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  1. Problem is, in yesterday’s game, we’d have used our 2 appeals in the first 20 mins.
  2. YouTube quality is shite for me, anyone else? edit: nvm quality was set to auto not 1080p
  3. Looks really promising from what i saw last night. Great cross for Lansbury's goal, and the interception / run was so quick.
  4. Mister_a

    Wesley Moraes

    My impressions after watching the game were that he drops deep and provides some excellent touches & link up play. The service to him wasn't that good, so it's a bit unfair to judge on 45 mins worth of play. From what (little) I've seen so far, he has really good feet and a good range of passing, if he can get the ball to feet in the box I think he will do well.
  5. Wesley looks like his link up play will be good, not sure about finishing yet.
  6. Some absolute raging fans on that Newcastle thread, feel a bit sorry for 'em.
  7. Ok, cheers. It seems to be primarily virgin media, ok on sky so far
  8. Ok will do. Seems ok now on another network, will report back if it pops up
  9. I haven’t been able to try it yet, don’t have another browser on iPad, and it’s wifi only.
  10. Same network on Android was fine, nothing happening yet on safari right now also. correction, still happening on safari when clicking on new posts.
  11. Unable to view the site on my ipad, having to use android phone instead. Keep getting browser hijacked. Only happening on vt, all other sites fine. Cleared data and retried, rebooted also.
  12. Mister_a

    Wesley Moraes

    https://youtu.be/QEUe6Qqg8Go First interview up on YouTube

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