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Who would you like as Captain?


Who would you like as captain?  

62 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you like as captain?

    • Olof Mellberg
    • Juan Pablo Angel
    • Lee Hendrie
    • Gavin McCann
    • Laursen
    • Other

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there are a lack of captains in the squad.

thats for sure, big lack of leadership...

but i picked other because i think Nobby's our man right now.. for sure Olly's been solid and he always seems to be, barring a few scary moments, but Solano really has the class and experience that our boys need more of right now

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I think we should stick with Olly - he's a rock at the back and a true pro, rarely puts a foot wrong and has had to deal with a different central partner for most of the season (hopefully now Marty's fit they'll strike up a mean combo)

He's the man for the job for me

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Malberg, he'sd not ideal but he's the best we have at the moment

Gav - doesn't seem to have the personality for ti, niether does JPA tbh

Laursen - not been here long enough just yet, though next season who knows?

Lee Hendrie - thats just Barking Mad!

Solano - I'd rather he concentrated on his own performances and I've always thought the captain should be someone in the center mid or centre back ideally

Olly literally is our best option at the moment

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We don't currently have that "on-the-pitch leader" type we so desperately need and acquiring one should be a majory priority over summer, IMO.

Coulda sworn I said as much in another thread..... :wink:

Oh, and Lee Hendrie? I'm a big fan, but he is not captain material. Period.

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We need to buy a natural leader which is something we are very short of.

No, I don't know who, but surely our management team who are paid millions between them should have some idea..... and also a plan B if they can't get who they want.

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