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  1. Did he do better than Gueye in his first season?
  2. Oh Christ I’d forgotten about that. I told myself he must have loads of potential
  3. Compared to the last few seasons it already is.
  4. Looks like Liepzig are currently the bigger team, champions league semi finalists.
  5. Tommo_b

    Adama Traore

    Apparently he is worth 100m now...
  6. Smith might not, but Aston Villa Football Club has.
  7. Tommo_b

    Wesley Moraes

    I wonder how much better a players stats would be if they did play in a Man City or Liverpool team. Would Wesleys stats be better, would be look more dangerous etc.
  8. Would love for it to be £150 million again.
  9. It was extensive research at that.
  10. Agree. The Premier League could easily set up a pay per game or team season ticket subscription, with or without Sky Tv, would probably be more lucrative for them too, I know I would prefer to have a team season ticket and watch all the Villa games live, and if I want to watch another team play I could do a pay as you go type thing. Especially as we do not know when crowds will be back, be nice earner for all the teams.
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