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  1. England are piss poor at the moment, but I think the Taffies predictions on how we will do are way off the mark, and the I really don't think the sheep shaggers will get anywhere near a GS.
  2. BOF, what happened to the NV avatar thread.... or should I just take an educated guess?
  3. No-one is as cool as Peter Griffin.
  4. nrogers

    Your Hero

    What?? Some people need to get a life.... isn't the rule, if you don't like it... piss off and read another thread.. some people need to grow up.
  5. How about the widower and remarried status?
  6. nrogers


    You running with medicine balls attached to your legs?? What kind of a post is that??? Just commenting on how slow it is. Don't take it to heart. There's another 10 minutes to come off that time. I suppose it depends on where yuou are running, if you are running on a track, yes it's slow, if you are running through steep bush, then it's a good time.
  7. Its the expectation from women I can't stand, buy me dinner bitch :wink: I buy you dinner and drinks all year!
  8. Valentines day is a day for women, men get feck all... it's banned in my house, and my missus agrees.
  9. Everton win, I can't wait for the redscouse demise to continue... Man United Chelsea Villa Arsenal Redscouse Final top 5 please.
  10. Born in Brum, moved away.
  11. Yep, this morning before work
  12. HAHAHHAHA... Anyhoo, the kings of Disco were Kool and the Gang, Summer Madness, is quite simply the best summer track ever!
  13. Thank god... the pressure of owning the internet was getting to me... :wink: I still think that it's off target though.
  14. Who aims for the post though, no-one. IMO of course, I don't really want to win the internet.
  15. So if you aim on target but it going for the corner flag, hits a defenders arse and goes in the back of the net it's on target? Seriously? Same equates hitting the post, it's mm's if its in or out, hence it's pot luck and it's off target!
  16. OK...OK... That's just brillliant and so, so hypocritical it's hilarious!
  17. No frenzy here.... perhaps at this point we should mention the beatles... we could see a frenzy then.
  18. It's off target, simple as.... thats it, there is no arguement. As for players using the woodwork, of course they would say they meant it, as when Player doesn't get a touch on the ball yet still claim the goal... it's bollocks.
  19. Absolute rubbish IMO, it's off target whatever the circumstance, if it goes in off the post, it's the same as an off-target deflection.
  20. Deleted, for someone on a permanent yellow card, you really are on dodgy ground trying to bait another poster, in a thread that is designed for communication between fans and the club. A thread which you know perfectly well isnt like other threads where no comments are allowed let alone those trying to wind up other posters - Questions to and comments for the General with no transfer discuson is all that is allowed, which you know only to well - Bicks
  21. That is clearly a dellusional post.
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