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  1. Any chance they may have got it wrong or mistaken? As I can’t believe for one second not one other single person knows about this. I live In hope.
  2. Christ I’d be the exact opposite, no way I’d ever leave if I was him.
  3. Must be a Man City fan… or you’ve just been under a rock and not realised who we are owned by.
  4. Nooooo don’t start that here…. Not in this thread…!
  5. Think we should legitimately put in a bit for Haaland, we know it will get rejected out right but, let’s just flex our muscle, a little warning to the top clubs and a little bit of posturing for future signings to sit up and take notice.
  6. Can we rename this thread… it just bugs me. Maybe the “I Hope They Rot” thread or something like that!
  7. You know what we need… a free kick specialist!
  8. Feck me, thought this was already signed sealed and delivered. What is glaringly obvious is no one knows anything, and do you know why that is… because there is nothing to know!!! Yet.
  9. I have no doubt Jack will be fully aware of what the Bucks achieved this season with Wes Eden’s the owner there.
  10. Dougs here manipulating the market
  11. Lol Don’t Do It Doug happened
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