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  1. Very good today, looked like he had lost all will to be a footballer a while ago, but he is on a good run of form now.
  2. poitier

    Keinan Davis

    Is there any other kind?
  3. Ronaldo-esque today, his best game by some way.
  4. Hause has filled in very well, but I think our best team would definitely have Tuanzebe in as CB.
  5. poitier

    Tyrone Mings

    I was quite surprised to learn that this was his first ever red card, particularly considering he once got a five game ban for stamping on Ibrahimovic's head (accidentally!).
  6. Shocking defending leading up to their penalty, but great second half.
  7. Always better playing more centrally than as a wide man, I think he felt a bit of the spotlight shifting from Tammy to himself, and that's what he likes.
  8. poitier

    Dean Smith

    Good decision to bring Kodjia on.
  9. He played the first half at walking pace. Great for the winner, but save the lazing about until we are comfortable in the game rather than doing it from the start.
  10. Incredible to think that in 6 games we have gained 18 points on Boro.
  11. poitier

    Tyrone Mings

    I thought Fletcher gave Mings probably the most difficult game he has had for us, which is credit to Fletcher.
  12. I think on both occasions when he did that he could comfortably have got there first, but he let the defender come in with no option but to put the ball out for a throw in, wasting some time and getting us up the pitch. I don't think that was bad play at all, but I can see why people may have thought he should have got there first.
  13. Don't use 'the Westwood phrase' unless you want it all to kick off big style.
  14. I don't rate him defensively but he has done quite well last few games. I can see him making a tackle before the season is finished if he carries on like this.
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