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  1. In my opinion his touch looked poor on a good few occasions there. always hard to tell with ones so young but at a comparable age Crowley for example looked better to me and he hasn’t set the world on fire. All being said hope he turns out great, looks like he moves well with the ball for a bigger lad which can be a rare commodity I guess
  2. Van Gaal. Call me mental but if the owners are as ambitious as they say they need to be bending over backwards and offering the world to guys like this. FFP will be **** off for the next few years, give him a China style contract and wave our balls around in the championship like Newcastle did with Rafa. Builds a system and style, promotes youth. Typically leaves a team in a better state than he took over in. Rafa would have been viewed as impossible when he went to Newcastle, they were right in a mess when he took over. Had the extra games prior to relegation to create a system and style, work out who fit and rolled that on into the championship season and walked it. Pay mediocre and get mediocre. Pay cheap buy twice and all that. Let’s go for it this time ffs
  3. Right after a bit more digging the aircraft due in from Florence left here to florence on the 11th at 11AM. what day was it that man bun was spotted at villa park?
  4. I’ll keep an eye out that’s the best I can offer
  5. Well it’s my job mate, makes the shifts go a little quicker
  6. Good call, the termination of the loan confirmed yet?
  7. Inbound private flight to BHX from Florence today, not one of the ‘regulars’. did someone mention that young Brazilian Pedro from Fiorentina a few days back??
  8. I thought he bought quite high on the benrahma and particularly kalvin Phillips to us stuff but again as I say might have crossed wires here.
  9. Not having a go with this comment but didn’t he get quite a fair amount wrong in the summer? If my memory serves me correct which admittedly can be suspect.
  10. Private flight(s) due in and out to Salzburg over the coming days. were wolves linked with the Korean Salzburg lad, the last one of their front 3 left behind??
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