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  1. Playstation 4

    I miss the days when PS Plus was great value for money, as much as I am thankful for getting games, I wish they included more mainstream games in the monthly updates.
  2. Football Manager 2017

    Ouch, hope you get better soon, and damn how are you so good at football manager?!
  3. The push for the Play offs ?

    Ohh just imagine....
  4. Leandro Bacuna

    lol I'll watch it again but first thought was he didn't mean to bump into the ref, I know he isn't the brightest but not sure even he would do that.. would he.
  5. Leandro Bacuna

    I think he just walked to far forward too quickly and accidentally bumped into him
  6. Match Thread: Villa v Derby

    Bruce's Hull were quite attacking, think win first and foremost and then get more expansive as confidence grows.
  7. Match Thread: Villa v Derby

    You know we are camped in because the players are so scared of losing?
  8. Steve Bruce

    I don't think losing is acceptable to anyone, I don't know anyone who wants to lose games and not win?! It doesn't send out a message that it's ok not to perform, it sends out a message that Bruce doesn't need to panic about losing his job and can instead focus on getting the team performing without fear of losing his job over his head, again brilliant move from Wyness, absolutely fantastic phone in.
  9. Keith Wyness

    I don't know if Bruce is the answer, but I know that to only know the answer is to let everyone bed in, that includes the top level management, the coaching staff, the players, the physio's, the sports psychologists which we appear to have hired, hell probably the bar staff and stewards too, top to bottom there has been an unprecedented turn over of staff, they all need time to settle and I think come next season we will see a team that has the start of an identity. Sadly none of us know what's the right thing to do, and seeing our club seemingly decaying year after year no matter what we do is soul destroying, I once thought Lerner was an incredible owner, but then he just stopped caring, literally just stopped, no interest what so ever, this will forever put him down as one of the worst chairmen in football history.
  10. Keith Wyness

    I think his comments were the right thing to say, very smart.
  11. Steve Bruce

    You did? At what point? When we scrapped a win against Bournemouth on day1?
  12. Keith Wyness

    Wyness knows we won't get relegated, it's actually a very smart comment to make in regards to the team and it's morale, these players that have signed want to play for Bruce not some other manager that they didn't choose to sign for. I wouldn't get hung up on that comment, its like a reverse bluff.
  13. Keith Wyness

    I honestly think with stability will come results and performances, this season has turned out too choppy, how many players in and out, how many coaching staff in and out, etc. Results and performances aren't going to be great for the rest of the season, we will stay up, but until we have had that stability and players are settled and actually friends off the pitch as well, then I believe need to accept we need to actually give this set up a chance first and foremost. Knowing Bruce does have the tools and know how to get out of this league surely should grant him at least a crack at a preseason with his own squad, then if it hasn't improved sack him after 11 games and rinse and repeat what we have done the last few years, leading to the position we are in now. I would've kept di Mattel for longer too personally, perhaps I'm more patient and like to be optimistic.
  14. Keith Wyness

    I disagree about the Moyes comment, if I recall they were an ok team under Moyes, then had a shocker of a season, but then after time started to turn things around. Also I think people have taken Wyness comments out of context, he doesn't think we will get relegated, more a case of whatever happens we will not be sacking Bruce because this club needs stability and a foundation to build on, something it hasn't had since Lerner lost interest and this is part of the reason this club no matter what changes it makes is still plummeting, basically this club like any work place needs stability and constant faces that the work force knows and trusts and wants to perform for. A very very smart phone in from Wyness, excellent work.
  15. Keith Wyness

    We won't get relegated, but I actually think the comments from Wyness were refreshing and I'm actually optimistic about the future and the team for next season after Bruce has had a pre-season with his players under his belt, the man clearly knows what to do whether you choose to believe that or not.