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  1. Any of you want to talk about transfer rumours for this month? That thread has become the Neil Taylor thread so I assumed this was where to come to discuss potential signings...
  2. The fact he needs to be playing regularly is what makes me question why it's such a nailed on notion in everyone's head that he will go to Inter. Would he realistically play often enough there? Not unless they're planning on offloadinhg some players.
  3. I agree with this, I'd love to see him stay if he keeps this form up, but his interviews have made it sound very much like he has no intention of joining us permanently, just that he's here for 4 months before he returns to AC. I'd love to be wrong about that though!
  4. There's always positions you'd like to see more players. I'd personally love someone like N'Zonzi in along with another wide player, but the priority above all else still has to be a striker. We're currently a training ground injury to Samatta away from being completely devoid up front again. Plus there's no guarantee he will hit the ground running so we have to maximise our options in that position above all others currently.
  5. Hogan tried his best, and he's also desperate to try and get first team football somewhere to rebuild his career. He wasn't good enough, but it wasn't for lack of trying. The same can't be said for Ross...
  6. I think Hull would be crazy to accept that Leeds offer when they can extend his contract and accept a bid in the summer if they need to. They're only 3 points off the playoffs
  7. Not really, I'm just very bored in an empty office so thought I'd post something immature
  8. Strange, imaginary people are usually so agreeable
  9. I can't stress how much I would want this to happen. The logical side of my brain says it's complete garbage, but I can't stress how much I want your optimism to be proved right
  10. This would be unbelievable if true, but if people think the Piatek move is unlikely, then this one is a virtual impossibility!
  11. I can't see it being done in time to be fair, but imagine the scenes if it is. Regardless of whether you rate Slimani or not it would just be nice to field a striker in the Brighton game!
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