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  1. still time for him to shine, Isn't he the same age as Mason at spurs?
  2. He's in Brum.. checked into Malmaison. i will try and get a sneaky shot of him.
  3. Also note that the sun article is from 11 hours ago and birmingham mail article is from 10 hours ago, Just saying.
  4. Lets just hope its bollox just like when they said the deal for Cissokho was some way off
  5. You could tell by his celebration he was chuffed with that one ... Nice one Tekkers.
  6. The loan spell will do him the world of good. Baker has improved massively since coming back from his loan spell with Millwall a couple of years ago.
  7. Majority of the comments on a Notts County forum were positive absolute quality player... outstanding and MOTM by a million miles today. Best player I have seen in a Notts shirt in years. Jack Grealish is pure quality and I can see him going all the way! Mick Jones mentioned on the radio afterwards that he reminds him a little of Chris Waddle. This loan spell certainly looks a good deal for all parties concerned. He's a definite talent and should go far.
  8. I have a couple of mates who support Forest and they loved him whilst he was on loan to them.
  9. If we play the same system we did against QPR 3-5-2/5-3-2 i would prefer to see Weimann and Benteke start with Gabby on the bench. i think he would be a better impact sub.
  10. I've recently started watching the Hard Life of RJ berger.. if your into the inbetweeners/superbad ..that kind of sense of humour then u will like it
  11. Chelsea were already playing champions league football though.... right?
  12. i wasn't happy with the event at all. i was hoping for either a heel turn from Cena or Bret Hart. would of prefered it if Nexus won
  13. yes it is a great book. i got mine signed last yr when he was in waterstones
  14. Just read this online and found it interesting...would be good if it actually happens http://bleacherreport.com/articles/431210-will-bret-hart-turn-on-his-summerslam-team-my-answer-is-yes
  15. Yeh it was build for Orton to win the MIB match so was kind of surprised the Miz won..the fact hes still the US champ. About time Kane got back to the top..he now just needs his mask back... i assume it will be Barrett V Cena at Summerslam
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