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  1. Walk away from football till the next game is my advice, thats what I am gonna do. I am too fragile to handle my hobby giving me more stress, its meant to be fun. I am gonna go play some computer games till next match
  2. We got out thought. Thats why Bielsa is a class above. Smith will learn from it. We move on. Let Leeds fans enjoy their moment. I would.
  3. 4 in 4, 2nd in the league ,game in hand. You love to see it.
  4. I was bored so watched this game. That Leko lad is gash. a million quid and a 3 year contract? lol
  5. Really enjoyed tis as always becoming a nice regular listen, thank you. Love the analysis of the games and how we are playing from a bit more of a tactically perspective. Cheers and thank you!
  6. I dont regret loving Tammy and Axel who didnt come and Tyrone and Anwar who did. Go ahead and love him
  7. Love Axel. Shame he never came permanently but I still wish him well.
  8. How long left on his contract? Anyway I have no problem with the guy, feels a shame his career went nowhere but he has always played to his best. Sadly he just lacks the athleticism for this league.
  9. That save of the deflected shot was really impressive
  10. Speaking of Rashica I watched him play tonight. They drew and probably should have lost. It was just one game and he only came on at about 50 mins as he is recovering form injury but...... he was truly awful. He hardly touched the ball and his notable contribution came from giving the ball away after a failed bit of skill leading to a series of opposition (Freiburg) chances. Aside from that he was out of position or anonymous. Best player was Frieburg's right back, some french lad. Werder Bremen's coach looks well disliked and out of his depth. He subbed his previous sub and the player
  11. Best defensive record in the league (albeit 1 game in hand). Amazing.
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