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  1. Tommo_b

    Steve Bruce

    Get Grealish sold and he will technically become our biggest saviour in our history?
  2. Tommo_b

    Tony Xia

    Or Sunderland I guess
  3. Tommo_b

    Tony Xia

    Another head spinning summer at Aston Villa, you couldn’t make the last 10/15 years up.
  4. Tommo_b

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Actually think if Derby lose from being 1-0 at “half time”, this could actually be used to help Bruce’s team talk tomorrow and keep them focussed on seeing it through.
  5. Tommo_b

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    You don’t want Angel down at Villa Park?!
  6. Tommo_b

    Steve Bruce

    Don’t think there’s any point in discussing his future until we know if we are staying down or going up, clearly if we go up he is staying, so until we know whats happening, let’s just get behind him and support the team, the next few weeks are the biggest of the season.
  7. Tommo_b

    John Terry

    Would love him to stay another season, fingers crossed.
  8. Tommo_b

    New Manager Speculation

    What’s Garde doing these days? Did he ever return to management or did his experience with us put him off for life?
  9. Tommo_b

    The Manager thread

    Wenger for Villa
  10. Tommo_b

    Steve Bruce

    Didn’t Man U finish 7th not that long ago? They did in 2013-14 season
  11. Tommo_b

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    So Fulham have Birmingham and Sunderland to play in the last few games, both will be scrapping for survival, let’s hope Fulham drop some points there. And Cardiff keep losing.... there’s hope lads! Don’t give up on second yet!
  12. Tommo_b

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I’m so deflated
  13. Tommo_b

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Lol but a few games ago we could’ve.....
  14. Tommo_b

    Keinan Davis

    He was a breathe of fresh air when he first got into the team and he helped kick start our season, is he good enough will remain to be seen, but the potential is there without a doubt.
  15. Tommo_b

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Going to be an exciting end to the season that’s for sure.