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    Joe Lolley

    All well and good but without knowing his view on the BBC and the TV license ‘fiasco’ then...well...erm I can’t pass judgement but GOOD ON HIM
  2. A little off topic so apologies, but didn’t Beckham have about 9 freekicks in that game before he scored, from similar distance etc. I thought the keeper just though **** it he’s missed the last 9, not a chance he’ll get this one
  3. You might be in luck https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/proginfo/2019/16/climate-change-the-facts Whether it just focuses on the impact to just humans or includes wildlife I can’t quite tell after a 2 min google.
  4. It’s called Game of Thrones: the story so far, it was on again last night/early this morning, but you can also go to the Sky Atlantic on demand to see it, otherwise here it is on youtube:

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