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  1. Pretty sure we nearly beat Liverpool... don’t start getting panicky because West Ham put in some effort tonight.
  2. Totally forgot how much better as a team we are with SJM in the team, that does actually give me hope... when is he back?
  3. Don’t care how we do it as long as we finished outside the relegation spots, even on goal difference if needs be.
  4. I guess technically we could do what City did and be hit with a 24million pound fine and banned from European football for two years.... Pros outweigh the cons on that one surely? Tho does this means even if we lose the cup final we are in Europe next season?
  5. What’s the love in with Davis?
  6. Just out of curiosity... if we stay up this year... will we have money to spend in the summer or are we forever burdened by FFP?
  7. Oh just looked at his games/goals stats..... Erm.....
  8. Apparently our scouting system is restricted to Belgium.
  9. I honestly thought he was going to go on and become one of the great premier league strikers of all time. Then Liverpool barely gave him a chance and he’s never been the same since. Shame as he could do it all.
  10. Has/is there any rumours to get excited about?
  11. Glenn Murray can’t get into the Brighton side, we need better.
  12. Traore reportedly valued at 70 million!? Only at Villa can hindsight make you sick to your stomach.
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