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Christmas Presents


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So it's officially the 1st of December and cue a few weeks of laid backness before 1 week of panic and insanity. So what are we all getting our loved ones this festive season?

Other half :






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Other half: DVD's (Mongrels season 1, Casanova, Round Ireland With A Fridge), CD (Richard O'Brien - Absolutle O'Brien), other stuff I haven't decided on yet.

Mom: 3D jigsaw of Schloss Neuschwanstein.

Dad: Undecided.

Sister: Undecided.

Other: Undecided (work Secret Santa).

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i got arkham city and skyrim yesterday, preowned from blockbusters 2 for £50

got all new releases in the deal

Just bought it on lunch, could have got a second hand on for €46 or a new one for €54.99. That was a sweet deal you got.

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Other half : He gets to see me. *purchased my plane ticket* as well as a few little things from the U.S. can't say what obviously.

Mom: Any clothes that are appropriate

Dad: It's down to something for his boat or his truck.

Brother(s): G.C.

Sister(s): older sister a gift card to target *it's what she wants* Younger sister contact lenses and a few tshirts

Other: I shop for several close friends. Too much to list. But among some are Alabama "roll tide" crap, Betsy Johnson shoes, a shredder, and a Cubs tattoo.

Groupon and Living Social= Best deals EVER!!!!

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Finally **** done. In record time as well, this year (I'm traditionally a proponent of the "holy shitballs it's tomorrow and I've bought sweet FA" approach).

The missus:

  • •Breville rapid wine chiller (£4 in a charity shop but in perfect nick with the original £35 price sticker still on the box... she need never know! :twisted:)
    •Manstrokewoman series 1 DVD
    •Mongrels series 1 DVD
    •Casanova DVD
    •Round Ireland With A Fridge DVD signed by Tony Hawks
    •Big Train series 1 & 2 DVD
    •The Raccoons series 1 & 2 DVD
    •Time Trumpet DVD
    •Richard O'Brien - Absolute O'Brien album

Mum: 3D jigsaw of Schloss Neuschwanstein

Dad: West Ham United "The Big Match" DVD

Sister: Ready Player One book

Niece: LeapFrog "My Own Leaptop"

Rather inconsiderately, both my sister and niece have their birthdays on the 16th, so I'm doubly broke now. :cry:

Plus I've still got to buy a secret Santa for the knobhead at work who refused to chip in on a temp's leaving present because she came back for a few extra days work, ergo "she's not leavin', innit" (his actual words).

Twunt. I'll probably get him a pencil.

Then ram it up his nose.

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mum - The Zombies 40th anniv dvd

brother - maybe a RHCP dvd.

dad - doesn't want anything which is nice. shall choose "giving him the gift of my assistance at distributing the food and drink"

sister - possibly 'Despicable Me' ( she's 12 ) or whatever my parents inform me she's looking for

other people - made the mistake of buying some cards today for about 6-7 people, came to nearly £20! no presents for friends this year. ( mostly as I have no income :P )

me: i didn't mean to do but accidentally bought a dvd for myself today, so there's my gift from the flying spaghetti monster. 'Blue Dahlia'.

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Mom: set of electronic scales, garlic slicer, bike lock and gloves

Dad Norman Wisdom 15 disc box set

step son - tattoo bible

my son - xbox

grandson - vtech playbus

girlfriend - Ashes to Ashes box set, The Muppets DVD (SHE ASKED FOR IT!) She collects Rolf Harris art so go a massive book on his art and just looking for something else.

Sister -Bottle of Baileys

Granddaughter -books

2 year old nephew - Top Cat boxset

Nephew - not sure yet

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She collects Rolf Harris art so go a massive book on his art and just looking for something else.

Can you get "Rolf's Cartoon Club" on DVD?


You can't but you can get the accompanying book to the series for next to nowt, had it myself when I were a nipper and it's really quite insightful. Plus she'll dig the nostalgia (hopefully).

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Just booked tickets to see Blood Brothers at the Hippodrome in October. Booked for me and the wife, mom, brothers their wives and my sisters. Most of my shopping done in a couple of minutes.

My OH went to see that last year and said it was superb. Be prepared to cry like a girl.

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They "don't deserve the dark clouds", so you're sending them into the domain of the lechers, perverts and perennial hat-wearers? I don't follow the logic.

Most would prefer to be corrupted perverts with warm heads than be depressed. I'm suggesting their first search is 'Scuba Steve'.

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