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  1. I'd give him a medal... if were a judge on the condition he never recorded again, R&B my arse, it's all shite! R&B should go back to what it was, and reclassify this shit as pop-shit.
  2. BWAHAHAHAHA... so true....
  3. So lets have all hypothetical options, not just the two that “Robo” thinks are the only pertinent ones. I can't and won't vote for either of those shit options, there are many more viable outcomes that would be far more acceptable.
  4. Jimmy, can eat dog shit, and make it look like porterhouse.
  5. Neither, what a shit set of options, I'd like to win all three games... and that is totally possible.
  6. Crikey, I couldn't careless, that you probably wouldn't like the majority of the music I own, and it wouldn't bother me if you thought I had bad taste... You have anger issues sunshine, I'd suggest some therapy. Or you could just listen to some cheesey shit, erm, like Umbrella, that should cheer you up. :wink:
  7. James Milner, can certainly stop after popping.
  8. IMO yes... I don't like it, hence I would think that anyone that does like has bad taste, but each to his own, and if you like it, knock yourself out, just don't get upset when someone has a different opinion, did you expect everyone to say, yes, yes I like it? :?
  9. I'm a chump because I disagree with you? You're out of order and it's a fairly childish attitude to be honest, not to mention against the site rules. Grow up.
  10. In fact I just had to listen to it again, just to make sure (on you tube). And yes I can confirm, it's god awful, cheesey, talentless shite.
  11. James Milner founded the Needless Alley Chippy, inventing the perfect Chips and Gravy.
  12. BOF, How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  13. all of 'em are tied up in my cellar.... erm, or should be.
  14. He got juice like the president, he's makin' players hesitant Invite him to your house and he'll be chillin' like a resident Yes, cuz he's that type of man Cuz he makes himself at home no matter where is. he got it rollin' like thunder, makin' y'all wonder Why he's on top with all the other players under he makes no errors, mistakes or blunders It's like a wedding, let no man put asunder His name is Young JM, he likes to place the ball well Cuz when he gets up on the pitch and just release his spell It's no hocus-pocus, he'll just get you into focus And swarm all over you just like
  15. James Milner **** up Dirty Harry, and made him sit on a desk job.
  16. James Milner's rhymes are so potent that in this small segment he made all the lady listeners pregnant
  17. James Milner is so clever, he invented the internal combustion engine.
  18. James Milner is so hard, he **** the large hadron collider when he blinked.
  19. Detached in North Shore City, Auckland.
  20. Unlike in real life, in Rugby the Hooker rarely scores Unless your name is Kevin Mealamu.
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