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Next Stop for O'Neill


What does the future hold for MON?  

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  1. 1. What does the future hold for MON?

    • He'll take the Utd job when Alex goes
    • He'll be sacked eventually, or effectively be sacked when it goes sour
    • He'll go somewhere else before we are a CL club
    • He'll go somewhere else after we are a CL club
    • Aston Villa are to be his last and most successful job in football

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I've just had a heated exchange with a Spurs fan about O'Neill taking over at Man Utd. He thinks it's a cert. I think that for a variety of reasons he won't, not least of which are his relationship with Randy, and the Glazers. So with Fergie having lost a couple of games and not replaced Ronaldo, if he decides to go after this season and leave rebuilding his shadow Utd team to another manager, also considering now that Martin O'Neill is 'The Man' again, if the Glazers came calling would his head be turned?

Moyes, O'Neill and Mourinho are the favourites for the job.

And if it isn't to be the Utd job, is O'Neill going to be leaving anytime soon off his own bat? Or will this be his last job in football? How long will he give us? Will he be our Alex Ferguson/Arsene Wenger?

I don't know what? A poll? Why not I suppose.

Be realistic

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I really dunno.

I don't think he'll be here forever. I don't think he'll go to the likes of United. I also can't see him getting sacked.

So, yeah dunno... if he leaves us it'll be of his own accord when he feels he's done everything he can, but to go do what after I have no idea. The FA wouldn't like him I doubt so the England job mightn't be him.

I just hope he's here to take us to really great things as the mix we've got right now is brilliant, great owner, very good astute manager... we just need the club to get what that mix deserves to bring with it.

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He can achieve everything right here. We don't have a ceiling, unless you would regard the spending that Chelsea & Citeh do. But I don't think that scale of spending appeals to the tactician/coach in O'Neill. I think he's perfectly happy with the spending power we have.

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I don't think he'll go to the likes of United.

Why not?

I just don't see him as someone who wants to be given a success and run with it. He wants to make successes in my view, not maintain those already made for him.

Besides, when Fergie goes, United will shit themselves because they know there goes their success, so they'll throw money at a manager proven at the very highest. I'm sure Mourinho would be the type man they want, a proven winner in this league used to playing good successful football. O'Neills image and style won't endear him to the glamour of United imo.

I could however see him make a dynasty of us, given time, that challenges United at the top end of the table and for honours. He's quite capable in my view of competing with the best, but he will do it with HIS side, not someone elses.

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He is progressing nicely and have good owner, backing and support from the club. Why he want to start a job again with new club. He can do anything with Aston Villa.

He need to bring in 2 or 3 world class players and give young players more chances ie Clark, Defo, Delph, Albrighton and co. Also Manchester is too far from Wycombe

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if history is anything to go by then he will wish to at least see out his 5 years with a club, which I'd imagine he'd like to think he did all he could do in that time given the restraints or unforseen personal circumstances in the case of celtic. His 5 years are up at the end of next season and I'd be amazed if we carried on progressing and somehow cracked the top 4 in the next two seasons if he would abandon a team on the brink of such glory.

As much as I love Aston Villa I'm all to aware of how much we were depreciating as a respected footballing entity before MON and Randy's tenure so if he managed to turn us into a champions league side then you would like to think that by defination (perhaps more-so than in reality) be considered outside title challengers, much in the same way that all of the current sky 4 are banded before each new season.

MON strikes me as a man who likes to do things the right way and on his terms and I don't believe he would be silly enough to take the united job immediatly after fergie: whoever it is will forever be in the shadow of fergie in my opinion, regardless of what they achieve because fergies won everything over a 20 year period in a fashion that would be very difficult to replicate, as much as I despise the man.

Without trying to draw too many parallels with old big head I just don't see him managing a man utd or an arsenal. I won't pretend I know anything about the Northern Irish and Celtic and whether that would mean he would or wouldn't take the liverpool job, but theres something that he could achieve there; winning the league.

If he can take villa into the champions league then I'd like to think that we could begin to establish ourselves as a genuine top 5 or 6 club, in an inclusive way rather than a top 4 and best of the rest. A team that could potentially, with the right backing, youth setup, infrastructure, ownership, management and performance go on to be title contenders and I believe he has the nucleus of that formula begiining to take shape, so theres not much need to go anywhere else because I believe he'd recieve more respect and acclaim from resurecting a villa rather than taking over an already established super-power.

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AVFC will be his last big job I think.

He's done a great job everywhere he's been and built up a very respectable reputation over the years. I think now he's experienced a club with the ability to spend, he'll happily settle here. The United job is suicide, you can't win there. You will always be compared to Fergie, and let's face it, that's a battle you won't win. Winning League titles is expected, so anybody that goes there will be considered a filure if they don't win them regularly.

I think Jose is a cert. He's got the confidence and belief in himself to do a job there.

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