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  1. Case being made that the worst economical crisis occurred under you lot, that did naff all to prevent it, in fact exacerbated it by selling off all the countries gold at rock bottom prices, wasting billions of tax payers money on white elephants, pointless civil servents and red tape, but no, it's the tories fault for pointing these things out...
  2. Nick the only person who initially mentions spin here are the Tory party supporters of VT. Remove your blinkers and ask why Gideon has not criticised Goodwin here to the same levels as the other politicians of all other parties? Could it be that he is trying to deflect things? Condemnation of some of its party's biggest benefactors, i.e. the banking fraternity You were right on Spin, unfortunately it's "your boys" that are doing the deflection The Masters of Spin FC The only one with blinkers on is you my friend. And yes I know the age of the article, but it was the first one on
  3. Labour and spin, who'd have thought it, they should be wanted Dead or Alive.
  4. eh? Sorry TT that makes no sense So UK plc is doing okay is it? The whole government spin machine pushing Goodwin out as the only 'baddy' is sickening. As far as I am concerned he is a 'baddy' , but some of those pointing the finger are at least equally culpable, some far more. Brown has orchestrated the biggest financial mess that this country has ever seen, and for most of the time Blair was his boss. ^^^^ this.
  5. To little, too late... **** discipline again **** us, Ireland are really shit though..
  6. Get in... a converted score will seal this... Come on England!!
  7. Discipline... I would raking these **** over the coals if I was coach.
  8. Yep was very shit and England really need to sort their discipline quick smart, dickheads.
  9. Bloody hell... COME ON ENGLAND sort your **** discipline!!
  10. It'd be cracking to see them lose to the Irish... no GS, not even 6 nations winners. How I'd laugh at the arrogance prior to the competition, thinking they'd piss it... Not laughing now boys.
  11. **** brilliant, Grand Slam my arse.... HAHAHAHAHA. As my prediction also.... I hope I am on the money with the rest of the games..
  12. Come on froggies, anyone else think the Welsh RFU have been sneaking some brown envelopes to the officials?
  13. nrogers

    Blur Vs Oasis

    yes and I wish he had stuck to burgers, fat, talentless clearing in the woods.
  14. nrogers

    Blur Vs Oasis

    Crikey, I thought I'd settled this back in 2005.
  15. France win England - too close to call Scotland win.
  16. Hmmm, perhaps the view on here that the ref robbed you was a bit, umm, incorrect? Well, frankly no, since when has a governing body ever slammed a ref. In in one word, never.
  17. What was the last thing to go through Lady Diana's mind?? The dasboard.
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