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  1. That said… and whilst I 100% agree with your post… it is also what I thought about Grealish, I was adamant he would never choose to leave Villa, oh how foolish of me.
  2. Thinking Micah Richards on a free transfer was a no brainer…. Oh hindsight you cruel mistress!
  3. It was the madness they used to justify the Man City, found a loop hole in their rules that had never ever been used before.. and now it’s here to stay.
  4. Ah yes, we call that the Man City Rule.
  5. Think his last two/there performances for Man City he have averaged a rating on 5. Course he is going to look class against Andorra, I’d hazard a guess some of us on here would look pretty handy against Andorra. Not saying he isnt a great player but… you’d hope would be able to stand out against Andorra.
  6. Ahh I remember when Lambert went to watch too coaches across Europe, I was all optimistic he was going to come back and blow us away with what he learnt… he didn’t.
  7. Why’s only one of our owners on there?
  8. Is there any chance this ownership could go tits up and the NUFC fans will be wishing Mike Ashley was still the owner a few years down the road?
  9. The greatest football game of all time.
  10. Reckon this might make Facebook consider putting their platforms on separate servers or something.
  11. It’s almost sad to see, he is developing a case of the Benteke’s.
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