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  1. The biggest fraud in football management for the last 8-10 years. No one can say there isn’t anyone else in England who couldn’t have achieved what Southgate has with this squad? I’d imagine everyone on this forum would’ve achieved the same or better.
  2. Wonder when we will hear a decision, is it quite a quick turnaround or another few months?
  3. You know with swap deals where you are losing the better player…. I always wonder, do we as a club actually want the players in the deal? Greatest swap deal I can ever recall with Carew in replace of Baros, and I quite liked Baros but Carew, what a signing.
  4. Sad thing is they want him to continue, they have probably enjoyed not having to worry about finding a a replacement for a while, it’s easier to keep Southgate in then find someone new.
  5. I mean personally I am grateful for the job Purslow done. Could’ve easily been a lot lot worse.
  6. I’ve no idea if this is a good signing or not but you all seem excited by it so, wahey!
  7. Ahhh I dunno, his drinking gets highlighted because he probably is a bit of a lightweight compared to most, so ends up looking like a tit. I’d imagine for 9-10 months of the year Man City players are basically told what and when to eat and drink, so once they get down time it’s very easy to over indulge. I wonder what this thread will be called once it’s back in the main forum…
  8. Tommo_b


    Dodgy dealings and loop hole galore at Chelsea and City. Two teams who used to be such nothing clubs have become part of the “Big 6”. It’s mind boggling how they keep spending when everyone else is struggling with this PSR stuff
  9. Tommo_b

    Matty Cash

    It’s all change at Villa this summer!
  10. Tommo_b

    Jhon Durán

    He’s still only young though, lots of maturing to do. Cant help but feel this would be a transfer sale we come to regret massively. Only time will tell, but for my eye test, he could go on to be one of the top strikers in world football in 5 years
  11. Tommo_b

    Jhon Durán

    You don’t think Grealish is a hard worker? Interesting.
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