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  1. He seemed to be one of the few players actually trying to drive us on. He made mistakes today but overall he is one of the few who deserves credit for today's game.
  2. Clueless going forward as ever, but did well defensively.
  3. poitier

    Douglas Luiz

    I'm not sure we will ever see the best of him at Villa. He isn't really what we need in our midfield. He clearly has ability and hopefully will develop given time, but I'm not sure he is cut out for Premier League, he certainly isn't physically up to it yet. The defensive side of his game needs a lot of work, he is too easy to get past.
  4. He laid on a good chance for Wesley from his usual tap-in position. Showed some lovely skill in places, yes he is frustrating, but deserving of his place in the team at the moment.
  5. We didn't look up for it from the first minute. Poor collectively and individually. They deserve some credit for an improved showing in the last 30 minutes, but too little too late.
  6. I've always quite liked Wolves, certainly my favourites out of the other midlands clubs.
  7. It really wasn't the sort of game where you would have wanted to bring on Hourihane or Kodjia, but we don't have the required squad depth yet.
  8. His best performance this season by some way.
  9. poitier

    Tyrone Mings

    He was very good today after a bit of a dip in form recently.
  10. Played like a man possessed today, good stuff.
  11. poitier

    Douglas Luiz

    He was probably our best player tonight, but given the opportunity to run the midfield against very mediocre opposition he didn't really convince. He reminded me somewhat of Carlos Sanchez in our passing sideways phase.
  12. poitier

    Douglas Luiz

    Maybe too much red, but quite Bundesliga style.
  13. I think that was possibly his least impressive game for us.
  14. poitier

    Douglas Luiz

    Great photo. Got to say, I love our green, black and red kit.
  15. poitier

    Douglas Luiz

    He had some really nice touches but was never an influence in the game.
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