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  1. Hopp

    Ratings & Reactions: Derby v Villa

    OH my god!!! We play football!!!!!! Wow!!!!
  2. Hopp

    Steve Bruce

    We just dodged a bullet!!!
  3. Hopp

    Tony Xia

    Well I put The Blame squarely on Donald Trumps shoulders
  4. Hopp

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I'd start him at Wembley -he's the psycho kind that would just lap it up ... Grabban is Ok but really not that effective. I can see Kodja doing the irrational move that leads to a goal or two ... besides , he's got a Villa pedigree. He was our main man last season!!
  5. Hopp

    Steve Bruce

    Steve is on the cusp of becoming a Villa legend. Just one thing he must manage tho* ... promotion. I want him to be a legend!!!
  6. Hopp

    Pre-Match Thread

    Excuse my optimism but I'm hoping S.B. puts out our best team and that we show what we are capable of. I get the feeling the pressure to win win win is hampering the team - today we "don't have a chance" so they might as well go out and play without fear. Tish will be revelling at the chance and maybe Westwood ups his game. I'm going for a big scoring match with Villa losing by the odd goal :-P
  7. Hopp

    Overseas Villa Fans Check-In Desk

    Grew up in Erdington Lived in Sweden (best country in the world) since the 70s Peter McParland played. They hadn't built the floodlights yet. Great days
  8. Hopp

    Ratings and Reactions: sha v Villa

    Pretty much exhausted after that. But happy with a point we didnt deserve. Roll on Blackburn
  9. Hopp

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    My guess is that SB thinking in terms of the African contingents disappearence in January. Were going to be light in attack!
  10. Hopp

    Pre-match thread

  11. Hopp

    Steve Bruce

    Excuse me if I laugh but my god... The guys been here a couple of days and the knives are out already.
  12. Hopp

    Pre-Match thread

    I think our next win- should almost say first win as it was so.long ago - will come away from home. Tuesday? Maybe!!
  13. Hopp

    Next Villa Manager

    Reading this thread it seems that lots of people have an obsession with getting us up and out of the Championship this year! This feels a bit unrealistic and honestly I hope to God the Board have a more realistic view of our dire situation. Let's write this year off as regards promotion and concentrate on getting the club on a level footing again ... I would like us to sign a young and promising manager - give him this season to start getting a new spirit and philosophy instilled into the team. I'd assure him that so long as we finish mid-table at the least his job is safe and that next season is the one! Let him invest this winter and next summer. I'm not sure who this guy should be but it could be the makings of both him and the saving of us as a club. So, no Bruce, no Pearson, no other middle of the road half successful manager. Thanks for reading :-)