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  1. I gave up after the Sheffield game. Been with Villa for decades but didn't even bother watching today's game. Whats the point? All i am going to see is the same thing I saw in every other game since the restart. Other teams players and managers want to win and are willing to work to get it. We dont and it shows. Obviously I cant watch another English club, so I have been watching Real Madrid. Its an amazing feeling to enjoy football again. Football is genuinely beautiful when you watch a high quality team, I had almost forgotten. I will always be a Villa supporter and I love my fellow fans but I am gonna go and enjoy football again till Villa sort themselves out.
  2. And you have been right It took me a little longer to get there.
  3. The only card we have left is to change the manager. Lets play that card.
  4. PLEASE change manager. Give us a chance of staying up at least.
  5. NOW can we change manager? Please? I want us to stay up, or at least give ourselves a chance.
  6. My post was going to be a LOT more negative, so lets go with this one instead. UTV!
  7. I am glad he looks relaxed. I have no interest in him being miserable or demonizing the man. He did his best. It just isnt good enough for where we are right now. he may end up being an amazing manager, maybe he already is, but right here right now its not worked out. But I hope to be looking even more foolish than usual tomorrow if we spank ManU! Sadly I dont think we will, but Smith is here for tomorrows game and I want him to do well. If we lose I will be calling for him to go again though
  8. Smith is just waiting for the axe, same as everyone else. He knows its over. He should have been put out of his misery (and ours) weeks ago. We might also have stayed up. Sadly that time has now been thrown away.
  9. Assuming COVID doesnt get a vaccine this year and given the absence of coverage in the Championship chances are Villa fans wont be watching next season regardless of who is here. Because AVTV is incompetently run and the EFL have a strict "no online revenue thanks, we are the Championship" policy. If Smith gets sacked and we manage to stay up with a good manager than we will be able to watch Villa next season of course. But the chances of that seem close to zero right now.
  10. Edit, no sense in me banging on about it.
  11. Such a great player. I really hope he gets a move to a big overseas club if he goes.
  12. Reckon he might be a decent Championship player but I don't know if he could shake the loser mentality Lambert has instilled in that club. It seems so grim there I think any players transferring out would need time to get their love of football back and shake the Lambert weirdness. I feel bad for Ipswich fans. They have been on a similar journey as us with ownership and a string of truly awful managerial decisions.
  13. We lost 2-0 with 28% possession against a team with nothing to play for. Our loss at Liverpool is not something to build on. Its something to be embarrassed about.
  14. ciggiesnbeer

    John Terry

    I would be fine with him as caretaker till the end of the season. See what he has to offer and give him some management experience. Still curious what kind of football a Terry team will play. Spend the summer looking for a top level manager to bring in next season.
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