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  1. Can't understand why Buendia is still being criticised, he's obviously just getting used to the people he plays with. He's improving each time I see him play.
  2. Needed to drop a striker later on, to shore up midfield.
  3. Can’t see us winning this, momentum lost completely
  4. Think Ollie is worried about his place and playing a bit selfishly because of it.
  5. Wish Cash would whip it in sometimes first time
  6. Gareth Bjarnsson going to be going mental over that throw in.
  7. Games, that when released, have a highly polished microtransaction page that works flawlessly, and because they spent so much time making that work, the rest of the game is a buggy shit heap.
  8. In-jokes and references to other films / games like: Good quest and quest arcs, with more than one way of doing the mission. Headshots. In the division, the headshot sound was a horrible squelch lol
  9. I have enough of this in real life without playing it on a console
  10. Imagine if you took a child at 6 and told him that everything he wanted would be provided for and that he was the best every day. Couple that with obscene amounts of money at an early age, with never being told no. Mix and leave on a slow simmer for 10 years. When it all comes to fruition, is anyone surprised that you get absolute rocket polishers as a result.
  11. Seen this a lot on here, along with the golden 'I don't view penalties as goals' which popped up the other day. 'Oh yeah, we lost 4-0, but the strikers were pressing really well' just doesn't really cut it for me.
  12. I'm with you a little on this, I remember the Faustino Asprilla and Kevin Keegan days when people thought that maybe they could break the Man U stranglehold. 'I'd love it if we beat them' Keegan interview was a classic. Though I'm not sure how much it's disliking Newcastle, or Steve Bruce / Mike Ashely nowadays. Either way, the table does not lie at the end of the season.
  13. I hope we stuff them.
  14. Well, I could agree with you if we had last seasons Ollie, but I'm not sure where he's gone.
  15. Yep, that’s fairly obvious. I’m not sure what your point is. I’m sure that when Bailey is fit and Buendia has had more time to get used to our style of play (whatever that is), we will have better options. Ings is class, but we might need to go with one up top when our more creative players are up to speed. Which is a shame for Ollie.
  16. Yep, the others benched
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