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  1. leaked footage from the COBRA meeting
  2. Apologies for starting this, but why the hell did they call this the SheBelieves Cup, haven’t they seen the memes or the subredddit?? edit - why can’t I add the women’s football tag under the tag options?
  3. Agreed but at least they ain’t some gambling company shisters
  4. OMG I was getting tingles watching that.. And agree hopefully washes away the memories of the reboot
  5. I hope the men’s team can take inspiration from the Villa Women’s 3-1 victory over Leicester Women yesterday
  6. Been scrolling through reddit this morning and this popped up Leicester’s away form: P-7 W-4 (sheffU, s’ton, palace, brighton) D-1 (chelsea) L-2 (manu, l’pool) like others have said I’s take a point right now
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