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  1. I read his full interview. He spends most of it denying FFP has failed, and that just because ManCity humiliated UEFA doesnt mean they were changing because ManCity won. Then he says FFP needs to change just "because" and football fans shouldn't assume it will get better, they may try and make it worse. He comes across as a petulant loser imho. I think its great He can say what he likes, the loathed "break even" rule is now in the bin, thats the reality. He can spin whatever fantasies he likes of new meaningless rules. Good luck persuading actual football clubs again. They are not stupid.
  2. That is not how I read it. But we shall see. I am hopeful, particularly the way top clubs are now openly laughing at it and the catastrophe that has happened in football finances (particularly in France). Fingers crossed it will continue to fail and die!
  3. FFP is a failed experiment. It has caused only misery to clubs of all sizes and has given zero benefit. Time to throw it in the bin where it belongs and get back to investing in football. FFP was a wrong headed fantasy invented by bureaucrats who don't understand the real business world. I am glad its dying. I applaud Man City for helping destroy it and Villa for always having rightly opposed it.
  4. We dont need to risk him and we shouldnt. Wrap him up in cotton wool.
  5. I am really excited to see what we do in the summer. Nice to be building on a success for a change. Like talent recruiting in all businesses I know, success makes everything easier, failure makes everything harder.
  6. if Chelsea want to offload that loser kai havertz instead I would gladly take him
  7. Looking at it again I think this may well be the case. He may have just been pointing at himself.
  8. His goal celebrations confuse me, but his goals dont he got in a: praise god point to the sky, soaring eagle, this is my house, sssshh the crowd, shoot yourself, praise god kiss the ground... Bloody fine goals I have to say.
  9. Real shame but I cant question Smith keeping him on the bench. Happy McGinn is forcing his way back into more of that attacking role.
  10. I have complete faith in him. Season 1 promotion to the biggest and hardest league in the world. Season 2 keeps us in the hardest league in the world Season 3 improves our position and solidifies us in the league. I assume Season 4 will have us pushing for top half or even European slots. I cant wait. According to him and the owners they didnt expect to be promoted when we did, he is already ahead of schedule. Pretty silly to want to sack him because he hasnt brought us european football in our second season.
  11. gaffers thoughts. glad he included himself and coaching staff in the criticism as well as the players. he is very good at calming me down after losing I have to say. gives me confidence he saw the same game I did. onwards!
  12. Still love Smith. I want to see him switch things up more though. if you plan isnt working then have a plan b and implement it early. He should think long and hard about the management lesson he got today from Jose Mourinho.
  13. Awful. Dean Smith and staff have to take the blame for this one. They did not give the players the tools needed to win the game. I hope Smith looks to himself to improve here. He came up against a better manager, he should learn from it.
  14. Alright sod this. Off for a walk in the Californian sun with the dog. good luck everyone!
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