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  1. It's highly unlikely Fraser would join us. He's leaving Bournemouth because he wants to push on in his career. I know we as fans would argue Villa are a bigger club than Bournemouth and a step up, but the fact is currently we are below them in the table after three years in the Championship. I just don't see a player like Fraser wanting to join us at this stage in the rebuild. Benrahma on the other hand could be a real possibility if Brentford were to stay in the championship.
  2. The clubs would also need to agree. Many may have allocated wage budgets based on the fact that the loan deals or expired contracts won't be paid after June. Just unilaterally extending all contracts until the season ends could actually damage clubs rather than help them, especially as we currently have no idea how long those extensions would need to be for.
  3. Currently the leagues stance is that unregistered players can't be reregistered to play, but that is a massive grey area people will very much argue. What if for example these remaining games are played, but they're after June? Heaton was unregistered to allow a spot for Reina, but Reina could theoretically be back at Milan by the time the league resumes, so not allowing us to then register Heaton would put us at a huge disadvantage and as a result damage the integrity of the competition. It all depends on if the games can be completed before the end of June. If not then issues like this will get very messy.
  4. I don't think it can be all of the clubs, when West Ham and Spurs both suggested voiding the season at last weeks meeting. Would be a pretty big U Turn from them to suddenly say 'let's finish the season'
  5. This is almost as generous as we've been on the pitch!
  6. At the rate it's escalating I think those games would be a big IF. I think if the virus spreads as expected those games won't be going ahead either. We are well and truly in uncharted waters here.
  7. If this league does end up voided it'll be interesting to see what happens regarding prize money, lost revenue from unplayed games etc. Considering FFP is such a big thing, there would surely be some allowance for this. I wonder how it would effect our spending ability, considering we need multiple quality additions to the squad to help Jack if he does stay.
  8. Hasn't put a foot wrong for us.
  9. He cared for Burnley that much he defended them in a nightclub too. What a guy.
  10. Which due to the increasing improvement in healthcare is a sizable chunk of the worlds population...
  11. If Leicester players are tested and it's positive for the virus that could start a domino effect. They may not play Watford, we might need to cancel our game due to the possibility of contact with those players on Monday, it really could escalate quite easily from here. Let's just finish it now, no relegations, and all come back refreshed in the summer with another years TV bonus...
  12. This really could be a huge mess. I don't see how you can relegate teams without all games being played, and similarly punishing teams for being top by not winning a league or being promoted doesn't make sense. Whatever they do, someone will miss out.
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