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Ratings and Reactions: Villa 2-2 QPR


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    • Given
    • Hutton
    • Cuellar
    • Dunne
    • Warnock
    • Clark
    • Petrov
    • Ireland
    • Keane
    • N'Zogbia
    • Bent
    • Sub:Bannan (for Clark)

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The thing that really disappointed me last night were the 'fans' who booed Warnock after he scored the OG, every time he got the ball for the rest of the first half. For the record he worked his socks off in the second half. How does booing him help FFS?

I agree with this, it was a shocking OG but it's not as if Warnock did it on purpose. I've never booed a villa player and never will and the actions of some fans booing their own players while they're playing is plain moronic. I think some fans find it easier to boo and criticise the team than actually get behind them.

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Delighted to have earned the draw after being 2-0 down. I must admit that I thought it was game over, though I did think if we could get 1 back before half time we would have a chance of getting something. In the end I was a little disappointed not to get the three points, but the fight back was nice to see.

Having watched the extended highlights on Sky we looked a bit unlucky on the night. Their first was an excellent finish, but the ball rolled nicely into his path from Ireland's block tackle. Their second, well the less said about that the better. We then hit the woodwork, and should have had at least two penalties, one in each half. The ref probably was blocked out from seeing the first half pen, but surely the second half one was plain to see. Then Bent had one cleared off the line near the end, I'm not sure if that was handball as I didn't see a conclusive replay.

I didn't like the booing at half time or the end, we had just pulled a goal back before HT so we should have been going into the dressing room on a high not booing. The second half looks like we gave it our all, just had no luck so muted booing again at the end seemed wrong to me. Unless the booing was for the ref, who was hopeless and had no guts to give the penalties.

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Hated the booing of Warnock after the OG. I wonder if the players are more nervy at home because, as others have said, one stray pass and the audible sighs and moans go out - the away games are much better as we really back the team. How different was the seond half last night - was this because we got behind the team or was it because they gave us something to get behind. Hmm it's a conundrum. On another note, VP has to be the worst in the Prem for pre-match build up.

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good peformance against one of the worst away teams in the league, who were missing half their players, and out of the ones who played, i think 3 made their debuts with no playing or training with their team mates?

some utter shocking defending, from both warnock and hutton, dunne also gets a mention for dancing like a mental bear in front of warnock for the second goal

out of defence, cuellar clearly looked a class above the rest, really, head and bloody shoulders knees and toes above the other 3.


why do we persist with clark in the middle when we are playing a poor team with no confidence and at their weakest? when we are at home?

petrov, well he kept it ticking over when he moved away from our own keepers area so good on him but i fear if we hadnt been playing such a shit team ( they really REALLY were poor) he would have been torn apart, however i can only judge his performance on tonight so he ended up doing ok.

ireland, he looked good today, although he was drifting at times and also had to be on guard when the liability that is hutton came forwards. tidy play and ran all game, looked like he gave up on some balls gabby would have still chased down but he doesnt have the excelleration of gabby so all is fogiven.

nzogbia - hmm, he was quite poor, running at players and losing the ball, then he started remembering that he is allowed to pass it, then he looked half decent. scored a decent goal and looked reasonably dangerous for the remainder of the game

clark - should not be playing in the middle unless man marking someone like rooney, i would play him instead of dunne or as 3 man defence but not at the expense of cuellar, his stats may look ok but that is because each time he was passed the ball he didnt bother to check if there was anyone near him, he just passed it back to whoever gave him the ball most of the time, slowing play down to a crawl, when we should have been upping the tempo.

keane - i put him in midfield because thats where he played for most of the game, some neat passes between him and ireland and some decent possession rather than hoofing it, i thought my laptop video card was faulty when he was running for the ball though, he was that slow i had to check the settings on the pc.

forwards - bent, some good movement and for once got some service and support from the midfield, the ball is played on the floor, out wide an decent ball into the box and bang, a goal. it is not a difficult puzzle , hoof ball doesnt work to get goals from bent, football with ball on floor and then hit it in from wide areas, that is what gets his goals.

he did what some were demanding, he went for some 50 50 balls, and each time nearly got his head taken off and still couldnt get the ball, hopefully people will lay off him for not going in for balls all the time now as i thought in one of the challenges he got injured, lucky for us he didnt.

bannan - if he cuts out his every ball is a hollywood ball thought process, he is a good tidy and clever player, but he always looks better when the ball is on the floor rather than when he lifts it up, it normally ends up going to no one.

so while we had shit loads of shots on goal, could have had a peno, played half decent for most of the second half, we played against one of the worst sides away from home at their weakest.

we should have beaten these lot by 2 clear goals, so while the football was good to watch from an attacking point of view for once, the result is as per normal, shit and not good enough

Some valid points, but its a bit harsh I think. Thats the best I've seen us play under McLeish. Yes the result was poor, but I've seen us get bad results AND play shit this year. Its nice to see us pass the ball and actually play some football. If we are going to be mid-table (this year), we might as well be good to watch.

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Did very well to get a point from the wreckage of the first half

However anyone using this as some justification to prove that Mcleish is a decent manager who just needs more time and the good will of the fanbase is slightly deluding themselves

YAY ! Richard only thinks we're SLIGHTLY deluded now. I think we're gradually winning him over! :D

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The booing of Warnock after the OG was cringeworthy, I took along a couple of non-Villa mates with the ten pound tickets for ST holders offer and was embarassed that that is how they saw the Villa home crowd. Yes a terrible mistake but how is booing him going to help?

First half was terrible and on the basis of that 45 minutes I will take a point. However, second half we were great and should have won. need to see the penalty shouts again but it sounds like the ref has done us over.

Keane was brilliant, such a clever player. Same goes for Ireland. Really good for Nzogbia to get his first goal and hopefully he will push on from this. Love that Dazza is scoring every game at the moment too, long may it continue.

I voted Dunne motm, thought he was great for playing the ball out from the back (not sure whether this was to prevent Given having to kick long due to injury though). He should have shouted for the OG but aside from that I thought he had a great game, looks a LOT better with Carlos beside him rather than Collins.

I wish Mcleish could get some of his halftime teamtalks into the pre-match ones though! Got to give him credit for whatever he said at HT yesterday because we came out a different side, plus we got the first goal at the perfect time... credit for Hutton for a great cross.

Lets hope the 2nd half performance isn't yet another false start this season. Bring on Newcastle.

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Dismal first half again with us looking very limited and ponderous on the flanks.

However in the second half we played much better with Ireland the star for me. Maybe we actually have a playmaker at the club after all and he played some superb through balls.

Keane may very well have lost a yard or two of pace, but he worried the shit out of the QPR defenders particularly in the second half with the positions he was taking and his passing was excellent in the final third. We somehow just look a more potent force up front with Keane in the team.

Although i don't rate Warnock at all, there was no need for the Villa faithful to turn on him after the og. Showed a lot of character for the rest of the game and for that he gets a big plus in his minus column from me.

Overall we played well enough in the second half to have won the game but we simply must be more consistent over the 90 minutes.

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