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  1. Steve Bruce

    That Hull team had been together for a few seasons, it was basically the team that got relegated the previous year. It was definitely a better balanced team than ours, and Bruce should really have achieved automatic promotion with that squad. The better players have now gone to Prem clubs, but the right back Odubajo looked like a really good prospect until he got a couple of bad injuries the next season.
  2. Glenn Whelan

    I think he is struggling because our midfield is too tightly packed, there's often not a productive pass on for him. He would benefit from a more positive game plan as a whole, but he needs to cut out the sort of errors he made against Hull if he is to be trusted in a deep lying position.
  3. Birkir Bjarnason

    Small, slow and ineffectual in any position on the pitch.
  4. Alan Hutton

    Yeah, I don't really have a problem with that, it was more in the context of what has been said on this thread since the Cardiff game that it made me laugh.
  5. Andre Green

    No end product, unfortunately. He never looked like he was going to score that early chance.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Well, he gave it the full McLeish tonight. Desperately embarrassing, he must go.
  7. Alan Hutton

    I had to laugh when he came on as a sub. Comedy genius from Bruce.
  8. Alan Hutton

    I'm with Stevo on this, but I have found out for myself that there is no point trying to bring a sense of perspective into the Hutton thread.
  9. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Snodgrass plays on the right, why would we sign him when we have players for that position?
  10. Josh Onomah

    He wasted it by passing to one of our players.
  11. Alan Hutton

    I agree that he is terrible going forward, but, as you concede, he is not totally useless at defending, which was my point.
  12. Alan Hutton

    So I'm talking about his defensive game and you are saying our lack of goals is down to him. That's a pretty weak argument. Especially since he has more assists in the league this season than the rest of the squad.
  13. Alan Hutton

    I get that we all hate Hutton, and that no one is ever going to win an argument here by suggesting he is anything other than total garbage. However, my point was specifically about his defensive performance in the Championship, not his overall game. Last year we had one of the best defensive records in the division, surely that would not have been possible if he was as bad defensively as people are making out.
  14. Alan Hutton

    He got taken to the cleaners today, but Cardiff's front players were very good - quick, strong and skillful. I know people slate Hutton, and I'm certainly not a big fan of his, but I haven't seen him get destroyed like that in the Championship before - plenty of times in the Prem, but generally he has been solid defensively in this division. It wasn't just Hutton that got schooled today, Chester got absolutely turned inside out for the third and whoever it was got outpaced for the second. Poor as Hutton was today, I really don't know who we could have put in that would have fared any better.
  15. Jordan Amavi

    Nah, I'm pretty sure that stat was most interceptions, which isn't particularly meaningful.