have any chance of surviving in PL. We should build slowly, and let the new players accustom them self to our culture, instead of it having to be built up from the ground every summer when there is a massive influx and outflux of players. Leicester in their winning season did only buy a handful of shrewd signings, the same has wolves done this season, we should take inspiration from this. And luckily with the new owners inspiration from "moneyball"-philosophy, they should quickly see that a massiv influx of players is not the way to take this club forward.
  13. Tried to google it my self, my googling skills are obviously not good enough. Anyone know the record for consecutive wins in the current format of the Championship?
  14. Does anyone have a vidoe of his flick on to El ghazi in the blackburn game? saw it mentioned, and i would like to see it

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