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  1. Sadly agree. He just doesnt fit us right now. We have got great value out of Conor and he is still an asset but its pretty clear its time for a change. I would be very surprised if we struggle to find a buyer. He would walk into any Championship team and improve some premier league teams.
  2. Great player and one Jack and the team /staff respect and like. Seems like a very good transfer to me. Slight concern about his injury record but Mings had one before joining us and it turned out fine.
  3. And during the previously traditional "Villa seasons greetings and form collapse" festive period. This is a great season! No serious danger of relegation we can just enjoy the show1
  4. Sensible solution all round.
  5. Should be fun to see this Barry la have a run about anyways.
  6. Best , most professional and most likable squad this century by far. Love em. p.s. that also goes for our coaching team and owners.
  7. I love this team, players, manager , staff, fellow fans and owners. Great times
  8. It will be interesting to see who we go after in Jan. For me the top priority is a Left back. Targett might get injured.
  9. Love him. Also I love how hard he worked defensively. Easily MOM in a team full of great performances. Oh and he & cash playing together is sublime. Some of their interplay and position swapping was fantastic.
  10. Its been a LONG time since I have enjoyed a season as much a this one. Hope we get safe nice and early which it looks like we will. Happy days
  11. I am giving it large to imaginary WBA fans in my living room
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