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  1. poitier

    Steve Bruce

    All Bruce has built for next season is a big pile of rubble.
  2. poitier

    John Terry

    I'm not sure it was money wisely spent. We paid through the nose for him to help inspire us to 4th.
  3. poitier

    Alan Hutton

    I think he has been very good for us since we dropped down, but it is time for us to start getting some younger blood in.
  4. poitier

    Steve Bruce

    That's a pathetic comment, grow up.
  5. poitier

    Match Thread: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Hoping for a moment of individual brilliance again cos the team play is awful.
  6. poitier

    Pre-match chat

    Feeling confident.
  7. poitier

    Steve Bruce

    I wouldn't want to be the 17 year old standing between Hutton and a juicy new contract...
  8. poitier

    Steve Bruce

    I'm pretty sure that losing in the play off final didn't appear anywhere on Tony's targets for the season. Failure to achieve the target of promotion does not result in it being a 'no brainer' that you renew his contract.
  9. poitier

    Steve Bruce

  10. poitier

    Steve Bruce

    I know there isn't a great deal of love for Paul Lambert on here, but I'm not so sure that getting this squad promoted is a greater achievement than Lambert keeping us up for two seasons. That isn't a knock at Bruce, but he is managing the team in a generally supportive atmosphere from the owner, Lambert was having to firefight when everything was going down the pan.
  11. poitier

    Steve Bruce

    I'm not a Bruce fan, but I appreciate that he has done what needed to be done in terms of dressing room morale etc.
  12. poitier

    Jlloyd Samuel killed in crash

    Tragic. I will never forget his brilliant performance for us in the league cup semi final second leg against Bolton. RIP.
  13. poitier

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I would rather beat Fulham than Derby.
  14. poitier

    Steve Bruce

    That is spot on for me. We stopped playing football far too early, we weren't even trying to play on the break, just clearing it up the field. I was surprised at Boro's lack of quality in that game, I fear they may be better next time.
  15. poitier

    Steve Bruce

    My point is only exactly what I stated.