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  1. I reckon six. Also I am pretty nervous for the playoffs, not player wise, I think our team as as good as anyone in this league, but if Bielsa gets automatics I will breathe a bit easier. He is the only coach/ manager who scares me.
  2. FFP needs to be abolished. Its done enough damage to football already. Even the EFL acknowledges its irrelevant given the slap on the wrist Blues got (which i am fine with btw) The Boro bloke is half right though, he may well the the only owner who thinks FFP is good for football. He might want to ask himself why.
  3. Glenn Whelan may well be wondering how his career would have gone if he had been coached and played in a system like this a few years earlier. Republic of Ireland fans might be wondering the same.
  4. Good post. Results aside I just love the way we play now. We are genuinely entertaining and tactically modern. No idea if we are making the playoffs or going up, but I am sure enjoying this years ride.
  5. They cant own us if we get promoted? How would that work then?
  6. Two terrible decisions. First one was outragous and Smith was doing his nut on the touchline rightly so.
  7. Politically I am the butt of this joke But I have to say that was pretty damn funny.
  8. Rotherams 7 quid iFollow is also available if you want to watch the full match tomorrow or whenever it gets posted. The live stream was rock solid.
  9. Full heat map with McGinn's touches just came in.
  10. Yup he would have been focused on keeping the gd down rather than winning.

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