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  1. That is actually really clever, I like that. And I don't like T-shirts that say stuff.
  2. I know you need time to build a team, and losing Grealish will hurt etc, but times like tonight I think I wouldn't mind at all seeing that squad completely dismantled.
  3. I was very disappointed in the decision to play Elmo as one of the attacking three. Hopefully never again.
  4. I like him but I'm going off him fast. He has been getting worse every week and tonight he played like it was next month. Abysmal.
  5. He looks a class player, but so far we have barely seen him with the ball in front of him, he has to fight for everything.
  6. Thought he did ok, didn't get the assistance that he should have from Elmo, who didn't seem to know where he was supposed to be playing.
  7. poitier

    Douglas Luiz

    His passing was awful today, he put in a shift but if his passing is off he really hasn't got much to offer.
  8. For all his shortcomings, I think he is still the best option to partner Mings in a back four.
  9. With Grealish in the team I always feel like we are capable of getting a consolation goal.
  10. Snodgrass loved a tackle, he did all of Elmo's tackling and never backed down when things got physical, but yeah, not many wingers like that.
  11. poitier

    Douglas Luiz

    Definitely this. It is so frustrating when we awkwardly pass it along the back three but when we do finally get it in to Luiz in midfield instead of turning and moving us forward he just passes it back to the centre backs to go through the long tortuous process again.
  12. I was surprised to find that religiosity is actually a word, it feels like it shouldn't be.
  13. Are you sure he wasn't waving his chopper?
  14. poitier

    Douglas Luiz

    It isn't fickle at all, posters have been consistent throughout the entire length of the 166 pages in stating that he is 21.
  15. poitier

    Kortney Hause

    Maybe Reina should have passed to someone else if it kept on happening.
  16. Typical Trez performance, lots of headless running about and some nearly moments, but all a bit wasteful really.
  17. It is very strange, he got injured as part of a good bit of play from himself, he had put in a good couple of crosses just before that, so it isn't like he was getting no joy or being booted about. He hasn't been afraid to take a whack in the head on a few occasions when he has been trying to get on the end of a cross, so I don't agree that he is just a bottler. The thing with rolling onto the pitch and Mings/Grealish being unhappy was also odd. Perhaps after the start we had made, he thought breaking up the play might disrupt Southampton's momentum, I don't know, but the apparent lack of team unity was concerning.
  18. I like Fred but he has been in a bad run of form. I don't think the switch to wing back has helped him that much, he is decent as a full back and likes putting in a tackle, unlike Targett who is better in the opponents half.
  19. He looked disinterested second half. Worrying.
  20. Run like the wind, Bjorn.
  21. Very good, if we can get him in the game enough then we will have a chance.
  22. poitier

    Ezri Konsa

    I've said it before, but I just don't know what actual defending he does, no matter how much pressure we are under it always seems to be someone else doing the work.
  23. He started poorly but grew into it, did some useful mopping up but ran out of steam pretty quickly which led to him looking very poor in the second half.
  24. poitier

    Kortney Hause

    I thought his passing was a lot better today, certainly for the first two thirds of the game.
  25. Absolute comedy defending from the whole team today, but Engels was probably the worst culprit. When you have such a lack of pace you need to have a far better positional sense - how he can be stood 5 yards inside spurs half for the penalty incident one of many examples.
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