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  1. Our bench is frighteningly poor.
  2. He knows himself he isn't up to speed yet. He has a bit of pace and gets around the pitch, but at the moment most of his passes seem to get blocked before he can get them away. One for next season.
  3. I only thought he looked really good in one game, against Everton. He was playing quite well in the game he got injured. Scored a couple against Norwich city's makeshift defence. Other than that, not much.
  4. poitier

    Keinan Davis

    Completely agree with this, he has real potential but he just isn't getting the chance to develop here.
  5. He was frustrating today, quite often he did the hard part of collecting a long ball under pressure but then gave it away with a lazy lay off. He had some nice link up play with AEG at times though.
  6. I'm expecting big things from him in the future, but he was gash tonight.
  7. If we need to move it sideways Doug is the man.
  8. I wasn't keen on him last season, but not only has his play improved massively, he has shown character too. Probably the only player to step up to the challenge today.
  9. I thought he was the only one of the midfield that offered any resistance in he first half. Poor second half.
  10. Come on people, even if you aren't a fan of quantum physics in your football chat, that deserves a like!
  11. He most certainly doesn't look fat, not his best game by a long way but produced some of our best passes of the night,.
  12. Awful tonight, but a real error from Smith to leave him on so long when he was making so little contribution.
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