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  1. Not seen much of this one, but looking forward to it
  2. Just read the bbc article. Disgraceful, by any standards.
  3. I think our midfield is mostly too much the same right now, I'm hoping he gets some different players in in the closed season.
  4. Funny Poster /Funny Poster/ Noun 1. A poster that I found funny.
  5. Propoganda, lol. Enjoy your day off.
  6. Righto, not allowed to post anything funny ever again without checking first the names of the people who posted the original. Have you considered having a day off?
  7. I wonder how many pages this thread would have grown had we lost to Everton. Jesus, this thread is so embarrassing. So many people so entrenched in their positions, totally unwilling to look at the fairly average squad (Bar Grealish) we have that is currently sitting in the top half of the PL, and then criticizing the manager who got us there. I get that you all want Europe, but the teams above us have had a decade of PL money to cement their positions and their squads are so much stronger than ours, it's not even funny. Perhaps, wait a few seasons, until we get over the FFP hu
  8. Saw this pasted over a guidance board at a local park, which made me laugh.
  9. Need to show for the ball more in midfield, otherwise we keep hoofing it up to Watkins and 7 out of 8 of those come straight back at us
  10. Bein sports said Everton have won just one in their last nine home games,
  11. It’s certainly refreshing to see two teams going for it
  12. We just took a good throw in, bloody hell.
  13. Just need to find a willing German Tourist
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