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  1. You might be in luck https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/proginfo/2019/16/climate-change-the-facts Whether it just focuses on the impact to just humans or includes wildlife I can’t quite tell after a 2 min google.
  2. It’s called Game of Thrones: the story so far, it was on again last night/early this morning, but you can also go to the Sky Atlantic on demand to see it, otherwise here it is on youtube:
  3. I couldn’t resist, especially when my 11 year old daughter thought it was funny...
  4. MickeyC_UTV


    I think you and I might have a different understanding of the word 'few'....
  5. MickeyC_UTV


    I started and finished reading this thread about 4 hours ago now, and I have been here in quiet contemplation and self-reflection since; I did a whole heap of stuff when I was younger and spent hours at a time doing it without feeling guilty for what others would maybe see as wasting time or what not, from painting Warhammer figures, listening to music, going to gigs, reading, drawing, writing, spending hours in record and book shops and sports. As I got a little older and started a family of my own there was less time to spend on those things that gave me so much enjoyment earlier in life, less disposable cash (I was in a crap job at the time) and a realisation that I do get obsessed with things e.g. I bought a mountain bike to get to work (as there was a bridge closure which meant my journey to work would have been as long as my shift) it couldn't have been more that £150, but by the time the bridge re-opened I had upgraded everything on the bike from wheels, crank, breaks, shifters everything except the frame but that was next on the list, there was some sort of latent OCD which became more evident later on, but that is for a different thread. My interests/hobbies were influenced by my son then my daughter as they were/are growing up although I have attempted to introduce them to the things I enjoyed when younger. Now my son is at Uni and my daughter is nearly a teenager I'm beginning to have a bit more 'free' time and now trying to get back into some of those things I enjoyed or explore new things. But anyway in response to the question Chindie posed, usually lurking around VT mainly Off Topic, occasionally Other Football, with the odd skirmish into On Topic before running and hiding again.
  6. They have Dem but in here:
  7. Interesting, I had assumed it was a citeh forum, but I admit your belief is more plausible
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