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  1. I’ve never seen a team play like a top half team 90% of the time yet end up losing as often as Brighton do.
  2. Brighton running the show as usual. Brighton not scoring as usual.
  3. 9 first teaM players out for Everton isn’t there?
  4. 25 years ago this thread would’ve been exciting for me as I’d have known most of the players we were suggesting, now I literally do not know 95% of the players that get suggested. Maybe I need to get back into Football Manager.
  5. Not fussed on selling them, just want upgrades on them.
  6. I mean let’s not write Europe off just yet! The Europa league is still well within touching distance.
  7. Makes you wonder how it happened... maybe it should’ve been a penalty. Was weird how it was barely looked at.
  8. The flip side is if we played entire season how we did the first 3 months we would be league champions already.
  9. West Ham are doing their version of a Leicester. Hopefully a one season blip.
  10. Hardly bigging him up is it, just pointing out the unrealistic expectations amongst the fan base. Potter over Smith for the England job as I feel his face would fit the FA more then Smiths.
  11. Potter I expect will be England manager at some point in his career
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