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  1. Yet sill behind us and played a game more....
  2. On plus side we are still second in the table.
  3. Mid table... that’s generous.
  4. Ahh this cracked me up, I wonder what you thought a flanker was?!
  5. Ahh gutted, was hoping this game was on Sky Premier tonight...
  6. Sussed how to get it to play. Starting to feel the Gabby love again after a long time of being frustrated with him.
  7. Is this meant to play? Or just trick me to sit here for a good minute tapping the screen like I have been.
  8. The founding teams can’t be replaced for 20 years... yes 20 years! Franchise football here we come! Welcome to The NSL!
  9. Might be just a year off his prediction.
  10. I genuinely thought he was going to go on and become one of the best strikers of his generation... Don’t understand how his career spiralled so much, did he lose the passion for football when he joined Liverpool?
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