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  1. Wouldn't make too much difference given the Lower North is always stood up anyway, but this has been too long in the offing. Germany have shown for years that this is a viable option and I'm surprised it's taken this long for it to even be discussed.
  2. Ok, bye then. I trust/hope you'll not be posting here anymore too
  3. We have access to someone at the club as senior as General Krulak and he has to read drivel like that? I am embarrassed for you
  4. And some nasty steward stole Cameron Jerome's shirt from some 10 year old
  5. Stefan Dennis - Don't It Make You Feel Good
  6. Yes, however: a) no better alternatives fans' patience won't last forever
  7. I'm a believer (but only after seeing her face...)
  8. Carew certainly falls into that bracket, and I think his signing is one of the shrewdest bits of business the club has done for a long time. There are players of his calibre out there
  9. Of course now he's signed the vast majority of fans (i.e. not the mindless idiots) will support him and hope he succeeds here, and rightly so, but that doesn't mean to say these fans will be happy at the signing or rate him as a good enough player
  10. ligs

    Mad World?

    I'll try and paraphrase - Harewood isn't good enough. It's all very well signing people with the intention of strengthening the squad and not necessarily the 1st XI - Ã la Sutton last season - but Harewood just isn't good enough, and that is the bottom line. The money would be better off spent on someone like Luke Varney, a promising youngster who would be available for cheaper and have the prospect of developing into a better play than Harewood is. (By the way I know Varney's just gone to Charlton, just using him as an example)
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