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Official VT World Cup Prediction League: Matches 41-48


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Bosnia v Iran 1-2

Nigeria v Argentina 1-2


Iran to qualify on drawing of lots (can I have bonus points please if this actually happens?)


Ecuador v France 1-2

Honduras v Switzerland 1-1


Portugal v Ghana 2-2

USA v Germany 1-2


Algeria v Russia 2-1

S. Korea v Belgium 0-2

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Ecuador v France 21:00 1-3

Honduras v Switzerland 21:00 1-2

Thursday 26th June

Portugal v Ghana 17:00 2-1

USA v Germany 17:00 1-3

Algeria v Russia 21:00 1-0

South Korea v Belgium 21:00 0-3

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A nice 5 point haul for me today after getting the Algeria result exactly correct and a further point from the Belgium game and another from the Germany game.

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Now that the group stages are over and done with, here are the standings




Milfner has taken top spot! Stevo is angry enough to bite him.


Bradarmstrong_ outding Rino8 with a very impressive 10 points this evening! If only the USA v Germany game had ended 3-2.

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**** Milfner. I've always hated that guy. The dick.

Wait, did I write that or just think it?


I'm still winning my work league, and that's where the money is ;)

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