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  1. ciggiesnbeer

    John Terry

    Quote for truth. One of the few positives from the past few years is Villa fans now are actively hostile and utterly skeptical of the lying sports press after seeing the utter nonsense they wrote about us.
  2. For twenty million quid I want everything. If we are paying the the best I expect the best.
  3. Walk away. Let them see how they do with a disgruntled player. They will come back with a lower price.
  4. Probably made up, but small chance that maybe not. Treat it as free entertainment and believe nowt till he is holding up the shirt at Villa park
  5. We have a fellow Villa fan indicating he thinks its happening. He could be misinformed but he definitely wouldn't make something up. Thats it really. I dont put any stock in the BBC or Gregg Evans who also have reported it.
  6. One of those weird "rivalry"s some small time clubs fans have with us. They obsess about us, we never even think about them. Bit like Newcastle really.
  7. Unpredictable ones I guess. Just feels not like their philosophy you know? Still they havent signed that many so maybe this is their philosophy.
  8. Expensive & predictable from a relegated club. Not really like them if you know what I mean? Butland is young for a keeper though so that fits.
  9. Honestly Dan Bardell indicating it is correct is the first source that I give any credibility to. Huh, maybe I was wrong and we are in for Butland. I would be very surprised though, doesnt feel like a Smith / Suso / Purslow signing.
  10. If he had a spanish sounding name other fans wouldnt be confused by him at all. People are just not used to British players being skillful and intelligent. Pat Nevin springs to mind.
  11. Good news if we sign Dong-won from Augsburg
  12. There has been no credible source linking us with Butland as far as I am aware? Wouldnt surprise me if we didnt buy a new keeper anyway. Better places to spend our money.
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