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  1. Brought a lot of energy when we desperately needed it, should be getting more game time.
  2. He wasn't great but he had a positive impact overall. One of his better cameos, shame about the last free kick.
  3. poitier

    Douglas Luiz

    He has had a couple of decent games since the restart, but I'm a long way from being convinced that he is suited to English football.
  4. I think he is better than that. Unfortunately, quite often he is reduced to just chasing after aimless punts up the pitch with little chance of getting onto them. At least he does chase them, but I think that plays into the view of him as just being some headless chicken.
  5. poitier

    Douglas Luiz

    He was decent today, if a little timid in his use of the ball.
  6. poitier

    Keinan Davis

    Thought he was our best player tonight. Unfortunately, that chance he didn't get on the end of shows the big flaw in his game. As soon as Jack passed to Anwar I looked at Davis' movement and could see that he wasn't going to get into position for the cross even if it was perfectly played, which it was. He is obviously not a natural finisher, but how that sort of thing hasn't been drummed into him yet I don't know. But overall a very good game.
  7. That is actually really clever, I like that. And I don't like T-shirts that say stuff.
  8. I know you need time to build a team, and losing Grealish will hurt etc, but times like tonight I think I wouldn't mind at all seeing that squad completely dismantled.
  9. I was very disappointed in the decision to play Elmo as one of the attacking three. Hopefully never again.
  10. I like him but I'm going off him fast. He has been getting worse every week and tonight he played like it was next month. Abysmal.
  11. He looks a class player, but so far we have barely seen him with the ball in front of him, he has to fight for everything.
  12. Thought he did ok, didn't get the assistance that he should have from Elmo, who didn't seem to know where he was supposed to be playing.
  13. poitier

    Douglas Luiz

    His passing was awful today, he put in a shift but if his passing is off he really hasn't got much to offer.
  14. For all his shortcomings, I think he is still the best option to partner Mings in a back four.
  15. With Grealish in the team I always feel like we are capable of getting a consolation goal.
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