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  1. This isn't the poll for shittest player
  2. You know what I mean - but my bird thinks your great :oops:
  3. Well what do you think? Personally, if my bird said she wouldn't, I wouldn't marry her!
  4. So JPA, Mr Football, whom would you buy???
  5. Both Spiderman film were utter, utter shite, in fact SHITE, Batman the original was class, very moody stuff from Tim Burton........ Yet My Fave Super Movie, if you can call it that, Tetsuo the Body Hammer and the Iron Man
  6. Australia for me, but would also like to add germany and france
  7. Whatever - Top woman Ellis what a grade a Tosser
  8. Paul Gascoigne is the best footballer and best football personallity for me...... (apart from hitting his wife and the Goerge Boateng incident
  9. nrogers


    Why the **** can't we attract the likes of Nike and Adidas, we get stuck with Hummel and diadora, Just what do our commercial dept do???
  10. Close this thread he has signed, article on the other thread
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