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  1. I also think this is another false dawn for the Welsh as it was under Graham Henry. :wink:
  2. Any comment on the game today, being a Wales supporter? What are you thoughts Kaplan and his "Performance"?
  3. Jon, it's seems we are pretty good at the Rugby World Sevens, given that we beat the World Champions to take the Wellington (Arguably the best) Sevens championship two weekends ago.. We are pretty good at cycling too.
  4. More time wasting shit from the taffy rocket polishers... so much for a 40 point margin.... clearly from the commentry, someone has paid the ref... Kaplan according to Kiwi commentators has been a disgrace!
  5. Sorry Grings, not watching it live, but will watch the replay, and let you know, the commentators here think he is have a mare, and giving everything to the leek munchers..
  6. HT... England defence looking good according to the radio, and we are looking better in the loose than in the breakdown, which is strange...
  7. Not watching it, as I can't, but I don't think we should get carried away yet, it is a good welsh side, lets see what happens... That said - SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT.... I hope these guys now have the winning mentality of the English 7's side that came back from 15-0 down against New Zealand and beat them 17-15.... sweet sweet day!!!
  8. I don't get the poll Brian, clearly... oh well, you carry on... I'll expect other threads get the same backing and don't get locked...
  9. Brian, I'm not worked up at all, I'm just trying to understand the point, as there doesn't seem to be one... An irrelivant choice just seems absolutley ridiculas.... but fine I'll move on.... crikey, bollox to me for having an opinion on a thread and trying to be positive...
  10. I'm still unclear as to what the "point" was though, what is eggy mental? I'm just trying to understand the point of the thread, is it like a choice between Hitler and Stalin, cos I wouldn't want either.. Whats the problem with wanting all three, the players we have are young enough to cope with the games we have, why not just cheer the boys on regardless, and hope we win and stay in all competitions.... surely thats what we all want and we trust MON to do the right thing without resorting to ultimatums... Anyhoo... carry on.
  11. Then why not make your point, rather than starting silly polls?
  12. Now I'm getting slated for being positive... crikey you can't win...
  13. I honestly think if Nicola wasn't famous no-one would even look twice at her if they saw her on the street or in a club. She is the definition of average. I agree, and still stand by my previous post.
  14. I agree AG, some on here think they are gods gift, take a look through the rogues gallery and you will know that they ain't and the ones that haven't posted must be total mingers :wink: Nicola would be totally out of there league.
  15. Or he was after getting his end away, realised it was shit, realised he was shit and couldn't handle the fact that the two them, were essentially a bunch of shit.
  16. Who's arsey? Crikey... forgive an opinion on a crap poll...
  17. I'm very chilled, but give the choice between Stalin and Foot, people will go for the better option, doesn't make it the right one.
  18. I think it's a ridiculas idea, people should have done the maths before overstretching themselves.. if the government buy it back it should be on the basis of making a profit, to ensure that the people that were prudent don't suffer. heartless yes, but lessons learn't for the tossers that didn't do the maths, hell yes, go and live in a bedsit..
  19. Care about what, I haven't broken any rules at all Jon... I as entitled to an opinion on a thread as anyone... And for someone that is supposed to be and has publically admitted that he is ignoring me, perhaps go back to it.
  20. Nope, probably not with shit options... do I care, probably not.
  21. So you're speach was just a load of shite then, quelle surprise.
  22. I haven't "Stevo" (before you get shitty), and I won't because neither of these options are viable to me, the world according to you and robo, doesn't equate to everyone, and I am as entitled to my opinion on the thread as you are, so crawl back under your duvet, and get out the right side of the bed. OK.
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