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Blose: Countdown to The Championship


B-Lose Relegation Countdown: Your favourite moment  

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  1. 1. B-Lose Relegation Countdown: Your favourite moment

    • Tom Ross's many "Break yer 'eart" moments
    • Wolf Pig's handbags moment with General Krulak
    • Asking for a 60,000 seater stadium and failing to sell out the derby
    • Carson Yeung's abortion of a takeover
    • Porno Dwarf and Karrren getting their collar felt by the old bill

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We've had the quality Tom Ross "break yer 'eart" moments.

The "Pig in Mud" comments and the Wolf Pig's squeals.

Demanding a free 60,000 seater stadium from the council but failing to sell out the only game they exist for in November.

The Carson Yeung shambles and the boardroom battles.

Porno Dwarf and Karrren getting their collars felt by Inspector Knacker.

With just 3 days to go until the bi-annual Blose Relegation Day, what has been your favourite moment of that circus's latest disastrous attempt to punch above their weight? :lol:

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Gonna have to be Carson Yeung not allowing Spadeface to sign his new contract which basically led to him leaving the club for Wigan.

Im sure that this happening just before Wigan's revival and Blues decline is merely coincidental.

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I remember when Yeung was looking to buy B-lose, and those gullable fools at the Mail making him out like he was awash with cash.....oh, how we all laughed when it all came crumbling down. :lol:

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I need an "all of the above" box to tick as everthing about them makes me laugh!!!!!

Same here! :lol:

It's been a complete laughter fest at B9, bahahahahaaaaaaa :lol:

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Though not on the list of options, and not witnessed by myself, or probably any other Villan, my favourite moment was the (imagined) sight and sound of 25,000 noses' jaws dropping, brows furrowing in confusion and betrayal when Big 'ec said

“We have got to say Villa’s agenda is completely different to ours.

“The bottom line is that they are a better team than us. They are a long way away from our standard.

“Our agenda is to stay in the league, theirs is to try and get in the top four.

“They are capable of winning a game like that when they play to such a level, although we did give them a helping hand at times.”

“I don’t think anyone expected us to win. Unfortunately it was a drubbing."

It was just so much the exact opposite of what the deluded small heaths have been claiming, despite all evidence to the contrary for years.

He'll go far, that McLeish. Maybe as far as Plymouth and Doncaster and Carlisle on a wednesday night. :)

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I'm with Pete that 5-1 hit really hard for them and for once they have a manager who is honest (not likely to be there long then and he was quick enough to leave the Scots to better himself :lol: ) But, for me it will be on Sunday when I raise a glass of bubbly with my son and think of their next promotion season. :cheers:

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was asking people the other day which they prefered,

The 5-1 destruction, like picking wings off a helpless fly. I know Villa fans who said they had to stop watching the TV/Pc as it was getting to embarrasing. Saw sha fans after who were white as ghosts and said how jealous they were.


The 1 - 2 last minute Gabby winner at there place and the rage it caused after.

Was going to have a pole for it, but poles are to intense

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