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  1. I agree with all that, but I do think he has definitely improved under Smith. I also have doubts that he will be good enough for the PL, but I don't think we should be getting rid of players that are on the up, his ceiling might not be as low as feared.
  2. poitier

    Wesley Moraes

    I'm excited by this and I don't even like football.
  3. Seeing players improve under a manager isn't something we are used to here, but it is certainly happening under Smith. Hourihane seems to be developing as a player, he needed to, let's hope he can keep it going.
  4. poitier

    Kortney Hause

    I was glad it was Hause coming on rather than Jedinak. Played well.
  5. I fancy McGinn for a goal today. Still confident.
  6. I don't think Jackman was a particularly great cast to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed him in the role, but apart from the obvious height thing, he didn't really convey the animalistic side of Logan's persona that well. To me he was more Hugh Jackman with claws than Wolverine. I think he could definitely be improved on.
  7. You do get that I wasn't being entirely serious, don't you?
  8. Without wanting to be overconfident, facing Derby in the play off final is pretty much like a bye through to the Premier League. It wouldn't surprise me if they don't even bother to turn up for the match and take a statutory 0-3 loss rather than suffer the harsh footballing bummering that we will administer. I say that with the greatest respect to Frank Lampard's Derby County, of course.
  9. poitier

    Alan Hutton

    He was absolute garbage in the PL and I couldn't wait to see the back of him, but I think that generally he has been good in the Championship, it was definitely his level. This season has maybe been a season too far, but I think he was unlucky to have been injured at the time that we started playing like a cohesive unit - and no, I don't think his absence was the reason for us looking better.
  10. Yeah, I thought he had a decent game up til then anyway.
  11. Very good today, looked like he had lost all will to be a footballer a while ago, but he is on a good run of form now.
  12. poitier

    Keinan Davis

    Is there any other kind?
  13. Ronaldo-esque today, his best game by some way.

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