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  1. I just bought an old d3200 and have started playing with it, it’s really a lot of fun once you start learning how the thing works How do you post pics? I can only add less than 296k which is crap lol.
  2. The WM phone in is hilarious, you get all the other fans phoning in to complain about a villa bias. Well it might help if blues and boggies fans stopped phoning in and talking about Villa all the time, haven't you got your own club to worry about you mugs.
  3. With good behavior he should be out just in time to see us win the playoffs.
  4. Jailed for 14 weeks 10 year football banning order as well.
  5. Grealish on mute, saying “oh my god”. You can lip read his accent so easily Nicked off Twitter.
  6. Mister_a

    Dean Smith

    Yes, good management by smith don’t you think?, shore it up with whelan then bring McGinn on when they are tired
  7. He’ll still hate smith
  8. Mister_a


    Two types of quest, Fetch a and bring to b, or guard place from randomly spawning monster types. Long ass loading screens. Samey map. Did i mention loading times. Oh and there's the loading times, in case you hadn't heard of them I tried the demo and decided that this is the reason Mass Effect was canned and that EA should really just die in a fire and do us all a favour.
  9. I’m not so sure, we would have booed the talent out of them because they weren’t Messi.
  10. Mister_a

    Dean Smith

    Can't disagree with this, to be fair, but it is what it is, the owners have taken action and are trying to deal with an aging squad, loanees who probably don't care that much and our main and most expensive asset being crocked for too long. I too want the club to be better, but to change a whole squad of (further aging) cloggers takes more than 3 months, wouldn't you agree? I'm really encouraged by the signings we have made, McGinn, especially, if we can continue to get players of that caliber in, the future looks a lot brighter, long term gain, short term pain. We were always due a transition. We would have been annihilated in the Prem with this squad.
  11. Mister_a

    Dean Smith

    I'm getting tired of some of the comments that i've heard, especially on WM. Some of those callers really have been eating lead for breakfast or something. "We won the european cup, we deserve to be in the premier league" etc. We won the european cup 2 years before Glen Whelan was born, and Jack Grealish was 11 when Randy Lerner bought us. Currently, we are a mid-table championship club, and the form and results shows this, this is the reality we are facing. We can't delude ourselves that it should be different. It isn't. We deserve to be where we are, and that is where we are. Until we lose this expectation that we should be winning every game (with the squad we have?!), the fans will get on the backs of the players and we will continue to have this god awful manager merry go round. Yes, some of the results have been utter garbage. It takes time to turn a ship that has been so far adrift for so long. Give him some time, at least. Try something different.
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