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  1. When is his next press conf? Looking forward to learning the truth about the transfer rumours. Smith always gives it to us straight.
  2. imho us recruiting quality players and showing ambition is a good thing and more likely for Jack to stay not less. Its what he wants and has said so.
  3. Looks like McGinn having some laughs to me.
  4. Wait, football insider actually called this ahead of time. Am legit shook.
  5. Hmm gonna scope out some of the above in tommorrows bevmo run, thanks all! Currently working my way though a six pack of Bear republic Hazy Ipa. Very nice. A nice juicy tasting hazy ipa. If you live in a legal country/state it also pairs particularly well with sativa.
  6. Lets hope. I am desperate for him to succeed. If somehow this incident helps him see something within himself then that would be great,
  7. Came to say the same. They both combined well and it looks like a partnership that could develop. I respect AEG and how he is developing himself. I want him to do well, he has always has this directness about him I like, maybe an overhang of his being managed by Bielsa previously. He always wants to move the ball closer to the oppositions goal, by carrying pass or preferably shooting. I just dig him.
  8. Sounds like him. I am telling ya, the guy winds me up man. Can you boo commentators?
  9. He has earnt his criticism. Villa fans were singing his name at Walsall to give him a boost, he has had nothing but love and support since he arrived. This is an example of him not doing his job and not deserving that support. He needs to stop acting like a child and get to work. We dont have the luxury of passengers , everybody has to put in the work. He is choosing not to. Nothing was on the line today except Stoke and Villa preseason training which he has harmed. if he cant contain his childish outbursts in a friendly then he is even more of a liability in a real game.
  10. I have no problem with Toney Daley he is my hero as well. My problem with jack woodward is he never gives any insight or helpful commentary on the actual football and instead focuses on his alan partridge impressions and stand up act. I dont want to listen to jack Woodward clown around. I want a professional commentator who knows something about football and can tell me something I dont know. I find him insufferably annoying and and embarrassment to watch when they unwisely let him interview people, he was rightly booted out the club years ago. The fact he has weaseled his way back in after promotion really pisses me off. Plenty of good people who want a career in sports commentary could do do his role, give them an opportunity. rant off
  11. Oh dear Jack Woodward is still there. ffs how does he manage to cling on like a sheep's dag ?
  12. I think a backup striker is pretty much top the list now. After today I just dont think Wes is ever going to step up to be a deputy for Ollie let alone push him for competition.
  13. Fair enough. Agree he can have no complaints. Just a shame it changed the training preparations for Stoke and us. I guess we found something out today. I suppose the positive is its even more needed focus on the "what happens if Ollie is unavailable?" question. We cant trust Wesley, we have put our faith in him for two years and this is how he repays it.
  14. I wish the ref had been a bit more grown up and given the nod to our bench, they would have subbed him off. its a pre season friendly ffs. But its no excuse, Wes was stupid and negatively impacted the pre season build up for both teams.
  15. Daniel James has far worse numbers than either AEG or Bertie. Why would we buy a downgrade on what we have?
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