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  1. I've noticed a lot more people in D1 on the xbox lately, now that it has gone back onto Gamepass.
  2. That's a turn up if he keeps doing that he can stick around
  3. We'll have to train those good throw ins out of Warkins for him to properly fit in
  4. Classic Nakamba. Awesome marking and tackle, immediately gives ball to opposition lol
  5. It's good practice for the coming season, coming from behind. lol
  6. If Douglas Luiz is offered a new deal, will it include the buyback clause I wonder?
  7. Mister_a

    Keinan Davis

    If we are playing two 'strikers'. I'd rather have them both knowing where the goal is.
  8. Probably worth double in 5 years time.
  9. If they consistently talk garbage, don't respond to logical arguments, then put them on ignore and try to encourage everyone to not quote them. It's the responses they are feeding off, turn off the tap.
  10. Mister_a

    Keinan Davis

    Needs to go somewhere to find his goal scoring touch. He's of no use to us as he is right now, except maybe a second striker (that doesn't score goals) for 20 mins at the end of a game. Good business getting the contract extension, we've let too many promising players go on a free. A season in the championship starting regularly will do him good.
  11. Just stop feeding the bloody troll ffs.
  12. Because we're not as good as Chelsea, and he wasn't good enough for them, but might be good enough for us?
  13. I’m so tired of the usual bell ends chatting crap the moment we start to sign players. This is just going to go on and on, every time he plays now, ad nauseam. It’s so tedious. We finished a point off relegation last season, anyone who can give us even a slight improvement is welcome imo. We’re not signing Champions League Quality players any time soon, so if you could just get over yourselves for a season, that would be lovely.
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