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  1. Jeez what a fall from grace for Benteke! Davis is now rated higher than him.
  2. Title chase is still on any would you change it?! That said, if we finish above Liverpool this season that would be a pretty damn impressive turn around in one season.
  3. Reading the Man City fans comments is annoying, apparently that offside rule is 4 years old... where have they got this from!?
  4. £30 million is almost considered cheap in football terms this day and age.
  5. No risk for me, top quality player who improves the squad on and off the pitch, raises our expectations of players in training too.
  6. You can clearly see from the photo even without the line he was well onside... reading through this thread I’ve felt like I was Shallow Hal seeing something other people weren’t, thank you for clearing up what I thought was glaringly obvious for everyone else though.
  7. I don’t understand half of the replies in this thread so far... He wasn’t offside so we haven’t benefitted, yet now Sky and the premier league get to go “look see, this is rule and it’s benefitted Aston Villa too”, it’s more of the cover their arse crap, Sky did not have to emphasise TWICE that Ollie Watkins was played onside by the defenders touch, he was inside because he was behind the ball when it was played!
  8. Nah he is behind the ball when it’s played, can’t be offside that way.
  9. Are Sky taking the piss, Mings was tackled from behind while bringing the ball under control, lilies goal is completely different, for a start he wasn’t offside.
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