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  1. Well I am going to play the overreaction card. Sorry but I feel I am due. The blatant incompetence/ corruption of referees and VAR has killed a lot of my enjoyment of this season. Its just not much fun going into every game wondering how you are going to get cheated/ screwed rather than looking forward to a game of football. Yes I am angry
  2. Results went alright for us today. I hope we get lucky tomorrow. Still not confident sadly
  3. Helping win on Sunday would help everything. He is a smart man I am sure thats all he is focused on.
  4. The only people who should be in a position to demand any UK football clubs accounts is HMRC and Companies House plus if they are a public company the relevant shareholders and exchange. Its nothing to do with UEFA how much profit or loss a UK company has. This madness needs to stop.
  5. Absolutely crazy. FFP is now beyond a joke and actively harming football. "No investment in our sport thanks, we are UEFA". I hope Man City's lawyers overturn the whole nonsense in the courts and get the failed FFP nonsense in the trash can where it belongs so we can get back to football.
  6. Good for him. I looked up the highlights from that lots youtube channel. I am sure they just selected the bad bits but my god that was some crap refereeing.
  7. Not confident at all. I love Dean Smith but Jose is a different class of manager. If you need me I will be behind the couch.
  8. I maybe the minority mate you make good points. Agree about slating Grealish or any player, if you get a bad egg then its fine, we have had a few over the years, but Grealish certainly is not one of them. Totally agree there/
  9. Thats the way it works for most of us isnt it? You fall in love with a player and then the team? I know Tony Daley made me a firm Villa fan rather than a mildly interested one. You develop a connection with a player and then you fall in love with the club. I imagine Grealish is doing that for a lot of local brummies right now, likewise some players from under represented countries who are talented. Happily we have a lot of them. I welcome our new fellow fans with open arms. I want to learn from them in better ways to support the player(s) and team.
  10. Also going to give some credit to Howe and Bournemouth. They fought for it (almost literally) and sometime you need a little luck. They got it today. It happens. Howe set up well against us.
  11. Hope so, but it was the same in Spain. Anyways seems like a low risk signing if he isnt a bad egg. I doubt we will see him play a full first team game. Which is fine. He looks like cover till Wesley comes back to me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borja_Bastón#Club_career
  12. I am worried he doesnt fit our recruitment philosophy. We have emphasized character , youth and talent this past year. This guy has been sent out on loan by his parent clubs for most of his senior career. Why?
  13. Correct. FFP has nothing to do with helping clubs it is a failed scheme and a stain on football. It needs to be throw in the trash where it belongs. Happily Villa gets around it in the same way any other clubs who have ambition do.
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