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  1. This is exactly what we need and with Samatta on his way out im pretty sure it is also what we are after.
  2. Bravo. This is exactly what I expected when I clicked on it, and it did not disappoint.
  3. Everyone is guessing hwo many more player we are looking to bring in, and that's all we can do, guess, because no one knows for sure outside of the club hierarchy. However, I personally think the calls for 4 or 5 more, with additional left backs and centre backs are probably being too optimistic. I think we'll be looking to add a wide left player (hopefully who can also cover up front like Traore) and a CM. Then if Samatta does leave another striker to lessen the burden on Watkins, but barring defenders leaving I just can't see us signing any one else at the back. It would require Taylor or Engels to leave, and that looks less and less likely by the day.
  4. Exactly this. None of our strikers would have done that last season, so just having that threat on the counter will transform our game. Add Traore and hopefully Rashica as well and we can cause teams all sorts of problems in those scenarios.
  5. RichiBoi11

    Matty Cash

    Superb debut, I think this kid could have a big future for us.
  6. Just imagine that when Heaton is back we have two legitimate contenders for a number 1 shirt (although Martinez should keep it) it's such a world away from having to rely on Nyland. Long may that continue, great debut.
  7. This is just another example of how journalistic standards are continuing to slip at Sky. They just make stuff up, so you can pretty much ignore the large majority of what they say when itcomes to any clubs transfers, it's all guess work.
  8. Can you stop discussing potential transfers please? This is the Wesley vs Tammy Statothon.
  9. The summer transfer thread is now an argument about Wesley being better than Tammy?
  10. I'm not sure how true this is, as I don't watch Ligue 1, but I'm sure I saw somewhere that they changed formation last season, and he was playing as a wing back instead of a winger. If true that also would mitigate the lack of goals from last season compared to previous seasons when by all accounts he played as a winger/inside forward.
  11. There'll be no shocks in the team for Monday. I'm pretty confident that I could name it right now. The only question mark is why Cash didn't play against Burton, but if he's fit it'll be Martinez, Cash, Konsa, Mings, Targett, Luiz, McGinn, Hourihane, Trezeguet, Grealish, Watkins. If Traore signs in time there's a chance he could make the bench, but at this point no one else that joins would go in that starting team, the match prep will have already been done.
  12. I think he would give you the option to play Grealish out wide in certain games, and would reduce the reliance on McGinn. No-one should be guaranteed a place in the starting 11, and he'd fill out the competition. That said I agree he probably isn't on our list, but I wouldn't turn my nose up if he were.
  13. That's a risk I'd be willing to take, especially if we could get him in on loan to buy. But that's just me. There's so much ability there and he's still only 26. I really think Dean Smith could be the one to nurture that and get the best out of him, like Grealish
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