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Ratings and Reactions: Villa 2-2 QPR


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    • Hutton
    • Cuellar
    • Dunne
    • Warnock
    • Clark
    • Petrov
    • Ireland
    • Keane
    • N'Zogbia
    • Bent
    • Sub:Bannan (for Clark)

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Only saw the second half - and "we were a joy to watch" I've used speech marks as I havn't said that in a long time. More of the same please. The results will come if we play like that.

The last 3 games we have shown a much greater desire to pass the ball rather than just play long ball - if this is down to Keane and Ireland being in the team, long may it continue.

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Anyone Booing that second half performance needs to go and buy a Barcelona shirt because 38 shots on goal and a relentless 25 minutes where we should have had two penalties and a good couple of other goals is about as good as you will see from us in the last two or three seasons.

Why we don't play like that more often I don't know.

Perhaps it's because QPR kept hoofing it too us.

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Looking away from the horrific stuff that went on for the first half hour, the last hour of this game was truly excellent.


Best half of football in a loooooooong time. Let's hope we've turned a corner, eh :D

Two great goals, magnificent build-ups.

Ireland and N'Zogbia very good I thought.

Alan Hutton was a lot better tonight as well, good assist for Bent's goal :thumb:

Bring on Newcastle, I think we'll do 'em now! :D

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We were shit until the own goal. Cisse was all over us.

Once Warnock score that stupid comical own goal it was the fans booing that actually made the players put some effort in .

Bent scored at just right time and second half we played well. Should have had a penalty.

A draw at home to a injury hit QPR team tho is shit.

6 wins in 23 games tho now is utterly embarrasing. :oops:

To have won just 3 games at home by February is embarrassing . :oops:

Woeful stats. Woeful manager.

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N'Zogbia take a bow son, he was electrifying today, outstanding performance from him. Ireland and Keane very good. Bent also decent. Petrov played well. Warnock was utter drivel. Should have won that game comfortably really.

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Villa were great tonight we played well. The decider was the man we shall name Warnock.. He is pretty much the decider in every single game we don't win. If I was Warnock right now I'd be finding a ditch to die in as he's seriously a waste of space.. The rest of the team were great they didn't do a whole lot wrong..

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Best ive seen Bent play for ages. Great work rate, really helps us out when he plays like that.

Ireland and Keane were great. Its good having two footballers on the pitch wanting the ball.

If the Ref gives the Pen at the start of the second half we win that game.

We really need to stop being so defensive from the start. Play with that intensity from minute one and we'll be fine. I doubted if we could keep it up but we did. Clarke ran miles of ground, plus the Petrov 60th minute theorists will be quite this evening.

As for Warnocks own goal - yeah he had a beast!! BUT Dunne needs some blame surely? Why didnt he jump to clear? Unless Warnock called?


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Should have won, by miles. The 2-5 penalties would have helped.

Great football for the best part of an hour. Ireland, N'Zogbia and Keane were great. Never thought I would be saying this but Kean is going to be a big miss when he goes back to LA, I think he's made a massive impact in our ability to keep in down and play proper football.

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Under 33,000 tonight. Obviously don't deter to the boo boys coming.

It was the actual booing that snapped us out of the shit way we were playing after the own goal.

Before that Cisse and a makeshift QPR co were all over us.

I'd like to think it was Bent's goal before the break and the team talk that turned it around.

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am I alone in thinking Ireland was rather poor ?

couple of slick passes was about his contribution to the game , needs more than that from him in 90 mins

better performance second half but overall still not good enough

McLeish out

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