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  1. As others mentioned. Because he has no idea how he wants his team to play, doesnt have any idea what talent England has , limits his selections pretty much to the usual suspect teams and has underachieved with the world class talent he has. His main strength as @kent_villa noted is he handles the press ok. Which is a strength in a national job I admit. But flip it, if Smith left Villa tomorrow and you wanted to stay in the Premier League this season and you had your pick of Premeier League managers & Southgate how high up would Southgate be in your interview list? Because for me he would be 19th, maybe 20th.
  2. Grateful Southgate is a fool. Means Jack wont get injured.
  3. I'll bet they couldnt wait to show Liverpool winning. Bitter me? Well yes actually.
  4. Put me in the " this ones on Smith" camp. For good and bad, he set us up well but mismanaged the end.
  5. Congrats Premier League refs, you will get us relegated as you desire. Very nice.
  6. Could it be or will the forces of darkness not allow the good guys to win?
  7. I know its a bit Steve Bruce but I wouldnt mind seeing one of our wingers/midfielders given a shot as a forward if we need a change from Wesley/Kodjia before the transfer window.
  8. I wish he would have made more of the opportunity. Wesley could use some competition. Sadly it looks likes Kodjia isnt going to provide it
  9. I know we all see games differently, for me I see Wesley doing a very good pressing and hold up job. The amount of times he tracks back to help defend is one of the things I like most about him. Again all opinions but thats what I see. I wish Kodjia had done more in the cup game though, I would like to see Wesley getting some serious competition.
  10. One of the most intelligent footballers I have seen. Always seemed to be thinking one extra pass ahead of everyone else.
  11. He just doesnt fit our style of play.
  12. Happy with that. Wish we had seen more from Kodj & others trying to break into the starting slots.
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