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  1. poitier

    Wesley Moraes

    He was very poor tonight. I was particularly worried by a passage of play late on in the game, he had the ball on the left of the box in a promising position, we had a couple of players in the box, but you could see that he had no belief in himself whatsoever and he failed to do anything with the ball.
  2. To be honest, he looks better running with the ball from deep and ghosting past a couple of midfielders, cos when he gets to the edge of the box he is lacking real creativity and the genuine quality that is needed to unlock defences.
  3. I think we would have lost that game if he hadn't been playing, he gives us more of what we need in that position than Luiz.
  4. Surely he shouldn't need to come so deep if Luiz is performing his role properly.
  5. poitier

    Dean Smith

    I thought bringing Davis on worked well, we finally had some presence in their half and could retain some possession. Good tactical switch from Smith, we were unlucky to concede in the way we did.
  6. Got beaten far too easily on a number of occasions.
  7. Davis was brilliant tonight, we played some nice flowing moves off his hold up play.
  8. poitier

    Wesley Moraes

    Fantastic tonight, you could see in just the first ten minutes that he was up for the physical challenge. Lovely finish too, didn't try and blast it.
  9. Most people, certainly on here, thought that Maddison was nowhere near as good as Jack when he made his £25m move, but he made a real impact in the PL last season. He has set quite a decent bar for Jack to match up to, that is the challenge for him if he has England aspirations. Mount looks a good player too and is in the same boat as Jack regarding this being their chance to make a mark, he has gotten the headlines so far but over the course of the season I would hope Jack will have pulled well ahead of him. It's all in his own hands.
  10. Sasa Curcic. He was so good at Bolton but not for us.
  11. I'm surprised he isn't in the team given his performances in pre-season. I know some people rate Elmo, but he isn't particularly good at anything, I would much rather Guilbert get a chance. He looks to have some real potential.
  12. poitier

    Wesley Moraes

    He did some good things today without being consistently good, but he just doesn't look like getting onto the end of a cross.
  13. I knew his hair products would cost us dear, no way he was going to keep that header down with rock hard hair.
  14. He seems to be able to cause problems fairly consistently, we were worse once he went off.

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