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  1. Anonymous striker. Like Davies, without the hold up play. Mugged off.
  2. This season is like a family bag of crisps that only has 4 crisps in it.
  3. Mister_a

    Dean Smith

    Yeah, see my other post, which sets out where i'm at right now. It's pretty depressing.
  4. Mister_a

    Dean Smith

    It's a tough call really, stick with the person that got you up, vs the unknown. We know he has taken us out of the Championship once before, but that doesn't really guarantee it will happen again. (see Steve Bruce thread for that argument from pages 150- 600 or so). I would have preferred some more decisiveness around xmas personally, but hindsight is always really sharp and clear. The problem with DS is the long winless streaks that he doesn't seem to know how to cope with (both in the PL and Champ). If there were any evidence that he could sort that out, I’d be up for him staying. Along with that is the substitutions, Jesus Christ, please can you make a change before: The other team changes. The other team score just after changing In his defence, we have had the spine of the team knackered with Heaton and Wes injuries (yeah I know Wes isn't everyone's cup of tea, and I’ve personally called him toilet on several occasions), but our goal threat is non-existent. Perhaps some sensible buying in the transfer window will help, but we have seen no evidence of sensible buying either, so lots of mist and not much shore right now. I wouldn't want to make the decision.
  5. Mister_a

    Dean Smith

    You keep saying this as if it was true. Do you have any actual evidence, or is this your latest pile of shite?
  6. It's mostly out of our hands now, and that's on us. Still not 100% down though.
  7. Mister_a

    Dean Smith

    Throw ins boil my blood, we are very static most of the time.
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