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Team of the 00's - Left back


Villa Left Back 00's XI  

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  1. 1. Villa Left Back 00's XI

    • Alan Wright
    • J'Lloyd Samuel
    • Wilfred Bouma
    • Luke Young
    • Nicky Shorey

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Only 3 months until the end of the year.

Time to pick a best of the 00's Villa XI...

I've come up with a list of whom I believe to be the main candidates.

(The person you pick should ideally be somebody who excelled post 2000, rather than excelled previously and crossed over into post 2000)

So who was our best left back from 2000 to now??

Only run it for 4 days...

(Luke Young included because he played there quite a bit for a season)

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Out of those choices there is only really one choice - Booooom

I think little Wrighty was bar far a better left back, and probably the most under-rated defender of his generation - but Wrighty is the LB of the 90's.

I am actually surprised he was with us after 2000.

So Bouma by default I'm afraid.

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I notice you have put L Young on the LB list but you didn't put olaf in as rb...hardly an unbiased approach to selecting the true team of the 00's..think olaf would have been a very close bet at rb which wouldve changed the cb selection...

I have gone for freddie on this one though... wrighty was a good little player but think he mainly shined in 90's

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