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  1. I still quite like Dean Smith but we are going down now so if he is going then I want a manager who will build a style of play ready for next season in the Championship. Grealish is gone so yet again we will find ourselves in need of building a midfield.
  2. Down and out. See you next season with a worse squad.
  3. Seems a decent line up, if Conor pulls his weight during open play.
  4. We are now in "must win" territory sadly.
  5. Yeah nothing good comes from relegation, nothing. We need to stay up. if we dont then I am with you, sadly I just cant watch the games any more as AVTV is a failure and iFollow is mediocre at best. Also god knows what kind of squad we would have if we went down. It wont have Grealish or Mings in it thats for sure.
  6. I am gonna try and look at the bright side. If we play the same players who got us to the final then they might force themselves into the league starting 11 from a good performance even assuming we do lose. Dean Smith should take the cup final as an opportunity to experiment with tactics/players for the more important league games ahead. He has nothing to lose but a cup final we are likely going to lose anyway. Our starting 11 against Southampton should all regard their places as under threat for the next league game, it was that bad.
  7. These players, owners, manager & staff have got themselves into this position. Now they have to train harder than anyone else in the league, work harder, plan better and win more games than anyone else in the league. Amazingly its still within our own control as we got lucky with the results. The reality is we made this mess ourselves now the same people have a chance to fix it. I honestly think they can, I hope they do.
  8. I am sure I will be excited come the day but right now I am so much more worried about the league that this cup feels like an opportunity for injuries/ a moral breaking hammering than anything positive. If we win of course maybe it would help our confidence but I am really struggling to see how. I do think Smith should play the players who got us to the final, thats a positive that IS within out control and they should be rewarded. If thats the second stringers then so be it. So Elmo/ Nyland should start if fit for sure. We are likely going to get hammered anyway, may as well show some loyalty and earn the players respect by our selection.
  9. Fair counter. Honestly my pro Dean Smith attitude is down to nothing but faith right now. I cant defend his recent record, sadly. The facts are what they are.
  10. I quite liked Smith's comments today post match. I hope it has an effect. He is a man who cares and wants to stay here. I like that and him.
  11. Well I am going to play the overreaction card. Sorry but I feel I am due. The blatant incompetence/ corruption of referees and VAR has killed a lot of my enjoyment of this season. Its just not much fun going into every game wondering how you are going to get cheated/ screwed rather than looking forward to a game of football. Yes I am angry
  12. Results went alright for us today. I hope we get lucky tomorrow. Still not confident sadly
  13. Helping win on Sunday would help everything. He is a smart man I am sure thats all he is focused on.
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