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  1. Ugo Ehiogu

    RIP Ugo, were one of the heroes of my childhood
  2. Brighton And Hove Albion

    Hughton has proven himself to be a top class manager, very unlucky to have been sacked from the Norwich and Newcastle jobs.
  3. HAHAHA oh it just gets better! What a royal **** up their owners made of it all.
  4. Has Zola been sacked yet?
  5. Brighton And Hove Albion

    Couldn't see a thread about them so thought I would make one for them, firstly to congratulate them on a remarkable season and promotion to the Premier League and first time back in the top division for 34 years! This club has an incredible community spirit about it and from nearly dropping out into the non-league, to playing home games at Gillingham's stadium to returning back to Brighton to only play at a 5000 seater athletics stadium, it's been an incredible story and one if you're not familiar with, really is quite remarkable. Congratulations Brighton And Hove Albion.
  6. Match Thread: Fulham v Villa

    So second sounds better already
  7. The push for the Play offs ?

    I quite enjoyed the journey this thread took this season, I'll miss it when it's closed, tho fingers crossed, the push for the championship thread next season should be fun.
  8. Weekend Footnall And Beyond, 14-17 April

    But haven't you heard, Rowett is the greatest manager ever!
  9. Steve Bruce

    Agree, getting a new manager in would be lunacy. Bruce is tried and tested and gets teams out of this division by hook or by crook, why risk throwing that away?
  10. Steve Bruce

  11. Steve Bruce

    Normally when sat on the bog.
  12. Steve Bruce

    I've not heard one logical reason yet why Bruce should go, think that says all there is to say.
  13. Steve Bruce

    I don't really see the need to concern myself with budgets, as long as next season we get promoted I really don't care if our team spent ten times as much as the next team, if the board can afford it without saddling the club with debt. Plus ive no idea nor care how much Leeds have spent, why would I?! Because spurs, Liverpool, Man City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal etc all spent more money then Leicester last season, does that suddenly mean Ranieri is better then those managers at those clubs last season? Nah I didn't think so. Like I said, let's just see, I think all the Bruce out fans are wrong, you think Bruce in is wrong, no point arguing over it tho, surely you want him to prove you wrong?! Surely! Any Villa fan wants Bruce to succeed, am I not right? And if you cannot see that he has signed good players, and is starting to slowly turn this juggernaught back around after being in embarrassing free fall for 6/7 years then you're all lost causes, ok footballs not been great, but we are still in recovery, this was never going to be a quick fix, i hoped it would be, but I think it's been clear in hindsight that the clubs been rotten to the core for many years, and we now finally have owners and a manager who have the ability to stop the rot, do I think Wagner or Rowett could do the job Bruce has done.... not at all, we would most likely still be in freefall, it's a completely different and harder task facing Bruce and we have the right man for us right now. Maybe in 4 years Wagner would be the right man, but he isn't the right man now, we have the right man for what we need and I suggest we all just get on with supporting the team and enjoy the fact the future looks a lot brighter then it did a year ago.
  14. Steve Bruce

    So the same Wagner that nearly got Huddersfield relegated the season before? But Wagner is allowed another season to turn it around, I do wonder how long you would've afforded him at Villa in a similar scenario, I'd imagine he would've already have been sacked by you. Will be interesting to see who does go up from the play offs this year, imagine it's not either Wagner or Rowett, I could not envisage Wagner or Rowett finishing above Aston Villla next season, not because I think less of them, but because our manager has actually won promotion from this division, on numerous occasions, it's not rocket science to work out who you're better off with in charge if you want to get out of this division. Lets continue this chat IF one of those two teams wins the play offs.
  15. Steve Bruce

    Pretty sure they had clubs, and erm why are they going to do a better job then Bruce, I do love how these two managers get bought up time and again, but why? What have they achieved that Bruce hasn't?