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  1. Tommo_b

    Wesley Moraes

    And let the Wesley love in commence
  2. Thought he has looked good previous two games.
  3. Tommo_b

    Wesley Moraes

    Does seem ridiculous doesn’t it.
  4. Pleased we have given a good showing, think might make some of the pundits rethink their predictions for the season for us.
  5. Did so well to keep them out for so long
  6. Heaton, what a signing he is going to be
  7. As I imagine he will when he isn’t getting taken out from behind.
  8. Think you’re all being harsh on Wes, he has been kicked to pieces, you’d expect to be giving more free kicks for the tackles that have gone in on him.
  9. To be fair he keeps getting fouled and nothing for it.
  10. Match of the day series link for the first time in about 3 years.

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