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  1. It's even stranger as he did play in the England youth teams as well, which is something Southgate loves, progressing from there to the seniors. Still, the less spotlights on him, the better it is for the club.
  2. The nail couldn't have been hit more perfectly on the head. He;s come from nowhere and essentially ended Davis' career at the club. If he keeps progressing he could kill of Wesley when he returns from his loan as well.
  3. You could quite easily argue the only 'bad' penalty from a Villa player was Young, as he didn't hit the target. If you hit the target and hit the ball with anywhere near enough power for it to go in, you've done your job. Nakamba did this. Unfortunately Kepa also did his job. That's just how it goes sometimes.
  4. Frankly this kid is just a baller. One of the most underrated players in the entire league.
  5. There's definitely no story here. McGinn was complaining about a pain in his cheekbone following the initial knock, that's why he took the tablets, but a bruised cheekbone isn't a sign of concussion, he said he felt fine just hadp ain there specifically. As soon as he said he felt dizzy he was subbed. The medical staff aren't clairvoyants, and neither are the players. If I'd taken a knock in a game, but thought it was just something as basic as a bruised cheek I definitely wouldn't want to be subbed either.
  6. I think it will be upheld to be fair. Their disciplinary issue is to do with the game which was played then suspended, it's a seperate matter from the issue with clubs not making players available for selection. Other nations have also requested this, not jsut Brazil, and it looks like their players are going to be banned so I can't see why the Brazilians would get a different treatment.
  7. I don't think he'll go anywhere in January. We have an option to extend his contract by a year, so I fully expect us to take that up so he can't leave on a free. We might still sell him next summer though.
  8. Yeah one on here, but I saw it quite alot on that lovely environment of Twitter as well. Apologies, I probably should have been more specific!
  9. Obviously I don't want this rumour about him needing surgery and time off to be true, but if it is it makes it even more ridiculous that there was a large portion of people against us signing a striker this summer because 'Watkins never gets injured and won't miss any games'. Imagine if we hadn't signed Ings, we'd have probably been playing all three league games with Wesley or El Ghazy up top.
  10. I'm all for the prospect of securing a player like Tarkowski on a free, but selling Mings is madness. His value to the team, club and ethos is worth far more than any potential fee.
  11. I was literally about to say tweet Bardell, Ian Taylor etc and see if the club can do anything. He's a good guy, despite the stick he gets from some fans.
  12. I know, there's very few players that don't get torn to shreds on here. FWIW I think Luiz is a valuable and under rated part of our team, and I'm not just saying that on the assumption he may be reading this.
  13. Dougie reads Villa Talk, confirmed
  14. I know it's all twitter bs, but just imagine if we did sign Bissouma. I think this forum would explode
  15. With Hourihane off and the rumours of Guilbert too I fully expect one player in tomorrow. Whether that's a loan or a permanent signing is anyone's guess, but all the reliable sources have been saying if Wes, Conor and Fred leave we will actively look to recruit. Time to start speculating.
  16. Smith directly said in his interview yesterday El Ghazy is highly rated by us and not going anywhere. I know some fans don't rate him, but Smith clearly does. He's going nowhere.
  17. Stop it. Don't get our hopes up based purely on flights. We've moved on from those days
  18. I doubt it as he's only 18 so I doubt he'd be going straight in. You never know though.
  19. This could be one of those Dean Smith classics. 'We are done, nuless the right deal becomes available nad we have to take it'. It's obvious we've been putting the feelers out for centre mids before and after the JWP bid, so it seems likely the agent knows we're after a midfielder and has alerted us to his availability. Whether or not Lange etc think he's the right fit is another issue entirely. I hope they do, as on a 1-2 year deal with an option to extend, he could be a superb signing for us, both on and off the pitch.
  20. With Davis out and Watkins not fully fit, there's a realistic chance he will get decent minutes until at least January, starting tomorrow, where I expect him to replace Ings in the final stages unless we're struggling or chasing the game.
  21. I think the issue there might be the 'we' is the fans, not the club.
  22. That Kristoff Terreur is claiming on twitter that Axel Witsel has actually been offered to us, and I'm pretty sure he was one of the guys to break the Wesley signing a couple of years back, so there might be something in it. He is however tempering it, by saying it's an agent offer rather than us approaching him, so if we aren't interested it'll be a non starter. If he really is available for 5 million euros and decent wages can be negotiated, I think we should be all over this.
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