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    My wife left me because of my obsession with Football Manager, but in my defence I have Van Dijk, De Ligt, Alaba & Wan Bissaka

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  1. He's in the final year of his contract and rejected a deal.
  2. Pretty sure Stephen the massive Norwich fan actually would care
  3. These owners really don't strike me as the type to lose interest. I think they'll relish the challenge. I also think this could be the last season you see significant use of loans in as next summer the worst restrictions on us from FFP will be lifted (the overspend from the championship)
  4. Just blind hope I think as he's still at training. For what it's worth I still think he's off, but until its a signed deal you just never know
  5. If he were to U Turn now I think Sam Lee would need to leave the country
  6. He lives locally too and wants to leave. I think there's a deal to be done there, but by the sounds of it we aren't interested. I wonder if that will change with Grealish's imminent departure.
  7. It's time to go in for Maddison. And just purely because Arsenal twitter want him. We love some twitter beef this window, time to make some more
  8. Mate it's happening. Its time to focus on moving forwards.
  9. He's worth more than that. Not the £40m quoted, but definitely above 10
  10. It's still on the desktop site
  11. I'm sure I saw Tammy was a potential loan deal
  12. Imagine if he fails his medical after all this because of his shin splints
  13. Yeah they must be confident to put a timeline on.
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