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Plans for the weeeeekend


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This weekend is a bit special.

Once a year, a mate of mine buys a banger and 'does it up ironically'. A couple of us then go on a drinking weekend down the backarse of nowhere in it (Fethard-on-sea), eventually ending up in one of the party capitals of the country, Kilkenny.

This weekend is that weekend.

Here is the car when he bought it


A perfectly normal decent car that was well looked after all it's life with a full service history.

But that's not what this weekend is about, so after a few modifications...

Here is this years banger in all it's glory.



The springs have all been lowered so now it sits on the floor. I've changed the rear badge from VOLVO to 'LO' VO as a result.

The bonnet has been given the 'rat look'. Google it :)

Rims painted orange.

One white-wall on the rear driver side (sets it all off)

Roof-rack from a Citroen Dispatch has been drilled into the roof.

Road sign in rear window (naturally)

Reg plates put trendily off-centre

Front badge now on bumper.

Bit of general 'attention' given to the paintwork around the car.

And the local kids were given paint and brushes to embellish the back end with pictures etc.

The drive down and the reaction from other drivers is usually brilliant :)

So here's to this weekend. I'll see you on the other side, probably much the worse for wear.

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About to set off driving down to Birmingham.....

so BOF while you are getting stared at on the motorways for being "ironic" and "hilarious" I will be getting stared at this evening for being the only male under 30 attending the Roxette concert at the LG arena......

I told my missus that because i am so secure in my masculinity i will attend the concert with her....

as long as we can take a trip to Villa Village to get my new Villa shirt with Petrov on the back....

the jury is out on which activity will be the highlight of my weekend depending on how pissed i get bopping up and down with 50 something housewives in blonde wigs

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I fear you missed a Top gear 'esque trick by not writing a slogan on the doors that spells "cock" once you open a door :-)
Yeah we were mulling over writing something that ran out of space and got smaller and tailed off as it got towards the rear of the car. Decided against it :)
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Just about to Go the gosta green have a fair few pints come back and have a curry

Tomorra gunna meet up with a bird have a fair few pints come back have a curry watch the boxing and hopefully some fun time

Sunday probably stay in and chill out or go round me mom n dads for dinner

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I love the way everyday it's 'meeting up with a bird' with you leemond :lol:

Is it the same one each time? A different friend each day? Or just a vessel with tits and vag to use and abuse then send on her merry way?

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I have just noticed as well that this isn't the usual weekend thread BOF as a moderator you should know better than to create duplicate threads

I am very possessive of the threads I create...I DEMAND THE THREADS ARE MERGED...actually I couldn't give a fook, far too much wine today

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We need a Connell style write up.

Me? I spent the weekend in Wiltshire visiting the Mrs' brother. He drinks at a proper yokel local and we spent the day in there yesterday. I think if you'd taken everyone in that boozer they wouldn't have had a gobful of teeth between them.

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