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  1. I drink way too much of both. I start the day with tea and have 2 mugs back to back before 7am, I'll of had 4-6(total) by 10am. I then switch to my nespresso machine and have a double shot coffee at 10.30, I'll probably have 3-4 of these throughout the day, then always finish on a tea at 8.30pm. If I'm working out and about I'll easily have 2-4 large lattes throughout the day! I need to cut back.
  2. Never dreamt any of my stuff would be worth anything!
  3. Merry Christmas Bit miffed with this one. It was published in the Sunday Mercury this week to promote the girl singing in Centenary square on New Years Eve. They never asked my permission to use the image or credited me, just stole it off facebook! I guess thats what happens when you release your images into the public domain!
  4. Sorry about the broken links earlier? I can see them, I think it's because I have an account where they are hosted. Here are a few of my latest escapades:
  5. A few from my Halloween shoot! The model used to work at Villa Park :-) I need to make a horror competition entry and can't make my mind up so I'd be interested in peoples opinion?
  6. I dont know why I said I had the 10? It's the blue 7 I have as well? Brilliant bag :-)
  7. I think that sums up the British Seaside perfectly, great shot. Yup good shot! I love this idea except I work from home and there isn't a lot between my kitchen and office :-(
  8. Thanks Designer1! Donnie, It's next to impossible to make money out of model portfolios and fashion.
  9. Just finally got my website up and running: http://mattleachphotography.com
  10. I have the Thinktank 10 and its the best camera bag I've owned. I love it, deceptively spacious.
  11. Thats perfect Rev. Thank you. Just quickly I take it this wont run Skyrim and COD though?
  12. Thats great but could you give me an idea of the kind of laptop you need to run it? It's the graphics that are confusing me?
  13. So is the answer he cant get one for that price that will run it well?
  14. He wants a laptop though? They don't seem to have many with graphics cards?
  15. Hi, I really need some urgent help as I dont have a clue what I'm doing here! I did post in the tech chat but nobody replied. My son wants a new laptop for his birthday (putting with money he's managed to save already) and he's desperate to start playing WOW. What spec does he need to run it well? Is it realistic he can get a laptop for £400-500 that will do this? He would also like to play Skyrim but from what I've managed to understand its unlikely this price range will allow this? My understanding is that Integrated graphics are not enough and he needs a graphics card which seems to
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