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  1. Lol he always gets slated, yet scores his fair share.
  2. Tommo_b

    Dean Smith

    Knockaert at this level was unbelievable for Brighton, hasn’t been consistent in the premier league sadly, I imagine although he is loved by Brighton that he won’t be there for much longer, maybe get him in on loan next season if we don’t go up.
  3. Not with the amount of times I’ve accidentally clicked that cursed banner at the bottom.
  4. Tommo_b

    Tyrone Mings

    Also surprised this wasn’t appealed.
  5. Tommo_b

    Tyrone Mings

    But the flip side is it shows how much he cares and how much winning in Villa colours means to him, which makes us all love him more.
  6. Me too! And they were the worst team on it by far.
  7. Tommo_b

    Tyrone Mings

    Mings is loving being a villain!
  8. Tommo_b

    John Terry

    See his reaction and embrace with Smith at the final whistle? Think he is loving it at Villa!
  9. Tommo_b

    Dean Smith

    7 wins in a row, that’s so bloody good!
  10. Now I’m not against the idea, but imagine if Bruce had bought on Whelan in the same scenario..... uproar!
  11. The irony is he was always a player I wanted to have as a Villa player... now I just want it over.
  12. Neves will win, marginally better then McGinns
  13. Tommo_b

    Loan watch 2018/19

    Out of interest, does that guilbert look any good?

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