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The Lions vs The Villains (nicknames)


What is Aston Villa FC's nickname?  

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  1. 1. What is Aston Villa FC's nickname?

    • The Lions
    • The Villains
    • The Villians

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Picking up from a comment in the General's thread which surprised me.

Hi General.

an easy one for you.

Our official nickname is the 'Villians' - however this seems to be an embarrassment to the club (not just since RL took over) - but it seems we are more keen to promote the lions as a nickname, rather than the villians ......I just wondered if this was club policy ? - if so why, ...and what are the chances of the official nickname being restored ?

in my mind, "The Lions" is Aston Villa's 'official' nickname, we have always been "The Lions" and always will be.

Why do some people think that Aston Villa's nickname is "The Villians"?

As far as i was aware, "The Villains" (not Villians) is what we call ourselves, the fans of Aston Villa.

Do people agree that "The Lions" is Aston Villa's nickname?

EDIT - Could the mods be so kind as to add an option for "Villans" in the poll? Thanks.

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Lions makes me think of Rugby.

It's Villans (NB - not Villains and CERTAINLY not Villians, as I saw someone suggest to the General :lol: ).

It has been this way since 1880 according to John Lerwill, club archivist, so why change now?


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