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  1. Bad game tonight. It happens. We know he has great games in him though, so looking forward to seeing Everton style Jota again soon
  2. He said himself he had a bad game , should have scored and he personally got worse after the red card. He he already more critical about himself than most fans. I applaud that in our captain. Its as it should be.
  3. I was really impressed with our players commitment. Arguably they were trying too hard. Anyway I am a happy camper. Great to see the crowd also appreciate the lads efforts at the end.
  4. Looking forward to the game. Completely unphased by our table position. We have looked fine so far in this league. Gonna enjoy the ride till we are 10 games in. I really enjoy watching Villa play right now. Its been a while
  5. It is very strange he hasnt found a club yet. Regardless of his suitability for us surely he is more than good enough for a lot of Championship teams? As others have said we must be missing some information I guess. I wish him well.
  6. I am delighted he didn't play. He got a nice day out and some souvenirs We got an England CB who isnt injured. Win win.
  7. I am gonna withhold judgement. I am no MM fan but he is right this is a free experiment for all of us. If it works out then Conor is more valuable to us (and he is already valuable) as he can now cover another position. I doubt it will work of course, but MM is experimenting for us and Conor seems happy so lets give it a go.
  8. The clubs need to take strong action at some point and get FFP abolished. Its just a useless bit of bureaucracy now. I dont look back at the Lerner era with much fondness but he was bloody right about FFP, I am proud we voted against this failed system.
  9. 0-4 at home. Go home Clarke you're drunk.
  10. Hope he stays on the bench second half, this game is over already. The man doesnt know how to give less than 100% and we need him safe and rested.
  11. I live in the USA. rest assured that person was just a Republican, not a normal American. You can rest easy knowing whatever arguments they were making were invented on the spot. Just ignore them or even better be very patronising to them and let them know you are from the UK. It absolutely drives them bonkers when people look down their noses at them, its also great fun Normal Americans however are intelligent sane people with a growing majority in favour of gun control.
  12. Did the DUP ever get paid? I mean part of the deal was the DUP would get a nice dose of investment in NI from the government. As part of the coalition negotiations. I have no issue with that by the way, nothing wrong with getting investment in your constituencies. Just curious did NI get any extra money out of this coalition? Edit: Link https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-40402184
  13. The speed of the transition of the Conservative party away from business and small government to English nationalism has been surprisingly rapid. Shame really, as a traditional free trade country we need a pro business party. Lib dems now I guess.
  14. If we have an election it will be good to see where the country stands. It might even clear the air a little.

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